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AUTHOR ANGELOT NDONGMO  Loving Me®️ Series-> Best-selling Children's Author / Owner of @LovingMeSeries 👉🏿Inspiring children to love who they are! #LovingMeSeries 👧🏾👦🏾

#mood 🔥🔥 (her version is also #magical) #chills
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Ok, can I just say that @lyricagarrett ( @lyricaanderson’s) mom was killing #WhoCanIRunTo.

🔥They’re graduating you guys!!! 👏🏿Congratulations to these young men for working hard to graduate AND remembering to update us. But uhhhh....where’s your friend?👀

When Mom hasn’t ordered the ‘Loving Me’ #ebook on #amazon yet 👀 (Available under: Angelot Ndongmo)


The cheetah went cheetah...into full attack mode. These Kings made cheetah taming look like a walk in the baton, no gun, no crying🙀 They just established their dominance and voila..😥Never seen anything like it.👀
To see what started it all, read below👇🏿
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A guided tour at an awareness center turned ugly when the guide entered a residence to feed two #cheetahs separately. When the male cheetah finished his meat, he walked around the fence and the #cheetah attacked. The guide reacted very calm and seemed to have the situation under control. The crowd asked if he needed any assistance and he told them he didn't need to get anyone. Within 10 to 15 seconds, he released the cheetah but the cheetah attacked and bit him again. One of the guys in the group screamed for help and within a minute, a lot of colleagues were there to help him. One of them entered the residence and this is when the video starts. 😳😳

@baby_kadi.p is barely out the gates and she’s already living her best life!

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