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Philippa Stanton  Tea and sitting... with Synaesthesia www.5ftinf.com ‘Conscious Creativity’ comes out Nov 2018 Pre order link below ⬇️

✨📽🎵...this is the wonderful film @xantheb made for my new book #ConsciousCreativity . We had such a fun time filming it in London and Brighton over the Summer and I just love how she’s made it so thoughtful, relevant and responsive to the chapters in the book... if you want to order the book itself there is a direct link in my profile...massive thank you @xantheb ✨🌿

.💦..I love the rain and how it gently distorts and enhances my perception of the everyday. It adds an extra beautiful layer to my visual landscape and is always a constant inspiration... #whplayers
#consciouscreativity #texturelovers #movingtexture #rainlover

‘Trio’///...3 photos from today and yesterday which just needed to be together ✨💦🥀
( swipe across to see them all )

...a Winter Saturday here for me and The Cheeks...Hope you all have a cozy December weekend ♥️❄️🔥

✨👃🏼🍸...over the Summer I worked on a collection of paintings for the launch of some new gins by @boutiqueygin . The gins came about through their collaboration with fragrance expert @odettetoilette and they are all beautifully scented with very original stories behind them. Using my #synaesthesia I painted the smells of their 4 new #olfactorygins and my painting of the scent of their ‘Big Dipper’ gin was made into this gorgeous gift box especially for the launch.
You can see all my painting process in my Stories today as well as in a piece on my blog! 💞 ( Direct link in my profile )
#olfactorygin #boutiqueygin #sniffmygin #synesthesia #synesthesiaart #synesthete

✨🌿💜... I’ve been completely overwhelmed by some of the amazing images you’re creating from being inspired by my book!! @caroline_south has made some absolutely brilliant yellow compositions which I’ll share in my Stories and you can also see how I put this #5ftinfcolourcombos arrangement together in my Live story today...
#consciouscreativity #5ftinftable

📽...I was inspired to make this stop frame film today by @xantheb who made an absolutely amazing one on Friday ( you can see it on her feed ). Xanthe has also made some brilliant little films to bring my book to life and I’ve posted her first compilation one in my Stories today 🧡✨
#consciouscreativity @quartocreates #5ftinftable

...Monday with a cup of coffee and working out what goes on the big old beginning of the week ‘to do’ list! ☕️🌿📝

🌿✨...today is the day my new book #consciouscreativity is released! I feel genuinely amazed that sitting at my table and connecting to the world through @instagram has led to this moment. I’m truly thankful for all your support over the years and can’t quite believe how the #5ftinftable has become such a massive part of both my identity and creativity ( swipe across to see a very early table from 2012! ) I’m going to do a quick Live story in about 5 mins so if you fancy a chat, pop in! 🍂
...and there’s a link in my profile if you wantEd to order the book 😉🙏
Amendment! The second photo hasn’t posted properly for some reason and I can’t edit it now, so there’s a ‘real’ bit of creative mess up for you! 😆

📚The time is getting ever closer as my new book #consciouscreativity is released tomorrow!!! I can’t believe how quickly it’s all come around! I’ll obviously be going on about it even more tomorrow but for now you can probably sneak in a quick pre order ( if you haven’t already ) to get it delivered for tomorrow! There’s a link to order it in my profile and also a direct Swipe Up in my Stories. Thank you all for being such a massively supportive force in this journey!! * * *
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...I started today with a confidence that I was going to cross off everything on my ‘to do’ list 😄...it was a nice feeling but it wasn’t a very accurate assumption! Cheeks just sat in the sun and watched me ✨🐈

I spent a wonderful day yesterday with such a fantastic group of women...I was giving my first #ConsciousCreativity workshop which focuses on the senses as a route to our instinctive creativity; something I’m passionate about and which I write about in my new book. I’ve posted a carousel of pics here from our day, but also a ton in my Stories too, but it’s also worth checking out the beautiful images some of the lovely attendees took ( I’ve tagged them all on the first image ). I also want to thank @fortnums @wyldwoodcider @oldtreebrewery and @storeforthemind for their very generous support with the gifts and refreshments, @katelangdaleflorist for her amazing floral installations and @theregencytownhouse for the inspiring venue! 🌿

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