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Cocktails. Travel. Food.  Globetrotting American living the cocktail lifestyle in France. Follow along for a peek at my life in Paris & foodie travel adventures 🍸 🇫🇷 🍷 🧀 🌎 🍽 🇺🇸

Last night’s wine club was one of the best! 🍷 It was a Chardonnay free-for-all. Normally we are very specific about what region we are pulling from. For this one, the only rule was that it was a Chardonnay. Chardonnay is such a varied expression, depending on the region and the climate and the production method.
So we had a great time blind tasting seven of them. I brought a surprise addition of a @chateaustemichelle bottle 🇺🇸(The rest were basically French because it’s not always so easy to find a large choice of non-French wines here, but I found this particular bottle at @lepetitballon) and I also pickpicked it as of my favorites, which really surprised me given it was up against some nice French Chardonnays… 🇫🇷 Must be my youth calling back to me from those days of watching concerts 🎶 at the winery! 😀

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I hopped on board the @ovieilleskanailles péniche last night for a @groupepearl event to showcase this events space. Cute spot with two floors. They work with @dadstreetfood for catering but you can also privatize with your own caterers and bar staff (which is handy - not all event spaces do that) More images in stories. Thanks @perfectlyparisgail for bringing me along to the party - and @chezlouloufrance too! #paris #peniche #partytime #privateparties #paristips #onthewater #ontheriver #boatparty #pariscocktails #streetfood

As an expat you can feel a lot of different emotions about your adopted home. But one thing I feel for sure about this big, breathing, beautiful, busy city is that it has a determined resilience. (Also thoughts out to the fireman who was seriously injured fighting the blaze.) 😢

Today & Tomorrow Only: There is a @papakimfood ramen pop up at Encore 🍜 It’s a bouillabaisse inspired seafood version. 🐠 Being used to pork, this was a pleasant change from the usual. The noodles were a great texture, the sauce was tasty and the egg was divine. 🥚 I coulda used a bowl of it that was twice the size! 😀 And as a bonus I had it in the good company of @cliof 💕 #rameninparis #parispopup #paris09 #noodles #bouillabaisse #ladieslunch #nouilles #copines #slurp

Pleasure to have Chateau Ferrasse and Chateau Tour Grand Mayne in the house giving us a private tasting of their wines. This appellation does an annual tasting in private homes with two wine makers bringing their wines and talking about them. They bring all the glassware etc. It’s free! Keep an eye on them to do it next year! #achacunsoncastillon

After a rousing game of citywide @clued_upp murder mystery with @annanewsomeparis, @lisawhiteparis, @marettehubbert, and @nicola.flanagan.7 , @tibodevil and I stopped in a touristy little cafe for some lunch. #paris #cafe #lunch #mylifeinparis #clubsandwich #parisjetaime #lifeinparis #frenchstyle #parisigers

I love the old school glamour of Parisian Montparnasse cafes from the twenties. 🇫🇷 Between La Rotonde, the Dome, la Coupole and Select (the four biggies from back in the day) each one has their personal “raison d’être.” Here at La Rotonde is a good place to come for the nicely priced Champagne of the month and afternoon snacks. 🥂 Or for a hot coffee or cuppa tea on winter days or rainy nights. ☔️ Yesterday, it was the starting point for some belated birthday celebrations for @chezlouloufrance with help from @nicola.flanagan.7 🎂 (But I’ll also be writing something up soon about how to make the most off each of these fabulous French institutions! Stay tuned! 🍷 🍽 ☕️ #paris #cafe #roaring20s #oldschool #champagne #ladieslunch #paris14 #daydrinking #vintageglamour

I just can’t get enough of the #cocktailsxcheese with @chezlouloufrance. This taste test was figuring out the match for a #gintonic Not only did we find a match for the cocktail but I also tried some new cheeses to me! Our G&T of choice was a @fevertreemixers and @citadellegin

Lovely apéro hour with @parispaysanne last night. Mixed up some martinis with @hermitgin which I’m digging at the moment🍸👍🏻😻

It’s just impossible to resist! 😁

A little #vinchaud to warm up for the night.

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