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Park Yoochun 박유천  Sharing Park Yoochun to all Chunsas out there. ^^ I love Yoochun. I support JYJ.

Yoochun with Go Soo. Love his beautiful smile ❤

[TRANS] 170316 CJES Entertainment's official statement about Yoochun being cleared of all the charges against him

The Seoul Central Prosecutors' Office has cleared Park Yoochun of charges last 2017.3.13 on all the four cases related to the four rape cases filed against him.

In particular, there are no grounds for the second case that was sent by the Gangnam police station for the (prosecutor's) opinion about prostitution. On the other hand, the second complainant was charged with false accusation on the same day at the Seoul Central District Court. On the first case where (they) were charged with attempted extortion etc., the Seoul Central District Court sentenced the three defendants last 2017.01.17 to 2 years imprisonment etc. for attempted extortion and false accusation. For the the third and fourth cases, the whereabouts of the complainants were unknown so the investigation for the false accusation didn't proceed.

With this, all the cases related to Park Yoochun starting from June last year were all finalized with him being cleared of those charges.

Regardless of the reason, Park Yoochun became socially controversial with this issue and as a person who receives a huge amount of love, while bowing his head sincerely, he expresses his deep apologies for not having moral responsibility.

Also, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to the local and international fans who supported him until the end while watching the investigation's result. Park Yoochun will take this case as an opportunity to look back, reflect, and think of his life as a public figure.

Source: http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=015&aid=0003741791
Trans: paulisteu

[Update] Ms. Song (Yoochun's 2nd accuser) was brought to trial due to false accusation of sexual assault and defamation by giving a false interview. She was indicted as well. Woohoo!!!! 🎉

Good morning Sweetie! ♥️😍😘☀️ [D-171]

Good morning Sweetie! ♥️😍😘☀️ [D-179]

Lucid Dream's "This Man" ❤

NEWS] 170216 Park Yuchun, two distinct faces as ‘Lucid Dream’ This Man

Movie ‘Lucid Dream’ will be released. The part people are interested in as much as the fresh material on lucid dreaming is actor Park Yuchun’s performance.

Park Yuchun will be appearing as This Man in movie ‘Lucid Dream’. He turns up in the dreams of Dae-ho(Go Soo) –who tries lucid dreams to look for clues about the criminal who kidnapped his son–. But as a mysterious man who appears in Dae-ho’s dreams, he takes off in a hurry and causes Dae-ho to be more confused. Afterwards he comes to face-to-face with Dae-ho in the real world, and as the person who divulges about shared-dreaming, he is the hidden character in the movie.

At Park Yuchun’s return to the big screen, interests in it were gathered since last year. Although Park Yuchun, who is in the middle of serving his military service currently, could not be in attendance at the movie’s official promotions, the interests in his ability and acting have been amassing.

According to Director Kim Joon-sung, there wasn’t additional editing in respect to Park Yuchun. Director Kim said, “This Man is an interesting character who drifts between the dreams of people who are well-informed about lucid dreaming,” and, “Park Yuchun immersed himself well into the role of This Man. I am grateful to him. I didn’t attempt to make additional edits”. In the movie Park Yuchun demonstrated 100% of his ability as an actor he’s proven up to date. From different visuals in reality and dreams to his acting tone[/style], he completely immersed him in different characters. He expressed a unique character who is close to an eccentric person and doesn’t stand out; and moving freely as he pleases among dreams, he subjectively creates the mysterious character This Man.

Although there is a small amount of him compared to Go Soo, Sol Kyung-gu, and Kang Hye-jung in ‘Lucid Dream’, Park Yuchun unquestionably demonstrated his imperative presence. He will unfold acting worthy of the title of an actor who is paid attention to by Chungmuro.

Shared by: JYJ3

BTS photo of Yoochun in Lucid Dream

Yoochun in Lucid Dream 😍

Credit to: Pkpkycyc

Good morning Sweetie! ♥️😍😘☀️ [D-188]

Good morning Sweetie! ♥️😍😘☀️ [D-192]

Happy Valentine's Day Sweetie! Happy Valentine's Day Chunsas! ♥️

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