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50 Cent  @lecheminduroi

😆”oh shit”the b!tch hit me wit a fucking car😡get the strap. #lecheminduroi

Bike life what!!!🤨oh shit 😡get the strap #lecheminduroi

Oh I’m on it today, what you doing 50? WORKING. #lecheminduroi 🍾🥂😡get the sack💰

🤨that’s right @adrienbroner if I️ ain’t wit you, he against you. fuck em all😡get the strap #power #theoath #lecheminduroi

AB got me hype right now, this gonna be a good fight this weekend.😡get the strap #power #theoath #lecheminduroi

😆they ran Down on that ass at the mall.😡get the strap. #power

This shit takes focus right here, oh 😡get the strap. #power

😳now this is some white boy shit right here. Try this shit in New York, and it’s Man down because they gonna 😡get the strap. #power

😆fat boy caught him with the no look punch, but fuck all that😡get the strap.#lecheminduroi

You know lm gonna come correct (Le Chemin du Roi) nothing but the best. #power #theoath #BMF

🤨don’t say shit, man damn just 😡get the strap.#lecheminduroi

This is me today fuck it, I’m back in the gym tomorrow. Lol #power

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