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6 Ducks 5 Geese  Kid that shoots with a gun and a sony

Last Sunday, I learned a valuable lesson that unfortunately took this amazing dogs life. We dropped two geese on the ice of the Platte River, but they both made it to the water. Buzz (the dog) came out into the ice, saw the goose, and took off. He made it to the goose but the current swept him against an ice shelf. He struggled and fought for a good 10 minutes until the current swept him under the ice entirely. He was still holding onto the goose when he went under. This was a sight I will never forget. I have learned that no goose or anything is worth the life of a best friend, and that the river is to be respected. We are lucky however that it was not a person as several of us were on the ice not knowing the dangers of the ice on the river, and although it may look completely safe for a light 135 pound boy to walk on, it could have easily broken without warning at any second. Buzz will be missed but I hope this lesson may save lives in the future.

1 more week of duck then it’s only geese. Good news is that it usually gets pretty western on geese from now til February

Got a little upgrade from the iPhone, should be able to do a bit more now #sony


1 for 3 ain't all that bad

Might have cracked grandads gun in the process (gun cases fault) but I got two succulent drakes out of today

Probably wasn't the most qualified to teach a bunch of kids how to breast out a duck, but I got er done

No birds, but we got a spicy sunrise #diverge6

We were about to get skunked and were starting to pick up, I unloaded my gun and looked down the sights to make sure my fiber optic was inline, and I see a cupped pintail lined up in my sights. I tell the guys, the bird makes one more swing, throw a shell in the gun, and boom.

6 man limits ain't bad for opening day #diverge6

When you get a little too excited and wring it's neck too hard. #diverge6

Chillin with the homies

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