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Joseph Parsons 

Awhile back I inquired about metal working hammers. Got a lot of great feed back. I’m the end I went with Martin for cost and availability. So I pretty much bought everything the make. I also got the Covell slapper. It feels great to invest in yourself. #metalworkingtools #metalwork #metalshaping #metalfinishing #toolsofthetrade

I received my new toy today from @baileigh_industrial. I took advantage of their 4th of July sale. Can’t wait to ruin some metal with this bad boy. #baileigharmy #metalshaping #metaltools

Went and spread some freedom seeds on Sunday with my best friend @541orygun. He showed me some drills and also taught me how to draw from a holster. My first time doing anything like this. What a fun time. #pewpewpew #glock19 #2ndamendment

Monday I dropped the trans outta of my daily #mazdaspeedprotege. Hopefully I will get it back in today then maybe start on the timing belt and valve stem seals. All I know is the flywheel looked great before re-grind at 230,000 miles on the factory clutch. Hopefully this exedy will last another 200+ #workwithyourhands #mazda #dailydriven #dowork

Just received this nice piece of literature from @hammerfab Ordered tues received thurs. I can’t wait to put some of the info to work. I understand a lot of what is in the book already yet I’m a true believer in the more info you have the better. I just want to be a good craftsman. #pullmax #metalshaping #metalfinishing #handmade #builtnotbought

Stoked on the tools I just got from @tricktools. The covell slapper feels awesome. Can’t wait to use these tools. #metalshaping #handmade #handtools #investinyourself

Took a little time and built a linear stretch die. It’s not perfect but it gave me the concept of how it works. I was able to built the part I needed. So I’m the end all is good. #metalshaping #builtnotbought #handmadetools #nwautofab

Looking to add to my hammer arsenal. Does any one have any experience with Picard hammers. I’m also thinking of just buying a bunch of Martin hammers. Any input would be good. #metalwork #metalshaping #metalfinishing

Got in some range time this morning before church with my boy @19briese79. Getting better with my glock with every shot. Have around 1000 rnds through the stock #glock19 might be time for some modifications. The sigp365 #hudson9 are a kick in the pants to shoot as well.

Did a little carb rebuild for my buddy @algriculture. Hopefully this will help his new project pur.

Loving driving this old pickup. Drove it all week to work and around town. Something to be said about driving something you built. #builtnotbought #bumpside #classictrucks #f100 #northwestautofab

I’ll hop on this promotion #snapfab8k

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