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Sonny Rosetto  πŸ™GodπŸ™ N♀Wβ™‘Hβ—‡S♧ Fre$hmanπŸ”β© ❀4~23~17❀ πŸ”±Ktown.●765⚠️ RapperπŸŽ€πŸ”Š "You don't need them haters, haters need you."-Sonny Rosetto


Docs appointment< an honors class 😣

Why you gotta do me like that?
Why you tryna flex when u lost the best yet?
Why you tryna act like you still got it in tact
Why you tryna show off, when the show off has already got next
And the next, and after that, and so forth again
Didnt you kno u too cold to win
Lost ya bestfriend over a guy who was self centered
1 year anniversary vs. 1 year later
Yall gon be broken up and havin that broken love
And you gonna crawl back when you jjus wantin some
Well guess what? You blew it
You never shuld stood by him and you knew it
Never let a man get the best of you
All about him, you kno thats true
And he thought girls was linin up to get the flu
He wish he was sick, he wish he was lit
He wish his fatass could look down while takin a shit and all he wants isna glimpse of his dick
Yea im fatshamin but you deserve it
Im goin berserk like an electrical storm surge is occurin
You should listened to yo girl cuz she is yo main homie
Yall be bestfriends before this man, and now both yall phoney
We dont blend with the fake, we stay away from baloney
Kid cut the cheese, now they on they knees askin for mercy
If we was scared we woulda done dropped it
Waitin with them guns, call it hot pockets
We dont belive in bullets except for the ones thats haw droppin
We got the left and the right, pick your poison, it aint stoppin
And when im outta time, ill say goodbye, til then my baby croptoppin
Til then no flip floppin
No mo switchin sides, we aint criss crossin
Boutta turn yo ass shoppin at rue21 to hot topic

Give me a minute
I gotta write the fire witout sinnin
Hell i can stil spit, stand or sittin
Jus kno its legit, not fake, i aint kiddin
And you kno im on top, W game still Winnin
I could sit and tell some stories to pass the time
But rapping is better, whats a life without a rhyme?
To anyone who comes to music and denies
They should be thrown in jail, hatin music is a crime
Its like eating food without flavor
Nothing really to savor
Its just a fill up and a savior
Try me, hater
Ive got alota speeches for all the different topics
But what im deep about comes out the next hot pick
But trust me, use ya common sense and logic
only reason im number one is i stop the nonsense
And i could rap for days, on rusty razor blades
Or i can talk aboit the good times, yeah the modern day
Where no matter what race, you always still the same
Even the ones who were fire n rose on to fame
We all got a rep to obtain, and we all jus gotta maintain
Im not hitting you with confusion, thats how life is, okay?
If you cant understand then we know who gon be stained
If its for the good, then just stay the same
Yall gotta deal with payment, im dealin with bankin
Yall tryna go back to school, im tryna pass and vanish
Yall takin German? Nah the real partys in Spanish
So you tell me, is you gonna manage?
Or u gon let yourself be history, make yourself vanquish?
Either way its your choice and you got full control
Swear my raps are chicken soup for a poor soul

Yall can act tough, or yall can act real
For some of yall, that means actin like steel
And for some of yall it means actin like you steal
I mean some of yall do to give yo daughter a meal
But enough
Ive had it and i know that im not fake
And if you wanna double check, get to know me, ill wait
Im done with all of the haters that complain
"Yo that was so weak, youre trash, and you gay"
You can think what you want, and ill say what is true
The amounts of my efforts can eadily tripple on you
I make it rain but your bank account shows only a little trickle
Man somebody train me, this young and goin off like a symbol *ching!*
Maybe its a sign, yeah a real symbol
That i can rhyme with every syllable
Yeah you know that i can go off
Like the old mans sawd off
Nitrogen Peroxide, consume me
Your head will jus pop off, assumingly
Thats what happens, ive never experienced it myself
But ive had people test me and their heads on a shelf
Yeah my knuckles dusty, never been in a fight
Get some oil, yeah they rusty, but you kno im fine
Yeah you kno im fine, jus lemme take my time
I aint dusted no more, and itll stay like that for a long time
Yeah im not the type to kill,
not tryna see these sons guts spilled
But i will put up fight and give you a real meal
That youll be forced to swallow, a life lesson in a pill,
One punch and i swear common sense will fill
You needa learn who u reckon with
And im a force you shouldnt
I make peace with all my players, but not the ones that i couldnt
Do me wrong and apologize
Thats okay, trust fades away, but ill remember all the lies
So go ahead stab a wound with that knife
You never know when your doings will cost you your life

πŸ˜‚ The Trolls movie does wonders @italian_dipped

Guess what i hacked u!! Baby i love u so much i couldnt ask for a better bf then u!!! You are my everything and i want to thank u for eveything u have done for me!! I love your family so much i hope one day they will be my family!! 😚😍 I have never ever seen a future with any of my boyfriends but i do YOUπŸ’ I love u always and forever babyπŸ’― I love the way you are with kids and hopefully some day that would be our kidsπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ”πŸ’Im so glad we have each other if i didnt have u i dont know what u would do!!πŸ€”πŸ€” i love u baby with my everythingπŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’œ

Wce to WifeyπŸ’πŸ˜


I had such an amazing night with you baby. And tommorow marks the secons month of our lives... I can't bive we have been at it for this long. It's such a blessing to have you, and to have your amazing family around. I loved the night so much, and yes, even when your cousins tagged along. Your family, your thoughts, your ALL is mine and perfect to the image that I see!! I'll be there for you baby, and you know it! Thank you for the most blessed night in awhile!!! I love you and thank God for you each day and night. I pray that we stay together, because you are that person I can just have so much fun with!!! Thank you for the awesome night, babygirl! Iove you!πŸ’œπŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’š

You dont kno the story, so why u judge me
If i was you i wouldnt be so quick to think, u aint much me
Nah you worse homie
Id chew ya up and spit ya out, ima dog dont touch me
I dont like to fight, but if u bring a knife, it wont be so easy
Yall thought i was done, im powerin thru
Got instrumentals for days, yeah u kno they all from YouTube
And i dont record, nah i aint got equipment for the job
All i got is an attitude and a mouth that talks shit like Blah
Better watch out, im fire, but when i chill im icy
If we got beef, jus end it here, ik all yall tryna fight me
Most of my past dont like me
They pull up like they a Tyson that OD
When they get in tho, its ended quick with a "Hail the King" and when i get yo chicks digits cuz u kno that they like me
Alredy got a call, and she wanted to call me daddy
But im a loyal man, not lowkey, you kno i make my girl handle the ball like Madden 17
Got another one tryna slide in them dms like why dont u ever call me?
Prolly cuz i dont fwu so please dont bother stalling
Ima get to the point, before u destroy, dont blow up like a bomb from Baghdad, Boi
You a clown, you dusty
Other hoes is rusty
Stay away from the N-Word, ima honkey
But when i get the pass, im finna blast and ima blow up insteda keep on walking
All yall do is talking, im real i dont do half of what yall say, dont judge me
Im sorry but religion is a privledge, not an option
And if you disagree then someones wrong and i aint stoppin
Til its proven that you were disproven, your legacy is wrong
Your relavence dont match me in my element, so move along

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