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David Hettenbaugh  Its not the pictures it is the word's of truth that the Lord God has given me. read all the comments in all pictures push comment button and READ

The last post was posted as a result of @shugyo4dhm picture posted on Instagram. i posted my video i was laughing when posting it. but i was not laughing when taking the video. Just for fun but i did see something up in the night sky. I can tell you God's up there forsure .#whoknows #ufosighting see the video in my last post by click on my name.

@shugyo4dhm thought I put this one on for you concerning your last post i was driving down brookhurst street late one night and looked in the sky and said what in the heavens is all that !!! it's not Disneyland nor fire works of any kind. So i tried to get a shot of it and it did not turn out that good but here it is! This was taken i believe last month. My bad camera i need a new one.when i saw this i thought about all those lights over Phoenix Arizona that many reported one night it looked like one massive ship a big ship,, but i could totally tell you for certain . 👽👽👽 📹 when seen at best there is more lights up there.

"Whats up for tonight" is Wi Fi tableting on Instagram with you

Sat at home with no way to go anywhere, watching the travel channel for 10 years or so. I was saying O how much i would like to go there when o looked at places like this. And now these places are just a drive away except Hawaii. Here i am on this certain day in La Jolla beach California.

Got a new license plate holder, this is not the one i got but mine does say Jesus on it. Is there many ways to say something to somebody about Jesus? I thought what about the sun shades for the front window could the son shade say something to help ? Could there be something to say that would fit on it ,,is everything possible with God to one who believes? "If there is will there is a way" and with God there is one! But how many really have a will to do it? I looked for the sun shade for Jesus and could not find one. And if I made one that said something that brought many people to Jesus, why has no one made one yet??? And for you others Jesus knocks on the door of your heart JUST ANSWER. He would like to invite and have you in His kingdom, the kingdom of heaven. Have you ever heard what the one who told everybody about heaven has to say about getting there?

Looking forward to following Jesus and had out tracks and free bible's which i have to further the gospel. Why do people reject hearing the good news? The good news is also how much of a smile Jesus puts on my face would you like smile all the time too with the Joy of the Lord. If i ever get rid of this blasted cold virus i one day can get going.

Dr Rev Billy Graham and TV game show host John Charles Daly (Day-lee) on the TV panel show,,"Whats my line" shown TV date is in 1960 on utube. talking about one of Billy's big crusades in the year 1960

A picture i took with my old cannon camera in Crystal Cove State park southern California USA coastline. I am hoping to get a new camera thanks to @shugyo4dhm help. This camera has a battery problem and is only an old 8 megapixels first generation cannon camera

The rain finally came to #HB watering our trees. The water runs down on my running board and sounds like a rain gutter was not ready for that. But the 4runner is well insulated and I keep very warm compared to the van I once had.that's me in the mirror. Have a great day. The cross under the mirror is painted with titanium paint the same paint as my 4runner.

Do you think I bought the right sun shade for my 4runner for Christ? My sun glasses I had before hand was a perfect match in #surfcityusa #huntingtonbeach CA with the clouds and a blowing palm tree in the Len's of my glasses. Surf city turning back to shorts tee shirt weather I hope here in Feb 22 2018.

Rick took a picture of me in my new 4runner and said its the 1st one taken and i said yes that's the first picture taken of me in my new vehicle. I hoping 4unning for Christ

A man without much money who can not afford $800 a month rent in HB. Who sleeps in his truck improvised at Home Depot (building supply store) on Magnolia and Garfield st in Huntington beach, and bought building supplies and some paint and for $200 he has his camper. I did interview the owner of this truck and he told me the whole story!

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