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b r 💣n d Y  Dear Divine, #Please Change and Become The World 🌎 There is really nothing left to do. #Thankyou #SurrenderAll

This is swag... had to post before I got on this plane ✈️ Thank you #kansascitymissouri for all the ❤️ I felt like a star!!! Thank you @theofficialfoxbait and my
@michael.mann X @tylerjacobmusic X @akixmann

#Muse for @makeupartistgaby - @michael.mann - and @drkariwill ... point blank period! #myfault on putting to much lip gloss.. I didn't have a mirror. Lol

Being comfortable in your skin and knowing that your Imagination is God, there is nothing to fear. All you MUST do is continue to ask God what her/his/its thoughts about you are and they will be revealed as your dreams. Your dreams are Gods dreams about you. Let the only will be done!!! #ISurrenderAll
@michael.mann X @tylerjacobmusic X @akixmann
Being in my #purpose
#ChangeTheWorld 🌎

Don't come for my daughter!!!! She's too mentally and spiritually profound!!! She's #Brave like her mom and her clap backs are classy. We are LIGHT💡 #Angels @syraismith so proud to be your Mom!!!!! @theshaderoom----- people we are actually unbothered.... we are just praising in the glory of the bravery that is our family and how loud our voices are. We pick and choose battles but any battle we decide to fight, we will WIN because our intent was never to come for someone.... but we can finish better than All!

This is just ridiculous.... knowing damn well this guitar has no sound coming out of it. Felt every bit of #PurpleRain tho 💜🌂☂️☔️ what up @sirthebaptist

My very best friend in the entire world!!!! I love you Mommy @sonjanorwood 💡

I miss you Mommy🌺🌸🌺 @sonjanorwood

What am I?

I can't Iman... @syraismith
Get off social media at school lil lady

Had a great time in #ATL
Just mad I didn't get to go to #Houstons restaurant:( #notpregnant

Dear God, I can finally see you in me. Continue to use me so that I may continue to know the joy of being used by you. I promise to cut back on my clap backs. #wink❤️ I love you

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