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Harish Jay and Jimmy Nguyen  Inspiring people through our journey #TeamFollowBack

We were reunited after a month or so. Super glad that we could workout today.
Today's Workout: Aggressive 5 mile run, bench press, and 15 minutes of strength and abs.
As both of our track seasons approach, we will no longer be active on this account (minus some exceptions). We want to leave you guys on this positive note.
1. Thank you so much for following our account!! It means so much to hear people talk about this account and how it motivates them.
2. Find something in life that motivates you. Once you find that little thing that you love, put all of your effort into it. Whether it be sports, lifting, school, or knitting, make yourself better at the things you love at any way possible.
3. Motivate and help others. Let's be the trend starters in our community. A little "good job" or "keep up the good work" will go a longs way.
Thank you so much again!!❤❤❤#so#muchlove#fitness

Yesterday's Workout- 4 mile run
Today's Workout : 7 mile run, 30 minutes of strength.
I was running down in the marsh area earlier tonight and it was completely dark. When I turned one of the corners, another runner popped out and said, "hey there". Like wth, who runs this late at night? He scared me pretty bad. #muchlove

Today's Workout: 30 minute progressive run on the treadmill with a ten minute cool down. 20 minutes of strength, leg exercises, agility/balance work, and 10 minutes of abs. #muchlove #fitness #wet

3/3 - chest day
3/4 - off day

Today's workout: 4 easy miles and 30 minutes of strength.

I have a whole week left to do as much as I can on this account. The track season is coming and I couldn't be more excited. Thanks for tolerating my crappy post schedule.
#muchlove #fitness #onemoreweek

3/1- 30 minutes of of strength
Today's Workout: 3 sets of 15 pullups and 15 chin-ups, lawnmowers, lat pulldowns, rowers, and deadlifts. Finished the night off with 5x6 minutes of swimming with a set of push-ups and abs in between. #muchlove #fitness

@parkerslife2 AB pic coming soon, maybe😘

2/26- day off
2/27- 4 mile tempo
Today's workout: 3 mile run, 30 minute bike ride, 3 sets of pullups and tricep dips with a 25 pound weight strapped around me. Finished off the day with multiple bicep and tricep exercises and the usual ab workout.
Promise to try my best and post every day this week!! #muchlove #fitness #daily

I was quite disappointed and embarrassed with myself today. Originally, I was gonna finish 13 miles today, but at around 8 miles, I felt completely light-headed and had to settle for 11 miles. I learned my lesson in that I have to eat and hydrate enough before attempting a big task. Shout out to @stevengm3 for putting in work on his Birthday!! #muchlove #fitness #run

Today's workout: 40 minute-progressive run on the treadmill. 20 minutes of strength, and a whole ton of leg exercises: leg press, jumping squats, squats, lunges, IT bands, and hamstring curls. Can't wait to loosen up the legs tomorrow on a long 13 mile run. #muchlove #fitness

Posting daily is such a grind. I finally understand how hard it is for vloggers to post daily. #respect

2/19 - 5 mile tempo run and chest day.
2/20 - 45 minutes of strength and abs
2/21 - 7 mile run and 20 minutes of strength
#muchlove #fitness #run

First post in awhile because I've been sick these past couple of days. But wow does it feel good to go workout on a beautiful day.
Today's workout: 4.5 mile run, biceps and tricep exercises, and 20 minutes of strength and abs. #muchlove #fitness
First impressions of this fitness page???

Hey guys I’m back!! Sorry I haven’t been updating for awhile, I’ve been busy with school, track, and other personal problems. These next couple months I will try my best to update as much as possible.
2/6: 4 Mile progression
2/7: 4 x 300m@800mpace/100jog/100 sprint, 4 min recovery
2/8: 30 min easy, 4 x 30m fly full recovery
2/9:30 min easy, stretch, strides
2/10: Raceday*
Had one of the worst races of my entire life. Was super nervous all-day. Learn from my mistakes and move forward.
2/11: 45 min run
2/12: Day off
2/13: Another day off( Was sworn in as an US Citizen)
2/14: 5 x 400 @ race pace/2 min recovery , 4 x 200m (30,29,28,28)
2/15: 30-35 min easy; Later went back and biked 10 minutes, ran 10 minutes,  abs, and basketball.
Only motto in my mind is #TrustTheProcess #fitness #muchlove

Today's workout: 30 minutes of strength and abs, shoulder exercises and a 30 minute swim without goggles. 0/10 would recommend. #muchlove #fitness

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