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Megan Long  Natural National Level NPC Bikini Competitor 💎AC Bikinis Athlete 💙 Team FitBody Fusion 🍽 Master Meal Prepper

How do you choose the right suit for the stage?
First, @angelcompetitionbikinis still has inventory for their 2018 ready-made suit sale! Follow the link in my bio to see what’s left!
♥️Still forever obsessed with this Angel Pro Gradient suit. Red on blondes👌🏼
💡BUT I recommend taking advantage of this sale to get a back-up suit. Stage lighting makes ALL the difference, and the USAs stage in Vegas had a very RED light with a red background. Anyone in red, purple, pink, etc. disappeared. @bikinifitashlee made the smart decision and switched to green and looked incredible😍
Had I brought a back-up suit, I would have chosen blue or green for that particular stage. Because lighting makes SUCH a difference, I highly recommend having two suits if possible - one in a warm tone and one in a cool tone and make a game day decision!

Non-glamorous side of competing:
🔹You have to shave your entire body so the tan will stick (including peach fuzz). Once when Kevin wasn’t available, I drove to my parents to have my mom shave my back.🙃
🔹You pee through a funnel made out of a foam cup with the bottom punched out to preserve the tan.
🔹You can’t use deodorant for DAYS leading up to a competition so you won’t turn green. And shower with a baking soda scrub.😩
🔹The metal connectors of the suit top combined with sweating under hot stage lights literally rub my skin raw.
🔹Some people spray their bodies with Pam backstage as a glaze. (These people are jerks because it makes the entire floor one big oil slick for our clear stripper heels.)
😂 What am I forgetting, ladies?? I know there are more...

2018’s #Top9.
Six are from different years🙄
Y’all. Cmon.👿😂

During my first consult call with @jamidebernard last December she confirmed that I needed to build muscle “everywhere”. The main critique from judges had been to build my upper body to look more “balanced”.
⏩🗓Fast-forward one year later.
I’ve got a comfortable/normal layer of body fat to lose to really show the progress I’ve made, but I couldn’t be happier with this shape. I’m finally going to bring rounded shoulders and more pronounced “X” shape.
There’s no shortcut, y’all. Just consistency and t i m e. Finding ways to stay motivated as the months crawl by. And maybe some of Jami’s shoulder days that make me nauseous 😂
I’m still nowhere near what I’d consider to be my “goal” but that’s the fun part of bodybuilding - the finish line keeps moving farther and farther away as goals change 🤗
Oh, and I have my shows planned for 2019.😬 Any guesses? Will I see/get to meet any of you???

How was your holiday?

I hope you were able to spend time with loved ones. If that wasn’t an option, big hug from me and know you have an entire family here for you on the interwebs 💕

I hope you didn’t stress about calories, but ate mindfully. If you went overboard, I hope you smiled at the epic meal you enjoyed with abandon!😆

I hope you still stuck to your fitness commitments you made to yourself - not to burn off any calories or undo your eating and drinking, but to feel good and be healthy!
If not, I hope you enjoyed the rest and extra recovery time. Your body thanks you.

See how there are two sides to every scenario? Please don’t beat yourself up over how this weekend went🙏🏼
Smile, shake your head at yourself, laugh, and wake up to a new Monday tomorrow.☀️

Like father like daughter 🤗

I’d love to know how many times “you need a bullseye to win” actually works.🙄 I did get two in a row though!🎯

Axe throwing is a blast. My shoulders are sure feeling those two hours today though😂

Starting in 6 hours!
Here’s what you need to know:
💎20% off @angelcompetitionbikinis site-wide. EVERYTHING.
💎Freebies with every purchase (including stage jewelry, gym bag, and more)
💎Scratch cards to win A FREE SUIT😱
💎You can order now and wait until FEBRUARY to give them your final glute measurement (because lezbehonest none of us are the size we’ll be on stage at Thanksgiving)
💎They offer payment plans

Still here, just quiet 💕
Working 💼
Eating 🥪

Who’s ready for @angelcompetitionbikinis ONLY SALE of the year?!? Who’s getting a new suit for next year??🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

How do you recover?

I thought I was covering my bases with stretching, yoga, rest days, and an occasional epsom salt bath.

But I’ve been lifting weights seriously for 5-6 years now (😩), and had never gone to a professional for body work. My husband got me a series of massages for my birthday, and I went with deep tissue.

My masseuse also worked out of a chiropractic office, so her “deep tissue” was ROUGH. More like ART. I had to breathe through a lot of it, or just talk to take my mind off the pain😂 6+ years of knots and scar tissue she now has to break up.

BUT OMG what a difference just one session made! Muscles are fuller, posing is MUCH easier.
I thought muscles were supposed to feel “hard” to the touch...nope, they were just full of fascia/scar tissue. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Just because the end goal is a “pageant” doesn’t mean bodybuilders aren’t athletes! We need to recover like athletes, too.🖤

I’m almost too gay to function, but it’s only okay when @stephanieanneferry says it.
(Check her latest post😉 Great minds, ily🧡🖤)

Happy Halloween!! 🎃

I woke up feeling like garbage on Sunday. Took a large shot of @firecider_, and decided to clean the entire house to “feel better”.🤦🏼‍♀️ I find it SO hard to REST when I’m sick.

Today was day 2, woke up a little worse, but after a lot of sleep, sinus rinses, and apple cider vinegar, I’m finally on the mend🙏🏼

Anyway, here’s a picture of me from 2 years and 20lbs ago😂

💡Pro tip: ALWAYS wear spandex shorts under a short skirt. Maybe not skin-colored ones though🤦🏼‍♀️🤣

👻🎃Throwing it back to dressing up as a pinup girl the first Halloween Kevin and I were dating.

Also before I realized comfort > cute on Halloween.

I’ll post a few more favs this week🤗 Who else loves dressing up for Halloween?!?

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