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Finished my Delta Kai, definitely my favorite HG I’ve built so far. Only minor detail painting. And I finally got my Ōkami print up in my room #builderssupportbuilders #okami #deltakaigundam

The God of Death has arrived!! Finally done with my Deathscythe Hell EW, now i have MGs of all 3 of my favorite mobile suits. Now i fan start on the kit I’ve had in my backlog the longest, the tasty Delta Kai with minor customization, given the Vfin broke while removing from the runners #builderssupportbuilders #deathscythehell #deathscythehellcustom #deltakai

Finally got to my gunpla while I’m packing, and it made me realize how into this hobby I’ve gotten since my sister got me my first kit, and Amazing Strike Freedom from Japan. 21 kits in, and many more to come. Hopefully i can get more into the building community and get some more custom practice in the coming future. #builderssupportbuilders

Couple of great finds at hobbytown today, really been searching for that Akatsuki and happened upon this goose too. Into the backlog they go #builderssupportbuilders #akatsukigundam #tallgeeseEW

Finished up my B2 Assault Buster, I’m liking it a lot. Super back heavy, but that’s to be expected with such an awesome backpack. Definitely my favorite MS from Victory. Kill em all Tomino to the end. Thinking i might do my MG Deathscythe Hell or Strike Noir next #builderssupportbuilders #v2gundam

First week of work down, Liking it so far. Finance ain’t so bad. And i just finished up my susanoo, now onto the rest of my backlog

First day at the new job down #firstdayofwork

Strike Rouge ready for take-off. Definitely loving these Seed MG kits. #gunpla #builderssupportbuilders

HG Calamity, not bad for an older kit. The articulation is meh, but overall solid. Definitely in my top 5 MS designs from seed/destiny #builderssupportbuilders #gunpla #gundamseed

Gundam Harute, definitely my favorite Gundam from the 00 movie, after Quan[t] Full Saber #harute #builderssupportbuilders

The weather needs to get itself together

Finished up the ol Abyss Gundam. It’s an old kit, but still one of my favorite MS’s from seed/destiny #builderssupportbuilders #abyssgundam

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