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50 Cent 


Dope boy in a drought, a nigga go a different route. #50Centralbet

How long could you love something that don't love you back? When your kid would rather be around your enemies than you,could you still love him? Is there a limit to how much disrespect you can accept ? If you provided everything for someone then found out they could careless about you. when you realized there view point could you ever have compassion for them?

He did go to the door and tell Tasha he was think about her when he was in Side. When he saw old boy and Her was having problems. What do you think? POWER

Told you I'm working my man stop by to see me today. @michaelblackson #50centralbet

I'm Getting #FRIGO fit time to turn it up. #50centralbet coming soon.

Lol this just made me laugh. #50Centralbet

👀Yeah man, nigga out here flexing on da gram. he better have that money every week. KANAN tonight 9PM POWER #50Centralbet

Watch this Episode of POWER tonight 9PM ET, Then tell me I'm not the best show on Tv. I know it bothers people to see me not follow old school Hollywood's rules and they won't even nominate the show, but I will be the #1 show on all of cable 📺. #50Centralbet

POWER TONIGHT @ 12:00AM if you have on demand or the STARZ app. Then watch it again Sunday 9Pm. #50Centralbet Coming soon

When we pray for success,we don't pray for jealousy envy or entitlement but they come with it. You will lose some people, don't be afraid of change. #50Centralbet

Now you know 50Central is going to be the highest rated show on BET. It's not personal see with me #2 is just the first loser. POWER IS #1 on STARZ Feel me? #50centralbet

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