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katelynn  Oliver 🖤

this makes bath number 3 today simply because it’s his happy place

So, there’s this little boy who drives me insane.. literally insane. Every morning he wakes up with the biggest smile and hugs me. Always so happy to see me. Sometimes we get in screaming matches. He gets into everything and makes huge messes and laughs at me while I clean it. He gets up on my lap and hugs me and kisses me and rubs my feet while I rub his. He’s the sweetest, meanest, most loving, most obnoxious, amazing little boy I’ve ever met. I swear he can make me wanna pull my hair out but I wouldn’t change being a mom for the world.

my sweet boy 💙

I could hit refresh and forget

one too many freckles

he was good for .2 seconds

you’re the strength I always needed

love being able to play outside 🌞

let’s all just enjoy this picture of my dude eating some toast and telling me a story

that little fat roll ruins the whole pic but oh well

Everytime he watches the video he laughs so hard

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