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corporations with big empty headquarters taking all of our money. What is a monday?

Wandering downstream

Now available for sale.

I'm very interested in dreams. I've found that when I sleep on my back, oddly enough, I am able to lucid dream... as in I am aware that I'm dreaming while in the act of dreaming. I can cause and effect And create situations and outcomes. I make whatever I want to happen. I wake up wondering what makes this realm any different? Painting is a new chapter for me, but I suppose that I have been creating scenes with my mind forever. I wonder if I have seen these "scenes" before in a different life, or all we all born with an empty memory. Painting is like lucid dreaming much in that I can create whatever I want, and I learn so much about myself in the process. This entire series of landscapes is now on display at @dropsquadkitchen .

P A N A S O N I C ®
Model RC-7021
Vintage FM-AM Clock Radio
circa 1968-1971
Available soon on 4resh.com
#vintageelectronics #antiques #panasonic #clockradio

#dusk tonight was inspiring 👱🏿

Landscape III by Richard L'Abbée, Jr.
Blue & Orange Acrylic with Black Gesso on canvas.
#landscape #acrylicpainting #naturescene #painter #painting #monochromatic #panaromic #views #nature #paintings #paintmixing #4resh

".. if I could buy a souvenir to prove the world was here.."
New acrylic painting by Richard L'Abbée Jr.

In the company of dirty mattresses and used syringes, I enjoyed the river and the breeze. #graffiti #underthebridge #overpass #montanacans #urbandecay

re - birth

@ananatawa ❤️❤️❤️

winter solstice 2016 // reBearth

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