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b r 💣n d Y  #Divine

I miss you Mommy🌺🌸🌺 @sonjanorwood

What am I?

I can't Iman... @syraismith
Get off social media at school lil lady

Had a great time in #ATL
Just mad I didn't get to go to #Houstons restaurant:( #notpregnant

Dear God, I can finally see you in me. Continue to use me so that I may continue to know the joy of being used by you. I promise to cut back on my clap backs. #wink❤️ I love you

The love that reflects in the light of my fans just make me shine brighter and brighter. I will never give up because of all of you. #Starz , I am your #Sky

You make me feel forever young.... @sirthebaptist 💡

Me and my sweetie who takes care of me for nothing in return @4evervaughn 💡you are light. Keep going and working on being your greatest self. I love you Vaughn Vaughn!!! #GoingForward

When I first sang this song, I didn't mean it... but melody can be more powerful than lyrics in this #caseStudy I was in.... #Brave

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