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Santa waz her 🤣 #rewatchteam #vertigo #gaw

What do you think about my newest nato strap? #ReWatchTeam #gaw #vertigo #forzaitalia

#Repost @rewatchteam (@get_repost)
Ho! Ho! Ho! Santa Claus is handing out a new watch! ⌚🎅🏼 As promised, giveaway time is here (again 😏) with @ReWatchTeam! Powered by the cool @vertigowatches from Italy! This is how you join:
1. Follow @vertigowatches !
2. Repost this image, at least in your story feed and mention @rewatchteam and @vertigowatches !
3. Join our TWO themes!
4. Win as many points as possible! 😎
5. The one who has the most points, will win the watch! .
Wait a minute! “Two themes”? Yeah!
For the very first time in history we are running 2 themes at once during 1 week! To win, you should join both themes, because we will pick the 8 best entries from each theme and award points to them. 8 bests of Theme 1 will recieve points and 8 from Theme 2 as well, separately. At the end we will summarize the points and the one who got the most points, will win the cool Vertigo Pilot One Chronograph with ceramic bezel!

And Finally the themes!
Theme 1! 👉 | Forza Italia | 👉 Anything that relates to Italy! .
Theme 2! 👉 | Santa Claus | 👉 Anything that can be connected to Santa! . .
So take shots, including a watch and share! Everything counts! . .
Use #ReWatchTeam as always 👉 and 👉 please mention The THEME TITLE in the text you add to your post. 🙏 And it would be nice if you followed the members: 😊
@watch_illuminator . 
@watchistanbulgram . 
@reacher293 . 
@danielpgoro . 
@watchesnlifestyle . 
@timetogo1978 . 
@samuelobet . 
@regina.osm . 
@t__i__n__o . 
@daniels_watches . 
@warrbear . 
@watcharmy .
@zero_six_pl .
@retekg .

Good luck! Have fun! Be officially Awesome! We will choose and announce the winner on Sunday! You can enter your shots until Saturday 12:00 a.m. GMT (CET-1) time.

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