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AARP  A journey through the lives of Generation X

“All over this world, women carry a burden just by virtue of a basic biological function, crucial to the continuation of all of us. And the only reason this continues is we haven’t been willing to talk about it.” - Celeste Mergens, founder of @DaysforGirls International

@BillyRitter77 crafts limited edition pottery and tableware. He creates each piece from start to finish, which means every piece is unlike the others. See more of Billy’s work in our stories. 📸: @billydelfsphoto

Louisa Schneider started @Pairpiercing, a subscription earring company for young girls. The subscription earrings have a theme and they come with a corresponding conversation starter (see next photo) for tween/teen girls and parents. The questions and conversation topics are designed and approved by medical experts. 📸: @winniewow

Matthias Doherty is going old school with his carpentry. He makes furniture such as tables and chairs, as well as functional wooden pieces... without electricity. Matthias crafts his work using only hand tools. 📸: @billydelfsphoto

The bench Stephanie Parton and her husband are sitting on isn’t any old park bench. But we’ll let Stephanie tell you why:
“I was very shy in high school. My now husband who was in my grade was class clown. He had to sit out of swim practice one day so he sat with me on the concrete bench at the swimming pool since I was the team manager. He talked to me the whole practice and me being so shy I barely spoke a word. I had an instant crush. Fast forward 20 years later. We’re married and he found out that they were tearing down the swimming pool so he contacted the owners to get the bench we first met on all those years ago. He surprised me by putting it in our front yard on Mother’s Day.” 📸: Greg Whitaker

Frank McKeon is one of the hosts at @BonePoolRadio. At the independent radio station, DJs like Frank have free rein to play whatever they want. 📸: @ebruyildiz

Graham Blyth was a television set designer and won an Emmy for his work. After a successful career, he’s heading back to school to become a lawyer. He wants to represent companies that work on big data and data security.
📸: @sarahricephoto

Paul Steklenski, an Army Veteran, started @flyingfuranimalrescue in 2015. The nonprofit flies endangered shelter dogs to happy foster homes. Credit: @smirnovphoto and @reddpenmedia

Matthew Mahon, an Austin photographer, invested in @OldStickRanch. Along with the main house, Matthew has been converting storage containers into eclectic spaces for guests to stay. 📸: @matthewmahon

Paul Steklenski is an Army Veteran who took his love for animals to new heights. In 2015, he started @flyingfuranimalrescue, a nonprofit that flies endangered shelter dogs to happy foster homes. Paul helps rescue and transport animals from kill shelters into no-kill shelters, foster homes or their forever home. See more photos in our story highlights. 📸: @smirnovphoto

Dina Parise, a former professional figure skater, had a need for speed. After retiring from figure skating, she went to her first drag race and fell in love. In her 30's, she got behind the wheel and started making a name for herself in the industry. At the age of 48, @dpariseracing became a world champion drag racer. See more photos in our story highlights. 📸: @_melissagolden

Timothy Smith is one of the hosts at @BonePoolRadio. Without corporate sponsors driving programming, Timothy can play classics, unsigned bands, and more. 📸: @ebruyildiz

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