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Pull day exercise -
So you don't need to use both attachments but making it wider does make for a more unique feel.
Can you tell what I'm doing differently to isolate Lats and Rear delts?
@musclemonkey vest
@gymshark leggings -
PS I have more glute gains than you! -
#backworkout #pullworkout #lats

Back day AKA Pull day
📌Lat pull down
📌Pull ups 📌Triangle pull down
📌Rack pulls
#backworkout #pullworkout #back

Morning everyone happy hump day! -
@twochicksproducts egg whites 250
@quakeroatsuk oats
@bellplantation PB powder from @americandy_imports
Topped the eggs with franks red hot and @justshakeeu Italian 👌🏻
#breakfast #humpday #wednesday

Push day - I know the pose helps....like A LOT. But I feel my delts have come through this bulk 😊
Project Chest of Zeus is still in a go 💪🏻
Exercises that have helped my shoulder grow:
📌Military press - both heavy 4-6 reps and 8-12 📌Dumbbell Shoulder press
📌Dumbbell/Plate lateral raises
📌Cable lateral raises
📌Upright rows

I don't tend to work my front delts much as I feel when doing chest exercises I get enough front delt activation.
@gymheadzuk vest - code: 7030fit for 10% off
@gymshark joggers
#delts #shoulders #pushday

Monday Motivation -
I don't want to be in the situation when I always say "that is when I looked my best or that was my best condition". Instead I want to say "this is my best physique" always make progress! -
#mondaymotivation #motivation #monday

@fitjoynutrition chocolate peanut butter protein bar 👌🏻😋 thank you @musclepax highly rate this delicious bar 20g of protein 💪🏻
@musclepax referral code: 7030fit
#proteinbar #protein #fitjoy

Push workout - Only 2 clips 🎥 -
@gymshark gymwear
@proteinempire aminos - code: 7030fit for 15% off
#gymvideos #gymshark #delts

Delts, Chest & Triceps workout -
Wooops full @gymshark for the second day running 😅
First exercise was bench press which I did as elevation sets - So each set I increased the incline then after I got to 45degrees I went back down!
Try it out! -
#delts #shoulders #gymshark

Lean gains muscle shake 💪🏻
Weeeeeeee got:
25 g oats
250 ml of @twochicksproducts
10g Almond
Splash of @alpro almond milk
Frozen berries
1/2 a sachet of @sunchlorellauk
12g of @bellplantation from @americandy_imports -
#smoothie #leangains #tastesprertygood

Night capping @ollie_fitness style with the delicious @flapjackeduk PB mighty muffin! 😋 AMAZING! #mightymuffin #flapjacked #flapjackedmightymuffin

Leg day workout - today I went full @gymshark wear 😂 that new delivery feeling 😉
Starting to use narrow stance squats instead of wide to help add some more size to my legs fingers crossed 🤞🏻 it helps! -
#legday #gymshark #sweaty

Goooooood morning! 😎
@twochicksproducts egg whites
@sunchlorellauk vitamins
@alpro soya milk
@bellplantation from @americandy_imports -
#breakfast #routine #egg

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