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Anoushey Ashraf  Wanderlust. 📺 presenter. Snapchat junkie. Mother to 3 dogs. Wannabe blogger. Over eater. Doodler. Content creator. WWF Ambassador. Will see the 🌎

Will post more detailed posts on my travels from Karachi to Khunjerab later. Bad signals. But for now, here’s a little teaser. Finally made it to the Pak/China border after years of dreaming about it.
I posed for pictures there, I felt so cool.
I drove there MYSELF which made me feel even cooler. However, I certainly felt the coolest when I realised I’ve now officially visited at least one border my country shares with each of its neighbours. - Taftan/Iran: 2003 - Torkham/Afghanistan: 2005 (walked through) - Wagah/India: 2015 (walked through) - Khunjerab/China 2018 (waved through)

Am so bloody cool, I’m gonna take a selfie of myself, right now. Pakistan 🇵🇰 Zindabad. #travel #adventure

I love you my super smart, beautiful, intelligent and big hearted best friend!! May this year be filled with love and joy. #bff #family @samarsaw

Happy Birthday to a man who’s been my best adventure, road trip, let’s search for the dog, let’s get early breakfast, let’s go fishing partner to date. May we listen, learn, grow and discuss together all things religion, sports, politics, travel and music for all our years to come.
I love you, Dad. #family

1400 years ago, a man gave up everything to save humanity. This man, the grandson of our dearest prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has left a lesson of standing for and by the truth not just for Muslims but for people of all faiths. Karbala is a story no one understands but the lovers of Hussain. Read up on the significance of the next few days whenever you can. ❤️❤️

Cannot wait. Love you, love you, love you @alizehashraf #siblings #sisters Don’t we look like twins??

If you see this video on loop for 45 secs and longer you will throw up. Happy weekend fools! #jumpy

Aloo wali Biryaani doesn't just have my vote, it has my heart! 🙈 #7UpFoodies #ManaLoFoodKaLove @thinkepicpk

Wish I had words to describe how I felt when I said a little prayer around asr time at the beautiful Wazir Khan mosque recently. I felt He listened, I felt Him respond. Allah is everywhere. He’s closer to you than your own nafs and there He was, listening to me patiently, once again.
It was tranquil and super serene, even the birds stopped their play at the sound of the Azaan, as if they knew its time to pay their respects to the universe that provides for them everyday. I loved how I witnessed men, women, children, many of them foreigners (hence, people from different faiths) all together in the courtyard at the time. Some photographing the beauty of the place, others just saying their prayers while some like me doing a bit of everything. From admiring its structure to its beautiful minarets adorned by kash kari tile work dating as far back as the year 1634! Shah Jehan must certainly be accredited for this one. Am glad Wazir Khan is finally getting its time in the sun now. Rightly deserved. So ornately dressed. So unique and carrying within it a million stories of our history, culture and tales of old Lahore. It was love at first sight.
As a proud citizen of Pakistan and her culture as well as her heritage i’d sincerely like to thank the Aga Khan Trust for Culture, the Govt of Punjab, and the Govts of Norway and Germany for their contributions towards the renovation and restoration of this exquisite landmark as well as its surroundings areas, Hammams etc reviving the remnants of the Grand Mughal Era.
For more information contact: Google.
For more heartfelt stories: make your own by ensuring you visit places like these that help you appreciate the beauty of life. Prayers were said for Pakistan too. May we see better times for years to come. Jummah mubarak! I’ve got a detailed experience up on my ‘highlights’ section. If you want, check it out :)

My baba is ready for his first day at school. How fast they grow. MashAllah! #nephew #family #nyc #soon

That time of the year again where we remember and commemorate the sacrifice made by Imam Hussain, his family and friends for standing by the truth. May this year bring more understanding, tolerance and dialogue between Muslims of different sects bringing them closer to each other and people of other religions. Let’s change our perception and only try and improve upon ourselves. #muharram #leadbyexample #labaykyahussain

Introducing the Kick someone challenge! Tag a friend/foe/sibling you’d like to kick this way. @alizehashraf @nushyq I’d love to kick the two of you this way and then kiss you right after! ❤️❤️

My love for Biryani is eternal! 😋 but can you guess if I like it with or without aloo? #7UpFoodies #ManaLoFoodKaLove ANY GUESSES?! #thinkepicpk @thinkepicpk

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