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David Hettenbaugh  Its not the pictures it is the word's of truth that the Lord God has given me. read all the comments in all pictures push comment button and READ

my new seat covers made of wetsuit material. made from WET OKOLE HAWAII www.wetokole.com The picture is not that good the seat covers look and are much better than the photo shows Surfseats for Surf city USA

There he is, trying to save the unsaved that do not want hear about being saved. but again we all die what then many just not wanting to confront the subject.He gives out tracks aand booklets that he hands out and tries his best all day long to save those that are like he once was."unsaved" with his message JESUS SAVES

"Lord Jesus Saves" because, you only can receive everlasting life through Christ. Just open the door of your heart and give him a chance to come in. Just ask Him. A brother who drives around with a message trying to Save the unsaved. One of the few that try with such an effort. I wonder if anyone ever gives him gas money. . Everyone dies but the many avoid this question in what will be after death why? Many come up with their own beliefs with no facts to back their self made belief, with anything but themselves to substantiate their beliefs. If many are different whos to say whos right and who wrong but self ego. Many making clams with no effort to seek out the truth and the facts unto the question As what will happen to me after i die. betting all their exsistance on something they have never taking any effort to back up nor have sought the truth with their hearts.

HB before summer

Many saying Jesus said he is God and that He said himself He was God to His people. In searching the scriptures that were given by many concerning this. Many of them were found invalid to state such a claim. But this not to say that all the scriptures given was invalid. there was a few that were found that are hard to discount. but in the valid scriptures non were found of any of them in say that He is God. Where it was written saying that Christ himself before His crucifixion said he was God, can be discount with true interpretations and the truth of the Holy Spirit. So in the comments of the picture above not only proof of this can be proven but even more can be give not only in common sence but also with true interpretations of scriptures. The valid verses of the possible or factual statement of Jesus being God were written after His crucifixion as in the beginning of the Gospel of John to other verses given by the Apostles these verses are not written in red, as the verse written in red are the words Jesus spoke. Also there was no verses in the old testament nor until the Gospel of John stating that Jesus is God. However in the book of Isaiah there is the verse that Jesus would be "called" Father and called the mighty God. but again "called" and the word "is" not the same. as those have already called Jesus these things and the scriptures again have been fulfilled. by those of the Faith of the Word. In this I not trying to prove Jesus is not God but to disprove many invalid verses and claims concerning the scriptures. that can be defeated and proven invalid. as inapplicable unto the application given to the statement of Jesus saying He is God..

Yes the radiation from the Japan's nuclear reactor has cause this gaint mutation of the saltwater crocodile in Australia which is usually around 20 feet as you can see this one is much larger. you don't suppose i could be joking do you? But the nuclear reactor is no joke nor is the toxic waste in our earths oceans, and there really has been mutations of sea life that are suspected to have been caused by these things. not good for city people and not good for surfers. One of the biggest efforts it to try to us man from dumping trash into the oceans. And destroying our plant with plastic and other things.. One could use a wooden coffee stirrer or paper bags or something else other than plastic unless it is recycled to be used again which all plastic stirrs and other such things do not seemed to get into the recycling bin, but end up in the ocean or where they will pollute our earth for a long time by not degrading or decomposing, but remaining to continue to accumulate. it would be good if others join the effort. and fight against toxic dumping as far the the nuclear reactor in the ocean in Japan i have heard reports that it is only getting worse. i hope that is wrong. if it continues to get worse in our earth oceans it could end up a moster problem worse for us than many gaint crocodile like the picture in this post. "perhaps" one third of the sea creatures will die like the bible says and even effect us.. as far as the picture in the post do think i watched to many Godzilla movies? yet the radiation and toxicity in our oceans is real!

I am still waiting for my copy DVD Andrew and I neversaw the movie yet and i wanted too, So its just a picture of the days of yesterday.

a favorite place that many go too, as they walk down the beach until they get to this spot then many like to hang around here for awhile, and then walk back. it is such a nice walk .Newport beach begins at the other side of the water. NOTE: from 139 follows up to where i began to post about Jesus down to 127 how can you say that any of those didn't rebuke and turn away from hearing about Jesus? and when their time comes as it will for all of us who's fault will it be what happens? You can't blame God for your own actions. that time could be tomorrow.

Living in a tourist zone they even have to try to show you dinosaurs and decaying fish fossels and a megalodon shark or two to the tourist and swimmers. And they are getting ready for summer you never know what you might see here in #surfcityusa picture taken here in HB tonight at Garfield ave and Brookhurst st in Huntington Beach California if you would like to see a dinosaur. The park zoo is located on brookhurst st just north of Garfield in a small plaza just up the street from the Carls Jr and Mc Donalds in the next small plaza and there is a gate admission charge of $15 or 20 dallors or so. But it is quite a park ZOO and is called and is Jurassic park, There of reptiles of all sorts even i have heard the two headed snake. i am not responsible for you come out of the Park enter at your own risk. only in HUNTINGTON BEACH CALIFORNIA.

THE NEW CREATION OF GOD THE NEW MAN. As the old man pass away. (this why i posted this ➡ Many pastors teaching that God gave Himself on the cross and that was the only way God could save us THAT IS A FALSE TEACHING. and this work will bring forth true edification. THIS WILL BE BACK UP IN SCRIPTURE . In the beginning God created man, and the first man name was Adam. And in the first Adam there was the seed of sin thus causing all men to have inherited sin and sin was in man. Thus the the first man cause the curse of death upon all men. But with the righteousness of God, it would take a man to brake the curse, brought forth from a man, in all God's righteousness in His prefection of justifcation in the perfect ways of God. Thus God gave birth to the second Adam the Son of man as it could only be a man to brake the curse a man had cause. As there was the first Adam that brought forth death there would be the second Adam that brings forth life. The Son of man the beginning of Eternal life. So it was not God on the cross but the Son of man. And the Son of man that was a man having overcome in obedience what was caused by the man of disobedience. As Jesus faced death and to die as for atonement as his final act of obedience. As it is written life is in the blood and only with the blood upon death can there be atonement from the shedding of blood. And the Son of man became the Lamb of God a spotless lamb with no blemishes and no sin. In being sinless within God righteousness. ROMANS 5:6 Therefore just as one man sin entered the world, thus death spread to all men because all sinned. Romans 5:18 therefore as through one mans offence judgement came to all men so through one "man's" obedience many will be righteousness.. Romans 5:15 for if by one man's offence many died, much more the grace of God and the gift by the one "man" Jesus Christ abounded to many (ROMANS) CHAPTER 5 VERSE 17 ! Thus one man braking the curse cause by another man, that man was the Son of man being that he was a man, he was born of God and the first born of the Spirit of God who is the beginning of all born of God and is Eternal life, as God's Sprirt is eternal.

CHRIST OR GOD? This verse is the main verse of my belief in whom Jesus is John chapter 20 verse 17 Do not cling to Me, for i have not ascended to "My Father" but go to My brethren and say to them. I am ascending TO My Father and your Father and to My God and your God. Note Jesus did not say that He is God or that he was ascending to be God. But called God His God! My heart holds to this verse. As these words are from Jesus's own lips. As Jesus call God His Father many times. The words of Christ Do you not believe that i am IN the Father and the Father IN Me? JOHN 14:10 The WORDS THAT I SPEAK TO YOU I DO NOT SPEAK ON MY OWN AUTHORITY BUT THE FATHER THAT DWELLS IN ME DOES THE WORKS. Note Jesus says that God who dwells in Him is speaking through Him and it is His! Father's words, that many mistake for being Jesus words.There is the teaching that i wrote in one of my post called the great abiding. The understanding of whom Jesus is,, is misunderstood by many. All the way to the point of saying that the word begotten is inapplicable to Jesus because God became man. As this is not true. But God dwelt in the flesh and was manifested in the man Jesus Christ whom is God's Son. Which also taught by me in another post of mine. In who is Jesus. John 14:28 Jesus said I am ascending to the Father; for the Father is greater than I. Jesus saying God His Father is greater than Jesus, the Son. As Jesus is the Christ and the Son of God came in the flesh was crucified and the Father whom was not dead raised Him back to Life. And Jesus ascended to the RIGHT HAND SIDE OF GOD, not to be God but to be at His Fathers right hand side. As the Father has a heart whom loves His beloved Son John 14:31 and the Son has a heart that Loves His Father and His God more than all. Is your heart for your own beliefs or is for Jesus's Heart as Gods Son? As Jesus came to save those and bring those back to God whom love God as God loves those who love Him. I have special place in my heart for the God Jesus's Father. I will not remove that place and my love for Jesus's Father for any interpretations of the Word that would do so. Jesus is my Lord and the God Jesus calls God is my God. ⬇

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