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  Two small babes trying to document everything as beautiful as possible. The original duo. 👯‍♀️ M: Cali 🧖🏽‍♀️🤙🏼 | G: NYC 🧖🏾‍♀️🤞🏾#7intheevening

All new and can’t wait to try. ✨ -G

I was in Sephora just to pick up more @drdennisgross peels (can’t wait to do my skincare routine right after this), and this beauty caught my eye. It’s so sparkly and gorgeous on the skin. I may be a goth b*tch but I love me some sparkle ✨!!! I picked up the color Topaz Flash. I think you guys should check it out. I may just wear it to work on a Monday hahaha. - G

@Mejuri just opened their NYC location today! For all of our NYC girls definitely go check the showroom out. I’ve been working so much lately I haven’t had the time yet. I’ll be stopping by next week for sure. #sofineNYC

It’s official. I finally have a favorite mascara. Of course @narsissist would be the ones to help me break away from drugstore ones. What’s your favorite mascara? Or better yet what’s the darkest one you’ve ever used? 🕵🏾‍♀️ - G

There’s nothing like a hot bath when you’re sick! During this time, I like to detox from the inside and out.Do you guys switch up your routine/products when you’re feeling under the weather? 🤧 -M

I’ve personally never been a fan of floral scents on myself. They usually make me smell like dirt and grass. I know that’s weird and sounds made up, but I promise you most popular floral scents don’t mix with my body chemistry 🧪. I was a little nervous to try this when Ouai sent it over. But then again the name sold me before I even finished opening the package. The scent last for a very long time. I’m often smelling sweaters, scarfs, etc days after and I can still smell this beauty. Since I love my Tom Ford scents I find myself mixing this one with Oud Wood a lot. It’s the sexiest smell I’ve ever came across. I think it’s easy to say I have a new signature combo. What are you wearing these days? - G 🏹🖤✨

The biggest mistake I’ve made with skincare was playing rough on my dry, sensitive skin. When I would have frequent breakouts, I would use so many different products to combat acne. What I didn’t realize was the products I was using were too abrasive and drying, making my skin concerns only worse. Today my skin is looking/feeling better than ever, by committing to chemical exfoliation,hydration,sun protection,and gentle cleansing.Now I just need to learn how to be nicer to the packaging of my products haha 😅 🖤 -M
Current favs shown:
@caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum and Glycolic Brightening Essence
@contextskin Total Oil Cleanser
@indie_lee I-Waken Eye Serum
@youthtothepeople Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream
@freshbeauty Sugar Lip Wonder Drops
@drroebucks Perky Collagan Boosting Serum #glowtheaussieway

Very thankful @theouai sent over this beauty! It smells amazing and I’ll have a mini review up on here for ya soon. 💫 - G

Hey guys! Hope you’ve been well. Here’s a sneak of something we’re working on. More coming very soon. - G

Hello 👋🏾! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday yesterday. - M + G #vanities

A @gelcream inspired post, showing off a new favorite eye palette from @tomfordbeauty 😩❤️ -M

There might be snow ❄️ headed our way in the next day or two. The cold has me focused on hydration and detoxing. I’m feeling a new blog post coming your way soon. 🖥 - G 🏹🖤

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