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Spring Cleaning. Got the old 69 cleaned up for its trip across the pond to the @assembly.london show in London. I don't think it's been this clean since before I rode it to NY. Still has plenty of chips, scratches, and character. See you in July. #4qconditioning

Happy Mother's Day Mona. You're the best, always have been. Thanks for the Yoda shirt.

A paint job I did a while back sitting on a chair from 1900 that belonged to Deacon. Have a good weekend. Happy birthday baby j, brook, and Jeremiah. #4qconditioning #pearlscheib

Headed out to Australia next week for the @theboogalooinvitational show! Excited to see how they do it down under. Feeling very fortunate to be a guest along with @weesner1958 at the show. My friend @themachinefiles Matt and I will be wild hawging on his choppers over the snowy mountains and doing a little camping on the way. Please visit the show and come say hi. Thanks to Des and Tesha. See you guys soon. #4qconditioning

Finished painting these Easter eggs a few days late or maybe I was bobbing for apples. Green apples always give me headaches, painting these at times did the same. To the owners, I thank you for your patience. The green one will be at the @growlerysf show this weekend. The red one is for my buddy Jonahs panhead. Can't wait to see it. #4qconditioning #pearlscheib

The RIPPER MAGAZINE showed up from Japan land. Really beautiful cover and piece on Tom. I believe he's holding the tank that I have sitting here along with a few other mementos I've saved. Thanks @roller_magazine for sending this my way. @love_cycles real nice words you wrote. Cool to see the impact this mans drive and art had on people. #tomfugle #4qconditioning

✋️sissy bar detail on a bike built for big Jon Humphries back in 2009. The Hamsa, for protection against the evil eye. Hi Jon hope things are good. #4qconditioning #pearlscheib

Peaks and valleys. The game of life. March 12 2017 6:56pm. Oakland Calif.

Tomorrow bunch of people are getting together to help out a friend of ours that is fighting cancer. I've known Vince for close to 30 years. First time I saw him was at a skate demo in Turlock, I was just a little kid and there was this full-grown man skating so crazy and cheering everyone on with his deep raspy voice. He's a big man with a big heart And would do anything to help out his friends. He's a hard worker and has an amazing son but he needs a little help. Skater for life and longtime club member let's #keepvinceflying. They're will be skating, bands, raffles and what not. Thanks.

Been stalking this chick on the gram for years. It's her birthday. So I'm reaching out to her........ Hello- If you like my profile...., have no sense of smell, would like to live/love with a hoarder, and promise to never refer to the things that I love as "toys".... please DM me. I have the throttle cable you need, by the way. Happy Birthday.

"Let's Go" memorial ride for Matt Davis yesterday was bittersweet. Listened to some beautiful words spoke about this special man. This is just a small number of the people that came out. @deanmicetich @wordisjustaword @crocustoms and family, thanks for letting me tag along. Matt your wishes were to get everyone together for a ride and a celebration of your life..... "no suites, no church".... and that was honored. Going to miss you man. On a side not @katyzales had a bad accident on the ride, positive thoughts for her recovery. #fuckcancer

Happy birthday Jason. So happy to be able to call you a friend. Thanks for always listening, you've talked me off the edge more than once. Truly a solid friend. #hashtags

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