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On Feb.9'th-2017 I drove to meet someone in a parking lot through the Letgo platform to sell a watch. Standing at the back end of my truck I did not expect 7 men to set up a robbery. There was only one shooter that had emptied his revolver at me;after the first slug fired, I believed I had apprehended him; since I threw him at a brick wall and watched his head smash off the stone.I was wrong. I could have just jumped in the truck and escaped. Unfortunately by chance Ive been involved from incidents like this occurrence in my past. I felt I had to take action against these thugs, I alone apprehended all of them, and totalled their car. These murderer's would still be killing in the streets without my actions, the LAPD have left me moreso victimized just like Letgo, Progressive, and Ford Motor Company. I was even told I was going to receive an award from Mayor Garrcetti of Los Angeles from a Detective. My truck cannot start from shrapnel hitting the engine, it is sitting in a spot where I walk by every other day to check on it at a Ford dealership, Transport has been time consuming and financially has taken a toll, A specific CX conversation I have recorded timed and dated from a supervisor telling me he was covering my rental while the truck will be fixed- that supervisor had ignored me right after the conversation because it never happened, I am very disappointed, all I will be asking for is my Truck fixed and Watch safely returned, If my request as a human being is so difficult, under God and other human beings to witness this I will be sending out letters with explicit details of how I was treated not even as a customer but as a victim and human being that should obviously be dead. Truly I am sad to know so many people have no righteousness in their hearts. Makes me think about who they bad guys really are. Any support from you all would be pretty 😎.. Thanks. $teveboyd

Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends, fads, and popular opinion. -Jack Kerouac

Man those flashes are bright..

I always wanted to be like Marty McFly, he ultimately could be anywhere at anytime. My mission is to bring myself and the world's greatest coaches to your very own home in real time at any time. The quest to Mentor the greatest capabilities within your true self, dorment within your heart, we will not fail.

Has anyone ever heard of the super soldier program? Lol

Time for transcendence

Good morning fellow Americans, it's Friday now, the harder you work, the harder you party...statistics.

Hey it's Monday let's have a drink..

Calibre.. great selection if you like rockin suits.

Stay tuned for my channel on YouTube to reveal the truth and secrets of staying strong and healthy.. it's not what you would expect from a normal workout guru 😎

On the edge

Born with a bow.

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