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Cesar  25/Self taught 🎨 LA Based

Haven’t painted much lately but I still got it and it was only right to start off with one of the best shows out there Rick and Morty!!! Let’s see what else I can paint. 7throccoart @rickandmorty @adultswim #rickandmorty #art #rickandmortypainting #bestshowever #painting

I've been going to the gym for 12 months now and I wore shirts that are XXXL and pants size 46 and now I'm proud to say, that I'm down to a size LARGE going to MEDIUM but I enjoy large lol. and my waist size Is down to 34 and one thing I want to emphasize is that you don't fucking need Weight Loss Pills or fucking Herbalife bullshit, I've seen what it does and it ruins some people. I did this from HARD FUCKING WORK and DETERMINATION and never giving up like I tell people this journey is 90% mental and 10% physical.
If you can control your mind, which you are able to tell yourself that you CAN accomplish a lot of things either work, school, weight loss, etc. just believe in yourself. FINALLY, I can say right now that I AM the happiest I can be so far which my confidence has risen. Now I'm happy to be starting my second journey now because it still continues. For all the people who seen my changes of my charisma and notice I’ve pushed myself thru a lot pain and become a different individual I’m thankful for that. And now people in my life are trying to change their lives because of what I've done that brings a lot joy because it feels amazing knowing that if I can help or motivate someone to change their life even if it's just 1 person then I can say to you that all this will have been worth it so I leave you with these words that live by everyday TURN DEPRESSION INTO ANGER, ANGER TO MOTIVATION, MOTIVATION INTO SUCCESS
And if you read this whole message then to you I say thank you!
p.s if you’re wondering how much weight I’ve lost, I was weighting 350+ pounds and now I’m down to 199.
And another reason I’m writing this and posting it on my social media is because I made a promise to someone that I am keeping. #bodytransformation #tbt #fatloss #fitnessaddict #instafit #workout
#cardio #gymrat #gymhead

"Dia de los muertos" acrylic paint & markers on a 11x14 stretched canvas

This painting has been the hardest one to date but the end result was perfect turned out better than expected she's a Latina Marilyn Monroe dia de los muertos style almost didn't want to sell this one and just keep it for my collection lol. Thank you to all the supporters

#marilynmonroe #marilyn #marilynmonroepainting #art #acrylicpaint #painting #canvasart #canvas #dayofthedead #diadelosmuertos

"Elsa frozen" acrylic paint & markers on a 12x16 stretched canvas

Been gone for a cool minute now hopefully I'll keep posting more frequently now hope you enjoy elsa was challenging and fun as always let's see what the future holds thanks for the supporters.

#frozen #elsa #disney #frozenelsa #elsapainting #art #acrylicpaint #painting #canvasart #canvas

"The dark knight" acrylic & markers on a 12x16 white canvas.

Heres a commission painting I just finished first time trying a different style definitely going to do more of these type of paintings really fun and challenging like how it came out thanks to all my supporters more to come.

#batman #darkknight #dc #dccomics #batmanpainting #art #painting #acrylic #acrylicpaint #canvas

"Riley Freeman" acrylic paint & markers on a 16x20 stretched canvas.

You know I had to paint Riley wouldn't be right if I didn't even though this season is not that great still showing love to the show thank you to my supporters more to come.

#theboondocks #boondocks #adultswim #rileyfreeman #riley #art #canvas #acrylicpaint #acrylic #painting #season4 #as @adultswim

"Huey Freeman" acrylic & markers on a 16x20 stretched canvas.

In honor of season 4 of The Boondocks premiering tonight I had to paint my favorite character from the show Huey Freeman thank you to all my supporters Riley coming soon!

#theboondocks #boondocks #adultswim #huey #art #canvas #acrylicpaint #painting #season4

Finally finished and sold this "Batman" acrylic paint & markers on a 12x16 stretched canvas.

#batman #dc #batmanpainting #art #painting #acrylicpaint #canvas

I just sold my first commissioned painting a "Superman" acrylic paint & markers on a 12x16 stretched canvas.

I just want to thank @jocblanco hope her son likes it as much as I did painting it this one was fun to do maybe I'll do a batman just for fun again thank you to all the supporters.

#superman #dc #supermanpainting #art #painting #acrylicpaint #canvas

First painting of 2014 "Courage" acrylic paint & markers on a 11x14 stretched canvas.

I know 2014 will be a good year this is just the beginning more paintings to come already started on my first commissioned painting thank you to all the people who support me and all the compliments I get on my paintings it just gives me more motivation to continue thank you.

#couragethecowardlydog #courage #cartoonnetwork #art #painting #acrylicpaint #canvas #cn

My first "MegaMan" acrylic paint & markers on a 11x14 stretched canvas.

I know I haven't posted anything in A WHILE but now I'm back and I'm doing what I love I will try and post more frequently of my work (this one is not for sale) but will take commissions later on if requested thank you.

#megaman #capcom #art #canvas #graffiti #acrylicpaint #rockman

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