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808 CLEANUPS  An alliance of volunteers making Hawaiʻi cleaner, safer and stronger from mauka to makai. Share Your Cleanups @808cleanups #808cleanups

Volunteer Empowerment! For volunteers who have been part of this 808 CLEANUPS team for years, days, and everywhere in between. The CORE of what we are!

From Hawaii Reporter, original publish date: April 21 2016

We are lucky to live in Hawaiʻi. We have a lot to be thankful for, whether it is in the beauty of nature or in the kindness and generosity of the culture. However, not everything is perfect here. Two years ago, we began noticing an increase in natural surface graffiti tagging, littering, and pallet bonfires, which can leave nails in the sand. Many would just look and say “what a shame”, or maybe post about it on social media. We saw an opportunity to create a support network for volunteers to tackle these problems. We created 808 Cleanups to stand up, take action, and make Hawaiʻi cleaner, safer and stronger.

How did we design our new group in 2014 that eventually became a 501(c) (3) non-profit in May 2015? By putting volunteers in the pilot seat. So many people in Hawaiʻi have been taking action on litter and tagging on their own for years or even decades. Still more want to get started, but just didn’t know how to begin. We know it is a big step to ignite that enthusiasm and get people engaged in a cause. How often have we told ourselves “someone else will handle it”? 808 Cleanups volunteers are those “someones” and we support them by providing supplies, connecting them with other volunteers and helping them organize their own cleanups.
In 2016’s first quarter alone, the effects in the field have been impressive: 363 individual cleanups. 1298 volunteer participants. 16,950 lbs. of trash removed from Mauka to Makai. 333 graffiti tags removed from natural and manmade surfaces. 1482 lbs. of marine debris removed. ....continued in comments!
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Big Mahalo to Sally Jane Arapari for her cleanup! "Super small 10 minute cleanup with my Mum, at my adopted site at Maku'u Point, Big Island. Mostly cigarettes and fishing line." #808cleanups #leavenotrace #stewardship #cleanbeaches #cleantrails #volunteer #cleanup #cleanups

Big Mahalo to Andrea Smith for her cleanup! "7 pounds collected from Ft.Hase aboard MCBH. Shockingly was cleaner than normal and not as many microplastics. It’s not much, but every bit helps ❤️" #808cleanups #leavenotrace #stewardship #cleanbeaches #cleantrails #volunteer #cleanup #cleanups #himarinedebris

Big Mahalo to yesterday's tremendous team! 2300 sq ft of invasive plants removed! 😊🤩 #808cleanups #leavenotrace #stewardship #cleanbeaches #cleantrails #volunteer #cleanup #cleanups

Big Mahalo to Isabell Sciutto for her cleanup! "Solo, small kine clean up. I gathered 2 pounds of rubbish and was surprised to see a hag fish trap on our beach." #808cleanups #leavenotrace #stewardship #cleanbeaches #cleantrails #volunteer #cleanup #cleanups #himarinedebris

Big Mahalo to Aaron Sadler for his underwater cleanup today! "Solo cleanup at Irma's
12 lbs. lead
5 lbs. debris"

#808cleanups #leavenotrace #stewardship #cleanbeaches #cleantrails #volunteer #cleanup #cleanups #himarinedebris

Big Mahalo to Jay Lee and Team for their cleanup today! "Our second cleanup of the month took place at Diamond Head Crater and surprisingly we had a really good turnout today in the form of 13 volunteers (7 student volunteers and 6 adults). Even if we didn’t have our usual student volunteers as majority of them didn’t show up, we still had four students that were part of Roosevelt’s Leo Club, which is a huge step towards getting more clubs at RHS involved with 808 Cleanups.

I was the first one to arrive at Kahala Lookout and immediately started collecting litter around the area. Shortly afterwards, more people started showing up and soon enough we had a sizable crew, which allowed us to break off into two groups by focusing on collecting litter and raking/sweeping. There were lots of litter scattered everywhere as how it always is especially at a popular tourist attraction spot where there’s bound to be litter all over the place because of how careless tourists are when it comes to properly disposing their trash.

Not long after we finished cleaning the lookout area, we all ventured through the tunnel and went inside of the crater where we focused our efforts on finding more rubbish. Some of us went into the parking lot area inside of the crater and collected whatever we were able to get our hands on.
The total weight amount we got from today’s cleanup came out to 42lbs. Yes that’s not as much rubbish as we would’ve loved to have collected, but it’s still something and we were able to do a fantastic job of cleaning up Kahala Lookout and Diamond Head Crater. Hopefully someday we’ll be able to go to the top of the summit by doing an actual cleanup while hiking at the same time. Wouldn’t that be a fun idea for all of us involved? 🤔" #808cleanups #leavenotrace #stewardship #cleanbeaches #cleantrails #volunteer #cleanup #cleanups

Big Mahalo to Brandon Bashem and Team! "Another amazing effort today at One'ula Beach Park (Haubush). Great turnout of awesome friends that spent their morning making a positive change. We welcomed Blue Zones Project as partners, Ewa Beach Lions club as always and another great showing of youth from Keiki O Ka'Āina. The usual crew Leroy, Michael, Ringo, Judi, and Anne. Filled another Covanta H-Power dumpster. Hope to see everyone the 2nd Saturday next month." #808cleanups #leavenotrace #stewardship #cleanbeaches #cleantrails #volunteer #cleanup #cleanups

Big Mahalo to Joanna Fletchall for her cleanup! "Kailua Town, while we were sleeping, somebody decided to trash the park we cleaned up last week. Pulled over and threw it in my truck. See something, do something." #808cleanups #leavenotrace #stewardship #cleanbeaches #cleantrails #volunteer #cleanup #cleanups

I challenge everyone who is on our social media to share at least one cleanup 😊

Work smarter not harder! With thousands of people in our social media, we could cover every public space year-round- but this can only be done with communication, coordination, and inspiration- that's where YOU come into the picture and where 808 Cleanups resources come into play!

You can create and share events with us, request supplies, adopt a site for 3 months, get your school, workplace, family and friends involved. Meet other stewardship-minded people!

We are also going to have EXCLUSIVE offers for those who have shared their cleanup stories- so share TODAY so you don't miss out!
Mahalo Nui Loa to our entire 808 ʻOhana!


#808cleanups #leavenotrace #stewardship #cleanbeaches #cleantrails #volunteer #cleanup #cleanups

Big Mahalo to Susan J Wurtzburg and Jet for their stewardship! "Jet is celebrating the return of her family to Kailua with a trash collection morning (10 lbs, and she’s pictured with bag 3 of 5)." #808cleanups #leavenotrace #stewardship #cleanbeaches #cleantrails #volunteer #cleanup #cleanups #himarinedebris

Big Mahalo to Joanna Fletchall and Team! "Hi everyone, Karen Thorsson Howell, Daniel Howell And I went back to a site that we helped clean up a month ago, across from L&L in Waimanalo. I had sent previous photos into DLNR Tip Line, but nothing picked up. Hauled 2 trucks loads worth to dump today , and discovered much more trash building up. Guess we hauled about 500 lbs worth. #ChrisLee. #IkaikaAnderson, #DLNR Take Care Of Business😡 If 3 people all over the age of 60 can haul 2 loads, can you imagine what a group of city workers and a dump truck can do. Next month midterm elections. I am voting for people who Clean Up Their District!" #808cleanups #leavenotrace #stewardship #cleanbeaches #cleantrails #volunteer #cleanup #cleanups

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