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Mick Thomson 

Had to get the Mrs. a Jackson of her own.

Welcoming my new Adrian Smith model Jackson to the family. A true 'super strat'.


Juicy new tube goodness.

Is there a better day than New Pedal Day™? I think not.

Can't wait to get medically cleared to throw this new Slammer. Tempted to do some low torque testing in a field. Hoping it doesn't kick my beloved Lat 64 Sinus out of the bag. Looks like it's even more overstable so I think they may play well together. Disc golf is the shit, if you were wondering. Totally addictive.

Nice night for a walk. Warmer than usual but can't complain. Amazing sky.

Let me rephrase - I want to know who shot this because I like it and it may be able to get you to talk to Jackson about using it.

I recently joined the cyborg club. Sore as fuck but hope to be back to mid 2000s banging by our next record cycle. Should probably just have every disc replaced all the way down to be safe. Dr. Perri and the entire staff were awesome.

Seriously sexy wood combo.

Special Edition case that's included.

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