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katie washington  MState straight!! I lov my family, my animals, my 4wheeler, hunt'n, and my BF!! Eat.sleep.onedirection.repeat.♥Taken♥ ◇Niall Horan◇

1: my full name is Kaitlyn Snow Washington
2: One direction is my favorite band
3: I am in the SPMS band
4: I am 13 almost 14
5: I am taken
6: I am 1/8 Irish
7: I am on spring break
8: I hav two olde english bulldogs
9: there names are Lucy and Blue
10: I am in 8th grade
11: I do wintergaurd
12: I lov ♥food♥
13: <- that's how old I am
14: This is not as cool as I thought it would be ......
15: I hav a pet turtle named little man
16: I cant wait to turn 16
17: I think its funny wen someone corrects a teacher and then they get mad
18: I am kinda short
19: I am hungry
20: I won a 'most unique pet' in a pet show with my 2week old goat june
21: I am beast at football
22: I just woke about an hour ago
23: I own 7 pairs of converse's
24: I am almost half way done
25: I am half way done
26: I am more than half way done
27: this is taking forever
28: I don't like Obama
29: I HATE spaghetti!!!!!
31: I didn't say anything on 30
32: my daddy owns two buisnesses
33: my moma is regional superviser over north Mississippi First Choice Health Care
33: I was supposed to go to a one direction concert but was admitted into the hospital the night before.....
34: I was mad.
35: I usued to could do a back flip but not so much any more
36: I wish I was done already
37: I hav two horses shamrock (sham) and Gunner
38: I live with my mom and stepdad
39: I lov music ♡♥♡
40: only 10 more
41: I lov Madea movies
42: thus has took me 17 minutes so far
43: my mom called me and said she was bringing me home a snowcone
44: YAYYYYY!!! ^^^^^^^^
45: holy cow I'm almost done
46: @shell91499 is my bestest friend ever
47: I do hav a bioligical sister, Mattie, though
49: I skipped 48
50: thank the lort that I am done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haha I know where ur coming from Zayn ....


Ik this pic is kinda old but I still lov these guys even though I never hav met them but they can make a girl feel wonderful abput herself In an instant wen most guys don't even try to make a girl feel good about herself ... #RememberYouAreBeautiful

My new hog dog Baby!!! #lovher #Baby #NewAddition. She is half Louisiana Catahoula, 1/4 redbone, and 1/4 Black Mouth Cur......

Helpn daddy in the skidder!!!!

The food part is sooooo directed to yall dorks!!! @nicole_long18 @jordan_corley1216 @shell91499

I jump off the cliff and I build wings on the way down ....

Haha had to!! #HadTo #couldn'tHelpIt #ZombieTeam

Confidential math notes od the day everbody!!!!!!!! #confidential #mathnotes @modestyisthebestpolicy_13

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