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Inspire🔸Motivate🔸Inform  Men's Physique—Firefighter—Personal Trainer UKDFBA🏆1st South, 3rd UK Champ 2016, 2nd "15 Tips&Reviews COACH:7030fitness.training@gmail.com Beargrip👇🏻


#flexfriday and a #flashbackfriday to the shredded morning pre show of the @UKDFBA UK championships -
You learn from your mistakes and I made quiet a few on the day of the show I thought my body would react in a different way, live and learn!

Sticky toffee pudding craving anyone? -
The @flapjackeduk maple pumpkin mighty muffin will satisfy your cravings! 💯 % of the time! 9/10 taste!
#foodreview #healthytreat #mightymuffin

Pull day - hitting back, traps, rear delts and bicepzz
Rocking the @setsandreps1 tee
@beargrips multigrips (a key 🔑 to back gains!!!!) link in my bio!
Back has always been a strong muscle on me which I think probably come from being a literal monkey child. I would climb anything and everything from the age of 1 👶🏼💪🏻 I was totally doing it for the gains.
Checkout sets and reps: www.setsandreps.com
#backday #pullday #lats

Yeah I know your probably bored of my omelette by now....but I'm not 😋
1 egg
200ml @twochicksproducts
Splash of almond milk
Cooked in @coconoil
With lots of veggies -
It's that's simple and delicious 🤤 how could I not!
#breakfast #omelette #omeletteking

Because cereal is life! -
@proteinempire Chocolate Whey 🤤😍 code: 7030fit for 15% off!
#cereal #chocolate #cerealbox

The easiest chicken satay! 🤤
I took 400g of @musclefooduk mini chicken fillets put into a preheated pan with @coconoil, then after the chicken was sealed and slightly golden I added 2-3 tsps of @bellplantation from @americandy_imports and cooked for a further 10 mins. SOOOOO GOOOD 🤤 -
@americandy_imports discount code: 7030fitness5 for 5% off
#chicken #chickensatay #musclefood

Dear spreadable cheese, thank you for being delicious! 🧀🧀
Peanut oats with @bellplantation from @americandy_imports 😋 code: 7030fitness5 for 5% off
@twochicksproducts omelette
Cooked in @coconoil -
#breakfast #cheese #omelette

Dumbbell incline fly variation 🤷🏼‍♂️ Why? Tap the video and listen to the voice over 😜
Let me know what you think of the voiceover action if you guys like it then I'll do more, if you don't like my voice then I'll just use music 😂
#gymvideos #chestworkout #dumbbellflys

S'mores mighty muffin 💪🏻🤤
The @flapjackeduk smores protein muffin had a solid macro brake down! 210 cals - fats 6g - carbs 24g (5g fibre) - protein 20g -
Texture is light and fluffy with pieces of chocolate and marshmallow, flavour is a 7.7/10 I thought it could be a little sweeter, but that said I go have a bit of a sweet tooth 😜
Definitely worth a go!!
#flapjacked #mightymuffin #healthytreat

Push day AKA Chest, Shoulders and Tricepseeess
⚡️1 new online client slot available ⚡️ Going to get deep here so bare with me:
So been thinking about happiness 😄 Yeah a pretty normal thing, right? But! What is happiness?
I think happiness is different for every person, weather its you routine that keeps you in check for the day, or being spontaneous! Everyone is different but the key 🔑 thing is to find out what makes you happy. If it makes you happy do it, if it doesn't (brace yourself) don't do it! It's really that simple!
For me this makes me happy, working out, working hard and challenging myself. -

#happinessproject2017 #chestworkout #shoulders

Little bit of @sunsoul_drinks lemon and lime to brighten up the day 💪🏻 natural caffeine ⚡️lets go! Deliciously sweet, no sugar cravings and only 84 cals a can
#energy #sunsoul #naturalenergy

#wednesdaywisdom If you find they your getting cravings for certain foods but for what ever reason you can't have them try alternatives
Garlic bread - @thegymchef seasoning
Peanut butter- @bellplantation peanut powder
Chocolate - cocoa powder
Cheese - low fat 🧀 -
@twochicksproducts omelette topped with @thegymchef garlic seasoning and laughing cow light cheese
@quakeroatsuk mixed with cinnamon, PB2 and chocolate @myproteinuk flavourdrops
Cooked in @coconoil -
#breakfast #delicious

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