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I've had like 30 people send me this so far. Does anyone know the back story? I legitimately don't understand what I just watched. It looks like a live feed gone wrong. That said how could it go right waving a loaded gun out a car window? Wtf is going on here? Was this a prank?
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Just to upset everyone. Stock sights - Yup. Even have a fiber optic front and blacked out rear. Why aren't they on? Because it's much more fun to watch people complain about a milled glock with stock sights. You're welcome.

Slide - @united_r_and_d
Frame work - Me throwing caution to the wind.

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Tired of Fudds telling you that no one needs an AR 15? That suppressors are for people who have something to hide? That machine guns are for soldiers, not citizens to defend against tyranny? Boy do I have a solution for you and it'll save you the trouble arguing. Let everyone know that you actually support the 2nd Amendment and not "I support the 2nd Amendment but...).

Braces are in, SBRs are out. You can't argue it. @gearheadworks sent me this to check out and give some thoughts to my followers about it. Just to get some stats out of the way, the tailhook mod 2 is a 5 position collapsible arm brace, weighing in at about 7 oz without the proprietary buffer tube (included) .

To utilize the brace simply push the latch over which opens the brace allowing you to rest your arm on it and fire the pistol one handed. I had pictures of it open but the files were corrupted so you can Google it if you choose.
Shooting with the brace open, like any brace isn't ideal, but the tailhook using it AS INTENDED is more sturdy than any others I've tried one handed, nothing to strap in, just open and rest your arm on it. Now if one were to accidentally shoulder it, not that anyone would buy it for that reason, it's a whole different ball game. The tailhook has five adjustable positions and locks up solid in all positions, adjustments are easy with a latch on the side. It has a solid lock up which I would rate the same as the SBA3, it does have SOME wiggle, but it's still secure.

When resting your cheek on the brace, it's smooth with no sharp edges digging into you and although the brace is solid plastic with no rubberized but pad, it's very comfortable in use. It feels similar to a Magpul ctr in use and when bringing the gun up, the sights align fast and it's easily repeatable.

I have ONE gripe with the brace as a whole and it's something that can easily be fixed with a utility knife. When pulling back the charging handle, if you're not deliberate in your actions, the handle can hit the end of the brace if you're pulling downward at all. It happened to me once and after that I had to try and make it happen, but it's definitely something to mention. That said I can completely fix the problem in just a few minutes, or just make sure to pull the handle back straight.

It's awesome to see how far we've come.

This is a perfect match for my new BCM commando clone(ish) pistol.

You can pick up the tailhook mod 2 right now for 199.99 directly from gear head works.

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The shirts and hoodies are now live for sale! Link to order is in my profile. Many more to come.


#ar15 #arpistol #556 #223 #sheepdog #opencarry #ak47 #glock #sigsauer #gunmemes #akpistol #hecklerandkoch #hk416 #m1a #m14 #m16 #memes #dankmemes #300blackout #nfa #repealthenfa #1911 #noveske #glock17 #glock19 #cerakote #salientarms #agencyarms

So far they've compromised and supported : The Hughes Amendment, the gun control act, the NICS system, the Clinton Assault weapons ban and now the reclassification of bump stocks as machine guns and the intrusive Fix the Nics act. Pro gun? No, pro money. Create fear through supporting some gun laws to drive membership.

#ar15 #arpistol #556 #223 #sheepdog #opencarry #ak47 #glock #sigsauer #gunmemes #akpistol #hecklerandkoch #hk416 #m1a #m14 #m16 #memes #dankmemes #300blackout #nfa #repealthenfa #1911 #noveske #glock17 #glock19 #cerakote #salientarms #agencyarms

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I had previously done a short write up on the @f5mfg CZ Scorpion drum and was very happy with it. F5 wanted me to check out their 5.56 drum so yesterday I ran it through its paces. They have two seperate options for this particular drum, skelletonized and solid with cerakote color options. I had already reviewed a solid drum so I opted for the skelletonized.
The drum is solid, very solid. It's not a cast part, but machined from billet 6061, I have no reservations in saying it's not going to to fall apart on you dropping it or banging it around during harder use. The machine work is perfect and when holding it you can tell a lot of time went into the design and manufacturing. Want capacity on the go without hanging a ridiculous nutsack style drum? The f5 holds 50 rounds without a massive footprint.

Loading the drum, like every drum is a little more difficult than a standard AR mag. To load, turn the crank front end just enough to fit the round and insert it. You can easily take the cover off the drum to clear up any loading issues or to clean with one screw.
Reliability? I had one malfunction where the round nose dived causing a failure to feed. I was told there is a break in period and this was on the first use, so I'm not upset by it. I remember the days of my beta mag and all the issues I had so we've come a long way. The next five drum loads functioned perfectly so it could have been an error loading. Just a quick note, these drums are not designed to use with steel cased ammo due to the cerakote process.
Now I've been harsh regarding skelletonized anything in the gun market and after using it I'll say that during normal use the drum being skelletonized is a non issue. The gun was tested in a rain/sleet storm and got very wet with no issues caused by the weather. Now would I run this laying in the sand or mud in a real life situation? Probably not, I'd definitely opt for their solid drum model which is also quite a bit cheaper. Home defense, competition or range use? I'd have no issues trusting it.

The skelletonized drum can be had for 199 dollars while the solid drum can be purchased for 145 dollars in four different cerakote colors.

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