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Ayu Meda Lukita  simple yet so complicated.

Y i kno u miss me its pretty hard to forget an angel.

may ur booty grow, ur skin glow & ur life as awesome as u pretend it is on instagram.

forgive me God for ive sinned in all the coolest & most glamorous ways possible.

i did that shit outta love dont ever think you finessed me.

eat ur fruit, drink ur water & be the baddest bitch alive.

being my ex must be the worst thing. imagine losing me?

im a snack but everyone seems to be on a diet.

relax, baby. ain't nuffin that serious.

stuck with this resting bitch face since '00

whispered something in ur ear
it was a perverted thing to say
but i said it anyway
made u smile & look away

and people talkin shit in cubicles wont hurt me.

they aint build me up so i block em like lego.

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