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  Lifestyle page celebrating women 5⃣0⃣ βž• ✨Fashion, Fitness, Food and Fun. Founder of: #50plusandfabulous and #50plusandfab

Happy#InternationalWomensDay-β£οΈπŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ‘ πŸŽˆ
One #woman can make a difference, but #50plusandfabulous of us together can rock the world!
#wearred #nationalwomensday #daywithoutawoman β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬
Photo credit to: @sylvadoll @stylecrone @style1963 @dobbletee @fabuliciously_fun_life @joy_of_life_after_50 @bonneaucaprece @midlifestyletips @sophisticatedbox @mrs_maya_plays @artfulcitystyle @journeyofastylist @dianagabrielnyc

It's live! --#Today marks Day 1 of #TheFierce50!
To learn more about this incredible campaign, for starters, check out the #50plusandfabulous @squarepearls which will lead you to links revealing the 49 other participating bloggers,--Each paired with another fellow blogger to introduce. β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬
Continue to follow the hashtags and links to read their #fabulous stories. Then be inspired to live your best life for the next #HalfACentury!

When you are #50plusandfabulous, every week is #fashionweek!
Photo credit to: @journeyofastylist (cover) @dianagabrielnyc @motorcitymystic @hauteflashion @brendakinsel @thestylishwoman @helengreenwell @pepavallejos @mispapelicos @carmen_gimeno @mrs_maya_plays @juliahvalois @fine.whatev @onefashionatatime @shesheshow @sylvadoll @duchessslay @style1963 @styleatacertainage @stylecrone @sin60style @funkingafter50 @shoptakara

#WomenCrushWednesday- 5️⃣0οΈβƒ£βž•IS FABULOUS πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΏβ–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬
#Today we want to send a shout out to -#50fiercewomen bloggers, all over the #ageof50, who are part of #thefierce50 campaign. It launches this Sunday, February 19th, which is the 50th day of the year! β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬ At #50plusandfabulous we were one of the first to celebrate and recognize all that being in our 50's has to offer.So it goes without saying that we are excited to support this #fabulous initiative! So mark your calendars now!l

Best #PicOfTheDay goes out to the #50plusandfabulous friends @fabuliciously_fun_life for their rendition of #TheMikado 🎢🎢 "...four little maids from school are we..."
😘😘😘😘Thanks for making our day!

#ThirstyThursday - Let’s toast to the Season!🍸
β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬ #HappyDecember #50plusandfabulous! It’s the last month of the year, a #NewMonth, and the β€œmost wonderful time of the year!β€πŸŽ
β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬ We must apologize for being on hiatus way too long! But we didn’t want to wait until the new year to rematerialize. β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬ Now that we are back, we plan to make the most of the year we have left. So let’s #celebrate all that this #Holidayseason has to offer in terms of Festiveness, Food, Fashion, Fun and Fitness and of course #Fabulousness!

Are you with us? β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬ Photo credit to the #50plusandfab @hautegreyfox - Happy Birthday Beautiful! πŸŽ‰πŸΎπŸŽ‚πŸŽˆ

When #ThrowbackThursdsay and #TrendyThurday collide
Who said you shouldn't repeat a fashion? At #50plusandfabulous, we've seen it all at least once!
Like maxi dresses, wedge heels, clogs, bell-bottoms, palazzo pants, faded and distressed jeans,
and gladiator sandals, this is one #FashionTrend we just couldn't help resivisitig one more time!
Besides the fact that #chokers can conceal crepey or loose skin, or hide unattractive neck roles and lines, they are an on-point #accessory and a perfect way to add a little nostalgia to our wardrobe while still #LookingHip and #fashionable at the same time!
We spotted these Trendy #throwbacks on the necks of: @mary_rec @carmen_gimeno @chicover50 @fashionshouldbefun @michellerosborough @ddallas2013 and @sylvadoll(cover)

It’s the end of August, which means the unofficial end of summer, but here is a health & beauty tip we’ve been dying to share with you all summer long! Have you ever tried Rose Hip oil? If not, now is the time to try it especially if you you have spent too much fun in the sun. The UV rays of the sun damages skin and can cause photo aging. The results of the face vary from spots to wrinkles and discoloration. The combination of properties in rose hip oil somehow seems to combat the damage. β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬
For facial skin care, #RoseHipOil offers several benefits when applied externally, due to its primary constituents: essential fatty acids, #vitaminE, #vitaminC and #Bcarotene, a form of #vitaminA. While it is not considered an essential oil, the anti-aging benefits from using rose hip oil on your #50plusandfabulous face is due to the antioxidants and the oil’s ability to penetrate into deeper layers of skin, thereby improving the skin’s moisture levels which #ReducesWrinklesand fine lines. Because the oil is deeply #moisturizing it also aids in #RemovingRedness and irritation. These properties also make rose hip oil a possible treatment for facial rosacea.
You can pick a bottle up from your nutrition of health store for $10 or less. We have even spotted bottles in TXMaxx and Marshalls. Use is for one month and let us know how your skin responds! We promise it’s a game changer.

Throwback Thursday - πŸ“ž
Spotted this #relic in a federal building the other day. Didn't know they still existed! Looks like that
$ 0.25 call will now cost you $0.50.

We guess #payphones want to be #50plusandfabulous too!

#WorkoutWednesday -πŸ’ͺ🏼
Nothing beats a #FitBody and definitely nothing is more sexy than a #toned back. Even if you don't want to look like a bodybuilder, having a #TonedBack can improve our #50plusandfabulous posture, build #strength, and eliminate #back pain.
Often when we're exercising, we don't give our backs much attention. So if you haven't already, consider adding some back exercises to your workout routine.A few reps of your favorite exercises at least 3 times a day will yield big benefits. πŸ“·β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬πŸ“·
Photo credits to @diana.slot our #wcw.

#MondaysMuse- #Today's #Muses @shawsie reminds us that"Your vibe attacks your tribe." β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬β–¬
So remember #50plusansfabulous, when you find people who not only tolerate your quirks, but celebrate them with cries of "me too", cherish them- that's you're tribe!

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