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David  🔹Formerly @itsyasbitches 🔹///AMG & ///M cars 🔸Carlifestyle AMG C63s Edition 1️⃣

Let’s try this again 🤦🏻‍♂️😂 and see if @instagram does better w the video quality. #magnoselenitegrey #sundayfunday .
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Letting that which does not matter truly slide 👋🏻💦🤓. Happy #fatbootyfriday !
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Thassy 💁🏻‍♀️ #thassthursday .
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Lightweight @hre_wheels and the heavyweight of performance tires @michelinusa 💪🏻. Who isn’t on the #PS4S yet? And why not? 🤓 #wheelwednesday @tunertheory || @kw_suspension || @dinancars

Don’t waste time focusing on the door that’s already closed ▶️ #keepitmoving .
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This year makes 21 consecutive winners racing on @michelinusa @michelin at @24heuresdumans !! 🍾🍾#michelinlemans18 #thebestornothing .
Hopefully you followed the action with my @tunertheory fam, @omgt3 and @erikdietz

Snooping around for car parts 📦👀.
@michelinusa || @hre_wheels || @kw_suspension || @dinancars

It’s a team @hre_wheels #wheelwednesday and shoutout to my @tunertheory fam @luvmybluesbb ! 👆🏻///M or ///AMG 👇🏻?
👟👟 @michelinusa 👟👟

Add more whoooosshh 🌪 to your life, with some 3D printed stainless steel blow off valves for your C63. Powder coated in satin black and only 15 mins to install! Message @power_technik if you’re interested or you can DM me with questions 🤓

How it looks when you like a 30 week old pic #creepin 🤓🤪.
@michelinusa || @hre_wheels || @kw_suspension || @dinancars

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