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Shwan  A void to remember.

Humans most often forget the unchanging truth about themselves: they forget that their leap visit to this life is temporal. They forget to stay awake to witness the scenery of existence. The sleep of forgetfulness takes them and they forget that they are primary and all else is secondary; that life with all its possessions is a means, and humans are the end. Such forgetfulness turns the material into an end and humans into the means to its accumulation - alas, humans wouldn’t take anything when their time is due. They leave behind, the question is what they leave behind - was it worth living for. Humans are placed in universes, in this world, to witness, and not to claim ownership over it. - The Ph(otographer)ilosopher

Memento mori.

Man is always separated from what he is by all the breadth of the being which he is not. He makes himself known to himself from the other side of the world and he looks from the horizon toward himself to recover his inner being.

At times take the time to take yourself for a walk, into the wild, to the mountains, to the wood, far away from the distractions of man made life... and think, or contemplate about great tasks, embrace existence and become its visual point, through which the universe observes itself!
These are words per-se, words could be deeds of the tongue, and these are deeds of the heart; consciousness making itself manifest in writing format. When words are deeds of the tongue they could be subject to falsification but when they are deeds of the heart they can't be falsified, they could be truths as such, either good or bad. — The ph(ilosopher)otographer

Kafka on the shore. 2/2

Kafka on the terrace. 1/2

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