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4 Seasons Nails 💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼  ✨SNS Dipping Nails✨Gel manicure & Pedicure ✨Waxing ✨Lashes ✨Eyebrow Microblading-PMU with Phibrows Royal Artist ✨Anti Wrinkle-Fibroblast ✨Book online


✨Beautiful glitter Nude SNS color 👌😍💖

✨Ombre brows! Covering old tattoo, she looks amazing with this new shape! #ombrebrows #phibrowartist #eye #cosmetictattoo

✨Defined shape👌😍

✨The client had a gift from her sister to get her eyebrow microblading, came in and was very nervous but walked out super happy! 👌🤗😄


✨freshly done by Judy Nguyen, microblading bring the best look of natural eyebrows😍👌

✨Ombre eyebrows for this unique beautiful lady 🤗👌 thanks @_bettyswollox for coming and trust in me💖😍

✨more defined shape and fixing thin tails of the eyebrows, call Or text Judy 0212321788 for appointment to day!🤗😍

✨Who else needs this advice? I do........, 🙏😥

✨Face lift with brow transformation👌🤗 have you heard about it before? 🤔🤙

✨Productive morning for 2 little/ Junior Bakers 👌💖🤗, they are busy checking the oven, dont know when the cookies can be cooked completely! 🤔

✨SNS with Glitter design by Sharon💅👌😍

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