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b r a n d Y  @SyraiIman 's Mommy #Brave #PureHeart #Savage ----thenextbrandy 👻

I'm just speechless because of what I am able to resonate with and recognize within this #extraordinarybeing💡#mybaby and his #GunRuns
#Repost @musiqcity
#MusiqCityChallenge Daily I Shall Worship Thee. LETS GO!!!!!!!!

Just so thankful to be alive and well. God is unbelievable believably #Amazing 🦋🦋🦋 #HappyMonday Everyone.

This song literally set me free personally and artistically.... can't believe I was Hollering and crying about somebody who had me on a string that was off key which is why your plus one can't hit or hold a note , just a lip poke (#EnobankPressed)... and my dream??? I caught in time to dream bigger and set myself free from cats that change many faces...(#Pressoff) #LyricsDontLie until you out sing them and over come them!!!! And where yo ring at??? I lost that bitch-----a universal sign that I dodged a ditch!!!

I know I'm doing a lot but I just got back to #cali from #toronto which was such a magical experience for me to perform for all of those beautiful people at the #blackdiamondball but I just got back and some of these events that I'm accidentally coming across got my facial expression like a #boomerang #richochet ---sigh--/ I don't really give a f, I'm just in my guilty pleasure mode... I'm gonna stream some spiritual food today also but God is patient with me.

I love to #Sing and I ain't singing bout nobody....
@4everbrandy101 💡#Practice for the real Streets!!! #GunRuns


This is who I roll with in Spirit and in truth!!! She told me who to stay away from, and I listened, and she told me to sing from my diaphragm, and I listened ,and she told me to stay trill to myself, and now I'm the shit---- know it, believe it, become it!!!! Hands down my angel!!!
#KnowWhoYouAreAndWhosYouAre and you'll stay on the right timelines and your life will be Divine Time All the time!!! Can't wait to come back out with #GunRuns✌🏾

#Light 💡

#SnapChat #Brananagains with @makeupartistgaby ---- so much fun make believing that it's Gaby's makeup doing this to my face!!!! Hope this makes you guys laugh 😂 👻thenextbrandy

She changed my life and made me dream bigger than I ever have. She paved the way to true humility. I will always dedicate moments to experience her light.... #RoxieHart in #DC at the Kennedy Center April 4-16 @chicagomusical

I say a #prayer with every #heartbeat
2/11 #Channel