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  @cortnyhate is my queen. Good stories from bad decisions. Machinist. Florida native. Detroit living. Beach bum. Loyal to my soil. 🌊⚡🌀

Got this massive fucking plate done today. Took ten hours. So awesome to make something out of raw steel. I love my trade. I love my job. #manualmachinist #hardworkpaysoffs #manshit

Manually drilled and tapped 4 of these 18 inch bolt hole circles. Did this on a 4' x 10' three thousand pound plate of steel. Just a little bit of trigonometry will get you this. Man as fuck. #manualmachinist #ilovemyjob #manshit

Don't need no special day to know how much I love this woman or tell anyone else I love her. My rock. My woman. My love. She keeps me grounded and sane. I love you @cortnyhate

New job, new shop, new machine. Vertical boring mill. #ilovemyjob #manualmachinist #manshit

New job, new machine. This is a Devlieg Spiramatic Jigmil. This thing is rad. #manualmachinist #ilovemyjob

Real fucking shit #whitecastle takes Valentine's Day reservations. They have waiters and roses and table cloths. Jesus fuck. God damn I love you, Detroit.

Asked my boss for a review and a raise. He pretty much laughed in my face. I said aight, fuckboi (in my head.) Went after work today looking for another machining job and immediately got hired on the spot for $4 more an hour than I make right now plus all the overtime I want. For doing a job that I love. Needless to say I'm putting in my two weeks tomorrow, after I celebrate tonight and show up late. Still had to block his name as not to disrespect his company or the chance he gave me. #hardworkpaysoffs

Such a gnar ring I got from @roadhouserings. #foreverwild #huglife This shit is guaranteed to up your internet biker style the minute you put it on.

Fire trucks in burnt down houses, clocks, shopping carts in trees, mannequin heads, and a whole lot of the word "you" spray painted everywhere. Detroit is crazy. @cortnyhate

Been a wild two years with this one. A lot of ups and downs and a lot of back and forths. A lot of miles traveled and a hell of a lot of good vacations. Here's to many more, my best friend and lover. Happy anniversary and happy new year. We finna get BUCK. @cortnyhate

Manually cut (without a dye) some more threads on a 5 foot shaft that's gets milled and slotted on one end, used for a gear to ride on. I love machining.