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Stay tuned for my channel on YouTube to reveal the truth and secrets of staying strong and healthy.. it's not what you would expect from a normal workout guru 😎

On the edge

Born with a bow.

It's springtime, use your pools if you have one.. I don't, so I have to sneak into those who do 😎

To be continued..

What is your interpretation of "POWER"?

The threads you wear can be deceiving to your true character. Happy Sunday!

I was cleaning garbage off the beach and had a cig in my mouth.. an older lady goes out of her way to harass me about smoking lol, I just smiled due to the irony.

Yesterday was the first day in a long time the sun was feeling good again here in Cali.

Ten years from now.. it will be a very different world..

I remember telling my family I was going to be on a magazine cover, they laughed and said but why? I explained how I needed leverage to help everything and everyone. My family called it a "pipe dream"- a term that I still can't comprehend... One month later I sent home my first cover.

Can't help but feel impressionable, when rockin a bow tie, until you want to do something crazy..then you feel like an action hero..

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