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If you really feel bad, then don't do it again.
Via: @diary_of_motivational_thoughts

Create your future.
Via: @elite_body_and_mind

You will never regret your workout.
Via; @fitcollegenz

Aim high my friends!
Via: @gotorichesfromrags

Success= Can. Follow us for more @8020.Media
Via: @guitarsandbusiness

Your experiences mean more than anything else.
Via: @idreamincashtonight

Don't worry, a storm never lasts forever.
Via: @indian_entrepreneur_sayings

Expectations can be a dangerous game.
Via: @inspirationalgoodsIIc

You are brave, you are fierce.
Via: @juanlecuenta

If you desire it, you can achieve it if you work hard enough.
Via: @paidbytheweb

Gratitude is important. Are you using it up?
Via: @simple.gratitude.journal

We all are fighting the battle, so be kind to everyone.
Via: @strictly_quotes1

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