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Max Schaaf 4Q CONDITIONING  a walkin' contradiction, partly truth and partly fiction


Happy birthday Jason. So happy to be able to call you a friend. Thanks for always listening, you've talked me off the edge more than once. Truly a solid friend. #hashtags

Matt thanks for all your kindness and support over the years. You were a great man. RIP 📷Larry Niehues

I think she may be blind. Happy Valentine's Day. Thanks for the photo @dklaj

Out for a ride on a bike that once went to Altamont in 1969. Built from scrap parts back then, 36 cases, and mostly 47 everywhere else. This was basically the "loaner" bike, the village bicycle if you will. There is more to be told, and though exploitation has a high market value, something's feel better kept in your pocket. The sunshine sure feels welcome today. #4qconditioning insert #promotionalhashtagshere

There are those friends that you never have to explain yourself to, that love you for who you are.... short temper and all. These two are at the top of the list. Its Paulo's 38th birthday today. I'm wishing him the best. Hope you're out waterskiing in a green speedo right now or deadlifting a house. Thanks for always being solid. You're a great friend. HBD. #4qconditioning #joekinghelmets

Sioux City Iowa. 1-9-17 10am 9° outside. There are some really Beautiful empty buildings in downtown Sioux City. Thanks for the hospitality and thanks for the camaraderie between the people that came to wish Tom goodbye. Back home this Northern California rain and weather feels completely tropical after that freezing Iowa winter. #4q

It was probably about eight years ago that Bill Mize introduced me to Tom. We went by his corner store house, and he welcomed us with open arms. Showing us all his work, finds, collections, and super 8 movies. At one point while watching his films from the 60's he turned around and said "you guys must be bored with this" we picked our jaws up off of the ground and begged him to keep the Film reeling. I don't think he had quite realized then, how badly we needed him to share his life with us. At a time when television had un-relatable chopper shows on we were dying for some authenticity and history. Years later I got a handwritten invitation from Tom to ride out to the EFMC 50th anniversary party. There was no doubt my mind that I was going to make that journey. Dylan and Jerimiah and myself had the time of our lives getting out there. Upon arrival to Sioux City, once again open arms and complete love was shown by Tom. I think the biggest lesson we can learn from Tom is to be yourself and do the things you love to the very fullest. Tom really fought hard last year to live, he didn't want to go, he didn't want to leave Jenny or his club he had so much more to show us. I want to thank Jerimiah for being such a good friend to Tom and being with him through such a hard time. I'm attracted to this photo for obvious reasons, Tom is one of those people I never had to explain the meaning of 4Q to. Most of all the expression on Tom's face looks like he's looking down wishing he was still with us. And we all feel the same way. Thanks to the EFMC for being kind to us. Thank you Jenny for the photo. Tom.... thanks for being you, thanks for paving the road in IRIDESCENT MULTI SPECTRAL. Love-max #tomfugle #4qconditioning

Keep it rolling everyone. Good hanging with my family and friends. Love the ones you're with. #4qconditioning #oakland

You're are forever our Hero. Thank you Tom. May your road go on forever. Love you. Rest In Peace. #tomfugle

Arigatou gozaimasu Japan. That was nuts. Got a quick session in at the Shibuya park (helmet enforced) . Thanks to everyone that helped us out. @ssss4199 @roller_magazine @scootersforpeace @gonz_mtng @felemskates @sunteemochi @kota_engaku @gen_loveearart @bornfreeshow #4qconditioning

Thinking about you Tom. You treated us like gold when we came to visit, I will never forget that. You are the true meaning of an artist, all things sacrificed for your craft. Thank you for keeping the fire lit for all these years. Hang in there, we love you. @tomfugle #tomfugle.

My "4Q pick" for the @mooneyesjp hot rod custom show was @hauntmotorcycle 73 shovel. Very rad young builder with a clean style. Congratulations. On a separate note My heart goes out to my people back home that were killed in the warehouse fire in Oakland. Really sad news. #4qconditioning