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Jason Laudiano  "The world is a giant canvas. Paint it with your life".

Group pic with my loved ones at the Cursillo Christmas.

Hello! From the Cursillo Christmas party.

My girlfriend and I trying to figure out what to do next.

Jason: "Hey, what say we hit the road?"
Nan: "I'm in". Lol.

Peace out! At Veronicas Home of Mercy christmas.

Having a jolly Christmas charity at Veronicas Home of Mercy with loved ones.

Prop tranquilizer rifle for "My Name is Honore" music video. @honoremusic @bobby_torres @redlineprogear

Getting ready for the filming of "My Name is Honore". @honoremusic , @bobby_torres , @redlineprogear

On the "My Name is Honore" film shoot with my two brothers Honore and Bob Genius @redlineprogear

Desperately hungry after the LA bar, we found this local Thai restaurant that was barely open. We were their last customers. Lol. Thank you Thuy and Honore for a wonderful Friday night.

Hanging out with the beautiful Thuy Tran and my bro Honore at a bar in LA. Great band, but the music almost blew out my ears. Lol.

The truth of my life.

Hanging with the SightSound crew, Jas and Honore. Souplantation is gonna be my new favorite restaurant! 👍😉

Another shot of the blade. Super bright!

My Saberforge Bane. Awesome saber!

SightSound crew at the premier of Untouchable music video at the Center Stage Theater in Fontana.

Wanted! Preferably not dead! Lol.

Driving home from the music vid. And this guy is driving?!! Lol. @honoremusic @bobby_torres

Bob Genius, Honore, and Fingers. Yeah that's me. @honoremusic @bobby_torres

My bro Honore at the music video shoot. Looking like Rambro! Lol! @honoremusic @bobby_torres

Looking at an awesome waterfall! Oh yeah! @honoremusic @bobby_torres

At an exotic locale shooting "My Name is...Honore" music video.

Rocking the Go-pro. @honoremusic @bobby_torres

Throwback photo from Mexico, TJ. I was probably 22. 1994. Oh yeah!

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