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I love how Liam and Harry are the only ones not looking up.. and to me Harry looks just a tad stoned.. -S

Niall and Liam today.. wait a minute!! Liam looks like someone... he looks like some Canadian boy that Niall has a major guy crush on.. if you still dont know who let me clarify: Liam Payne looks like fieakin JB baby!!!! -S

One word: SHMEXAY!! Haha :D Im not a huge Yankees fan but ill cheer for them if they're playing.. Im a Pirates fan and I regret nothing Broski!! -S

Isnt She Lovely is playing!!! I started to fangirl a bit when it started playing and my parents told me to stop because they dont want to get kicked out. First off its freakin Burger King with all the freaks that work there im probably the most sane and thats sad!! 2nd off SCREW MANAGEMENT THIS IS HARRY FREAKIN STYLES SONG AND I WILL FANGIRL TO IT IF I FEEL LIKE IT!! Good grief.. My mom has no right to tell me to stop because I was with her when she drove around for 3 HOURS looking fir NKOTBSB.. Alls I have to say is I have a right to fangirl ans I will use that right daily and gladly!! That is all.. Class dismissed -S

True dat!! Funny story of the day: im standing in Burger King waiting to order and this kid in front of me (hes like 17 but whatever) he orders 5, yes I said FIVE double cheeseburgers. And yes they are ALL for him. #crazypeople #Americans #USA -S

Aint even mad bro!! Ok so WMYB just came on the radio and my sang it every word of it.. I made him stop on Harrys part though cuz, well, duh!! Its Harrys solo!! So basically yeah my bro is soo a directioner ;) #onedirection #directioners

Ahaa hi its @harrysirishprincess

I dont know about yall but I really want to go golfing... ive never seen golf clothes look this sexy before.. i like it :D -S

This is probably fake but... HOLY CRAP LIAM ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!?! I swear one day i will have like a heart attack and the cause will be One Directions sexiness!! If i survive One Direction will owe me... BIG TIME!! -S

Harrys new tattoo!! It says "i cant change".. im not big on tattoos but i like his, what about yall?? -S

Hazza today!! :) -S

All I have to say is.. IM AMERICAN!! ;) -S

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