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Thank you to everyone who reached out, today, after looking at my story. ❤️✌️’s been wonderful to see the amount of positive responses coming in and it’s been an honor to learn a bit more about all your own personal struggles. We are all humans and life isn’t always fluffy clouds and butterflies.

Let’s be honest, sharing painful feelings publicly is always a little nerve racking and you’re always worried to sound like a cry baby or an emotional basket case for displaying a piece of your own vulnerability. We hide behind a painful smile and a perfect selfie. We only show the highlights of our lives, making it look like if every day was glamorous. Life isn’t always glamorous... it has its pains & struggles and no one is immune to them.

Today was an interesting social experiment which only bring up more questions:
- How real can you really be on social media? - Why, as a society, do we feel more comfortable hiding this side of us to others?


Let’s get lost in the middle of nowhere together ❤️

I miss my days In Joshua tree ❤️

Rebel on the move! ...on my way to mom’s house for a mother/daughter cooking session. We’re going to make Irish bread! Make sure you follow @zestyandspicy and check the story for the how-to! ☺️😉❤️ ...have a wonderful Sunday everyone.

Kissing the sexy @MissTaraAshley, last night 😛😈

What am I thinking about?

Random sexiness from today’s shoot for

I feel like staying in bed all day today...
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