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View from our balcony at Positano.... It's 400 steps down to the beach!!!!... Getting there will be ok... Coming back up will be a challenge

We've made it to Positano on the Amalfi Coast.... It's as pretty as the postcards, though it's a bloody treacherous drive.... Makes the great ocean road seem like a freeway

Hotel Marconi.... Our camp here in Sperlonga

Local Ricciola caught today. According to our man... He bought the whole fish out to show us prior to filleting and cooking, with potato and chicory....Primi.. (entree). was Anchovies & tomatoes with scetti and we washed them down with a local white...a Malvasia di Candia....All 3 were fantastic

We've left Rome, grabbed another hire car and are wandering down the West coast to the Amalfi coast.... Camping here for the night...Sperlonga....a gorgeous little seaside town.... Now that the Sun's set, we're off to a wee pesce restorante that a few locals have recommended

Frank is a no show this morning

St Peters Basilica is vast and amazing.... There is Marble everywhere and its amazing as well

More doors....100s of them everywhere

Roma.. .Trevi Fountain.... Serious fountain!!!.... Could use the Dennis Cometti line here.... "Draws a Crowd"

The Vittoriano, built in 1911 to celebrate 50th anniversary of the reunification of Italy....

Its Easy to be a bit Blase about all of the ruins in Roma and how they just pop up when you turn a corner, but they are so cool to see in the flesh.... Photos just don't do them justice

Not sure that there's words to describe the Colosseum...a tour of the underground with an archeologist was the best....so informative and fascinating..... How, when, who why it was built.... Ask me when we get home, but allocate several hours

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