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Patrick Payne  I'm on a journey from middle class to the top 1%. Read my story here:


Tag someone who could benefit from hearing this! Even the greats get kicked in the teeth sometimes. They just don't let it stop them! #50to1

The Oracle of Omaha knows what he's talking about! You'll get nowhere in business or in life without your reputation. Protect it the way you would any other investment! #50to1

So... what's your excuse? #50to1

Double tap if you're going to step outside your comfort zone today! #courage #50to1

Love this one! Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better! ...and then stop wishing and go make it happen. #50to1

Want to know how I went from making $60k in 2015 to making double that in 2016? Check out the blog! Link in the bio. #50to1

How much time do you spend working on sharpening the most powerful tool you have - your mind? #creativity #50to1

Drop those who drag you down. It's not personal, it's imperative to your success. #50to1

Everything comes at a cost. What are you willing to pay for success? #50to1

Double tap if you agree! Winners don't throw themselves pity parties! #50to1

Simple but true. #neverstophustling

Don't practice during game time! Make sure your axe is sharp when it comes time to bring down that big opportunity. #50to1

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