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Max Schaaf 4Q CONDITIONING  I got these lines in my face trying to straighten out the wrinkles in my life.

All set up at the @assembly.london in LONDON. Come check out my 38 knucklehead -the silver surfer- and so stoked on the new ring project with @thegreatfrogldn ..... so happy with how it turned out. Such an amazing jeweler with a beautiful family history. Come say hi. Free hugs. Affordable Awkward silence. I forgot socks, if anyone has clean white socks I’ll be ready to barter. #4qconditioning #choppersbro #greatfroglondon

Next week! Come give us a smile. I love this show, and I love being among friends in London. @assembly.london also the release of a project with the good people at @thegreatfrogldn
Now get this
London calling, yes, I was there, too
And you know what they said? Well, some of it was true!
London calling at the top of the dial
And after all this, won't you give me a smile?
I never felt so much alike alike alike

A couple photos of my @bornfreeshow show bike. Come by tomorrow and say hello and give it a look. There are some truly amazing bikes at the show. Congratulations to everyone involved. @zachpeacock thanks for the 📷📷

Here’s my finished bike. 1946 EL, modified 1947 bull neck frame. Preunit x Xlch front end mated and birthed, preunit front wheeWindowed bars and pipes, subtle flip in the fender, wild butterfly tank, whacky controls, river seat set, mid-shift setup, just a little sissy in the sassy bar..... see you at bornfree 10. I’ll be the guy in a black shirt and jeans sleeping under a tree. Thanks for all the support. #4qconditioning

Well...... this was a crazy struggle. Using real butterfly wings in the paint on this tank that I made. ‼️ just to warn you, I have no idea if it’s going to turn in to a resin bomb in the sun at bornfree.‼️ It’s battled me in every sense of the word. This has been months of work. Just for the tank of the @bornfreeshow bike. I’m really happy with it, The butterfly wing area has plenty of flaws , But that just makes it more like me. Maybe the whole paint job will melt off at the show and the butterflies will fly back into the sky. I haven’t been sleeping much.#4qconditioning #comecomemylady #pearlscheib

My friend Jeremiah went down racing his Motorcyle. He’s in pretty rough shape. Think some positive thoughts for him, he’s got a few surgeries to undergo. I’ve had some good times with him out on the road, looking forward for more to come. Hang tough buddy boy. Love you and your family. @love_cycles

As I prepare for @bornfreeshow in a little over a week, i always get nostalgic thinking about the previous years, this was 2011. I finished the bike, fired it up and throttled it right through the back doors of my old shop. Knocking them clean off the hinges. Check the last photo in this series. Sometimes the hard times lead to good times. It’s never easy. Nothing special should be. Watching some paint dry for my #bornfreex build. Wish me luck still got lots to do. Solo cholo. #4qconditioning #razorscooter

Happy 50th birthday to the baddest skateboarder to ever walk the planet earth. MARK GONZALES. I’ve witnessed this man do the most insane things on a skateboard....makes and slams. Revolutionized street skating, is absolutely beautiful on vert as well. Mark defines the word legend, without becoming some cartoon character of himself like so many these days. So many good memories with this dude.
1). Watching him Ollie into the car wash bank off the roof, making it, then slamming on his face and sliding across the sidewalk and into the street.
2). Doing the frontside Ollie for the thrasher cover on a board with clay wheels from the 1960’s
3). Going to see GBH with him in SF, we worked our way to the front and Mark kept poking an umbrella he had at the lead singer as he sang along to every word.
4) waking up at my house to the giant mural he painted on my wall.
5) just Mark being Mark... singing the smiths loudly, kicking street signs, doing impersonations, and always having that fire that never goes out. * with all the judgment on skaters these days don’t forget, we all come from different places, we’ve all had different experiences. Skating was a home for outcasts and fuckups, loaners and weirdos. Especially back in the day. No one is perfect, it’s up to us to try make it all work. Instead on knocking everyone down help them up, help them learn and help us all grow together. #4qconditioning #markgonzales

Happy Mother’s Day. Rescued Pitbulls and thrift store couches for over 30yrs. Never slowing down, never not working. 100% self made. So proud to have this amazing woman as my Mother. Even here initials spell out R.A.D. Thank You.

I can’t remember where or when this was. I have zero memory of this moment. Not sure who took the photo. I believe I’m wearing a cast on my left arm. Though I must have smoked the brain cell that contains this moment, I still have the one that knows exactly how this feels. A slowing down of time, a pop of the board, knees bending towards chest, only the sound of spinning wheels, a pause, and a descent. Or maybe it was one of those easy ones where it felt as if you had to do nothing at all. Memory loss is ok, you just have to repaint the picture. #4qconditioning #realskateboards

Sept.20 2011 (the middle Nyc) Sept 5th (Oakland the beginning) Sept. 30 (Oakland the end). I think Ken’s coat says it all. An experiment on your body and your mind. 6000-7000 miles of rigid butt scabs. Lost glasses, memories, and mind. Conditioning. Dirt that moves. Chris, Ken, and myself. Always a fine a memory, above and beyond all bullshit. #4qconditioning I kinda posted this before... but just found the before and after shot.

(( Fires can't be made with dead embers, nor can enthusiasm be stirred by spiritless men )) Just finished this one. Simple flame for Japanland. #4qconditioning #pearlscheib

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