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Sonny Rosetto  🙏God🙏 N♤W♡H◇S♧ Fre$hman🔝⏩ ❤4~23~17❤ 🔱Ktown.●765⚠️ Rapper🎤🔊 "You don't need them haters, haters need you."-Sonny Rosetto


1) Im sorry. But dm me
2) Devon?

Done dm me

I dont post on soundcloud and if i had better recording equipment id record for somethin like that but dm me bro

Ok ok lol i cant post them cuz thats rude but ok

Dm me and i will

Group chats count?

Give me a minute
I gotta write the fire witout sinnin
Hell i can stil spit, stand or sittin
Jus kno its legit, not fake, i aint kiddin
And you kno im on top, W game still Winnin
I could sit and tell some stories to pass the time
But rapping is better, whats a life without a rhyme?
To anyone who comes to music and denies
They should be thrown in jail, hatin music is a crime
Its like eating food without flavor
Nothing really to savor
Its just a fill up and a savior
Try me, hater
Ive got alota speeches for all the different topics
But what im deep about comes out the next hot pick
But trust me, use ya common sense and logic
only reason im number one is i stop the nonsense
And i could rap for days, on rusty razor blades
Or i can talk aboit the good times, yeah the modern day
Where no matter what race, you always still the same
Even the ones who were fire n rose on to fame
We all got a rep to obtain, and we all jus gotta maintain
Im not hitting you with confusion, thats how life is, okay?
If you cant understand then we know who gon be stained
If its for the good, then just stay the same
Yall gotta deal with payment, im dealin with bankin
Yall tryna go back to school, im tryna pass and vanish
Yall takin German? Nah the real partys in Spanish
So you tell me, is you gonna manage?
Or u gon let yourself be history, make yourself vanquish?
Either way its your choice and you got full control
Swear my raps are chicken soup for a poor soul


1) its all good, im working on finding who it is and dm me
2) baby i love you so much

Own up to it im pissed

1) Excuse me? Who the fuck do you think you are? What does weight have to do with anything, huh?! Let me find out who the fuck you are and point out all of your imperfections! I dont appreciate hate on my girlfriend and my Saraha is for ME, not about my girlfriend. Id rather you hate on me than her. You honestly sound like a big peice of shit and ive dealt with scum like you before in the past hsting on my girlfriend. If you dont like it, dont say shit. She is the women i love and thats all that matters, but i really don't appreciate you and your smirky ass comments
2)No, im not cheating on Heaven on earth. Thats like trading gold for dust, the fuck? Dm me

I FUCKUNF LOVE YOU😂😂😂 @rayvenphilapy

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