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Art & Home Decor by Sarah  Nashville Based artist, Sarah Murphy. | Email for custom orders. | Musician @ara.official | Art available on Etsy.

Here’s a little look at the latest custom coaster order. This order was a gift, and I was excited to send a personalized note from the customer to the gift recipient. 😍

This was me yesterday, on my birthday, enjoying the process of finalizing a custom coaster order that someone ordered as a gift! Every coaster order is made by hand, with special attention spent on the custom lettering details.

Just received another custom Etsy order today, so i spent the evening using the dremel router followed by metal-letter stamping. Not a bad evening if i do say so. Also, I do a mini celebration and get a form of vutterflies every time i get an Etsy purchase notification. 🙆🏽‍♀️ Sending these bad boys to VA this week.

Who you gonna call...? New stickers coming soon! 📞

Handmade stamp and markers = New 913onCanvas logo options!

Jordan had a plan and together we made it a reality: Drumsticks for our nephew Kayden.
Kayden now owns a pair of genuine drumsticks, complete with engraved initials. His mom (my sister) has informed us he is constantly carrying them around, drumming with them and even wants to keep them while he naps. 😂
#prodigy #littledrummerboy #customdrumsticks

8 years ago I was commissioned to paint some of my largest paintings yet. This one was 24” x 48” and so fun to create!

I tried making something with these today but it didn’t work. I can’t always win, but at least I can learn.

Sent of a sticker set order to Maryland today! It is so exciting every time I get an Etsy sale notification. It amazes me how everyone has different item favorites (coasters, stickers, vases, etc. ), and I’m thrilled to have others enjoy these pieces of art in their own home. Which items/styles are your favorite?

We finally made it to Jerry’s Artarama and it was heavenly!!! They have so many great art supplies that I’ve never found in the stores before. 😍😍😍😍🎨

This has been one of the most difficult and creative projects that Jordan and I have worked on so far. We’re hoping to finish this weekend, so stay tuned for sweet story updates with blue and brass accents. 😍🔨 🎨

Look closely and see if you can see my drawing progress 🧐. I used to only draw with pen, but i like adjusting my illustrations with pencil first when Im hoping for a more concise and clean, final result. 📝🖊

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