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  Two small babes trying to document everything as beautiful as possible. M: Cali 🧖🏽‍♀️🤙🏼 | G: NYC 🧖🏾‍♀️🤞🏾#7intheevening

A different view point! 🌿 -G

Excited to hang out with @caudalie again next week. I’ve been loving using Caudalie this year. It’s changed my skin for the better, and it’s easy to say it’s one of my favorite brands for life. I shit you not these products are currently all over my room, because I randomly grab for them throughout the day. Okay that’s enough fan-girling for now.

my favorite flawless face duo at the moment. talk about a glow!!! - G ✨

Everything you need for your skin’s hydration needs 🤤🌿 -M

As a master of light and darkness I take sun protection very seriously. I’m both dark skin + tattooed, so I have to protect my melanin + ink. What are some of your favorite sun protection products? 🙆🏾‍♀️ - G #gifted

With the lack of WiFi and a small budget I’ve been able to appreciate the little I do have and what the world has to offer.
Less stress on my brain I must say!
One beauty item I’ve been wearing most on this trip is my Jasmine roll on perfume from one of the oldest perfumeries ( over 170 years old!) in the French Quarter, @bourbonfrenchparfums ⚜️-M

It’s the weekend after all! 💘 Have a glass or four. -G • Ps. Thank you to all the new followers!!! We’re very thankful to have to join our little internet home.

Hello again, New Orleans! Brb Cali 👋🏼
As some of you may know, Nola is my boyfriend’s hometown and a second place I like to call home. We’re currently here to visit his family and take care of a lot business, before we head back to California. I will be documenting and sharing a bit of my own ventures with you guys as well -M
Here is a little display of skincare/beauty products that I packed in a travel bag. I’ll say now, it was a bit of a rush job...(I forgot to pack a face cleanser and as for makeup... there’s none lol)
One cleanser, toner, mask, serum, moisturizer, two perfumes (not the YSL, that’s my bf’s), and two oils is all that will be used for the next couple of weeks.
If you guys would like for me review any of these products and/or share how I use them, let’s talk in the comments!
Love you guys ❤️🌹

Anyone else still in love with this oil? 👶🏾 -G 🍃

a closer look 👀 @frenchgirlorganics 💘 - G

Another lovely outtake 💕💭 -M

The weather isn’t my favorite for shooting right now. So here’s a throwback to a much brighter day. - G

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