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I’m a little bit heaven
but still a little bit flesh-and-bone

Half your life you struggle
Half your life you fly
Half your life makin’ trouble
Half your life makin’ it right

the way that she dances
ain’t afraid to take chances
and wears her heart on her sleeve
yeah, she’s crazy
but her crazy’s beautiful to me

Pour it on like a shot of whiskey
And shoot me straight

People always ask why I wear black
Where’d I get my style and why
I never smile in pictures

You make me who I wanna be
You make it easy

the tequila was cheap but the
flow we were feeling was real

let your soul shine
it’s better than sunshine
it’s better than moonshine
damn sure better than rain

I don’t know what else to do
but make a habit of you

I ain’t afraid of love
when I say it I just want to mean it

I could search the world from south to north
But I’ve already found what I’m looking for

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