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Whites Boots, they've been making boots for over 150 years.... that's crazy to think about. Located in Spokane Washington with a factory that supports the American worker, and craftsman. I teamed up with them and @whitesboots_japan to design this Chukka. I'm really happy with how it came out, they are built to last and completely rebuildable. If you're at bornfree please stop by the Whites boots and check them out. They come with the cool little guardian bell. #4qconditioning

No sleep the last couple days finishing this bike. Not entering the show this year but wanted to bring something. I had the idea to silver leaf the entire bike (frame,tank, fender) just as an experiment to see how it looked. It's really trippy, and I put it on really heavy and wrinkled it or smashed it up. Buried in clear it's glassy smooth but looks rough to the eye. I was painting that frame just a couple days ago, which was way too last minute. Excited to see it in the sun tomorrow. Come to #bf9 and say hi, I have lots of shirts and other things. Lots of amazing work out here. #4qconditioning

Last week frontside air on the vert ramp. Good sessions with the guys lately, everyone's fired up and ripping. I'm just trying to survive. I remember getting clowned for being a skateboarder into choppers and now the chopper show has a skateboard ramp. Ain't life strange. See you out there. #4qconditioning thanks for the photo @brianfick ✔️

Switch kickflip on the vert ramp up in Vancouver a long time ago. Great sessions with some of my favorite vertical associates. I remember flip tricks feeling very fluid this day....... now not so much. Skateboarding is so fucking challenging, I love that about it. Stolen photo from @koolmoeleo . #realsincedayone #4qconditioning

Cool light in the shop tonight...... looking at some of the small details on last years bornfree bike. The removable exhaust caps made from old timer covers, the ribbed struts that slip fit into the ends i machined...... it's a trip how much time you can spend on the small stuff. People are going off so hard for this years show. It's truly art, with some amazing talent. I guess it's a balance between tradition and pushing the limits and then there's function vs. unpractical show bike.... it's honestly peoples own personal trip. Over critiquing it is pointless because it's that persons journey through their build. Personally I dig a certain a style but I really appreciate the outrageous vision some people have. It should be fun.... but it isn't always that way. It's a shit ton of work. Step back, open your eyes and enjoy it. Good luck everyone. #4qconditioning

Sorry for the selfie. Very excited about the @assembly.london show this July. @dicemagazine sent me this image that @larryniehues shot. Should be a really good time. Check it out. #4qconditioning
I will have my 69 shovel there for your "you know what I would've done" and "how many miles does that tank get?"

Spring Cleaning. Got the old 69 cleaned up for its trip across the pond to the @assembly.london show in London. I don't think it's been this clean since before I rode it to NY. Still has plenty of chips, scratches, and character. See you in July. #4qconditioning

Happy Mother's Day Mona. You're the best, always have been. Thanks for the Yoda shirt.

A paint job I did a while back sitting on a chair from 1900 that belonged to Deacon. Have a good weekend. Happy birthday baby j, brook, and Jeremiah. #4qconditioning #pearlscheib

Headed out to Australia next week for the @theboogalooinvitational show! Excited to see how they do it down under. Feeling very fortunate to be a guest along with @weesner1958 at the show. My friend @themachinefiles Matt and I will be wild hawging on his choppers over the snowy mountains and doing a little camping on the way. Please visit the show and come say hi. Thanks to Des and Tesha. See you guys soon. #4qconditioning

Finished painting these Easter eggs a few days late or maybe I was bobbing for apples. Green apples always give me headaches, painting these at times did the same. To the owners, I thank you for your patience. The green one will be at the @growlerysf show this weekend. The red one is for my buddy Jonahs panhead. Can't wait to see it. #4qconditioning #pearlscheib

The RIPPER MAGAZINE showed up from Japan land. Really beautiful cover and piece on Tom. I believe he's holding the tank that I have sitting here along with a few other mementos I've saved. Thanks @roller_magazine for sending this my way. @love_cycles real nice words you wrote. Cool to see the impact this mans drive and art had on people. #tomfugle #4qconditioning

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