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9MMNINA • NASM CPT 🇵🇷🇮🇹  keep it g + eat healthy married AF to my OG #TheHofflers #CleanYourWeapons • 21 day cleanse #BuildYourArsenal • HIIT & bodyweight 📲 for training

🎶 drip too hard • don’t stand to close • you gon’ f around and drown • off this wave 🌊 #boxingtraining #womensboxing #hiitworkout #heartratetraining

What’s your favorite back exercise?
This is the most effective back exercise (for me right now) while working to correct my forward rolling posture. My chest and front deltoids have always been very dominant, especially in a boxing focused training environment. I am trying to get my mid back (rhomboids) to grow so they can balance each other out. Try this one if you feel like your posture is leaning forward or your text neck is getting pretty serious. •••••
#trialanderror #backexercises #resistancebandworkout #homeworkout #boxingtraining #bandedworkout #nasmcpt #9mmnina @asaprocky • “praise the lord” 🎙


If it doesn’t bring you to your knees it doesn’t count • thanks 📸 @a_rushhh for the flick 🔥

Saying I had the most fun @ our 4 year old nephew Zay’s birthday party is an understatement 😝 @tazztres

So proud of @instahaleyaz 💪🏽 upper body strength and cuts coming in so nicely. It’s truly rewarding to see that her commitment is getting results! We are officially on the toes for push ups 💪🏽 #9mmnina #boxingtraining #fullbodyworkout #bodyweighttraining #9mmninaTrainingSquad

greatest wedgie of all time 🇵🇷

Had a beautiful day with Michael 💙 can you tell he’s my whole heart, or nah? • Reppin’ @earhustlesq who are inside spitting real truths on the dopest podcast out right now • #prisonpodcast #schoolsnotprisons #antirecidivismcoalition #prisonwife #prisonwifelife #gLove #TheDopeWivesClub #TheHofflers

earned upper body + core workout with killa keri #9mmnina #30minworkout #resistancebandsworkout

It’s absolutely amazing what you can do with the human body. I have been overweight (180lbs!), underweight to compete in my first jiu jitsu tournament (122lbs!) and been a fluffy 140 to a solid 140. I started training consistently when I was 22 years old, so in retrospect, my muscles are truly only 6 years old. Muscularly, I’m still just a kid, soaking it in, learning as I go, and finding what works best for me! I have made major lifestyle changes since the days when I was the 9-5er locked in a cage called a cubicle for 8 hours a day. (Although I was the only one in the office who chose to turn in my computer chair for a stability ball 😂) I’m grateful for all of the ups and downs that came along with giving up a $100k/year “safe” gig and doing what I found a passion for life in, instead. The hustle and grind has paid off ten fold, emotionally, physically and now finally financially. It is a blessing to be alive, healthy, strong and able! Especially on a day like today 9/11, get your body moving... because others simply can’t! My mission now is to share what I have learned from some of the best who have taken me under their wing and share what they taught me: to harness the power that I knew was always inside. If you want to do the work HMU 💪🏽 big shout out to these leaders who saw something in me and took the time to make me a better, stronger woman! 👉🏽 @zig.ziegler @larrysmithfitness @hammerboxingfit @mackenziedern @megatondias @jabznorthphx @fieldfitgym


Keri always kicking major ass! Lean muscle mass coming in so nice 👌🏽 #30minworkout #bodyweightworkout #9mmnina #9mmninaTrainingSquad

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