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  Want to know how you can have a better life ?I would count it a great privilege to show you how !! Bill Adams Metroplex, Texas

This is what religions are teaching people that they must do to have what God says is free. The reason it’s free is because Jesus Christ paid for the gift of salvation on the cross. He shed His blood to pay for ALL OF OUR SINS. Therefore He has the right to make the steps that a person must take to have what He paid for. He chose to give salvation instead of making us earn it or do something to have this salvation. Can you start to understand how offensive it is to God that me or you could think we can give God something that’s more valuable or honorable than what His Only Son did for me and you. So you either receive salvation from God as His gift to you or you don’t get it! It’s His way or nothing but judgement in eternal hell! Romans 6:23,” For The wages of sin is death, BUT THE GIFT OF GOD IS ETERNAL LIFE THROUGH JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD.” Will you receive God’s gift of salvation or reject it? #knowforsure #salvation #giftofgod #free #offendinggod

Here’s a list of invitations that are TOTALLY UNSCRIPTURAL, confusing and perverts the clear simple gospel of Christ. Most of these come from tradition, not Bible or the gospel message. We have taken liberties to inject works into the message without realizing it and it is wrong, period, because it blinds and limits the power of God!
Will you SURRENDER your life?
Will you confess your sins and ask the Lord to forgive you? Christians, can you confess all the sins you committed today, much less your whole life in order to be saved and forgiven by Christ?
Will you come to Christ and promise to serve Him?
Will you repent of your sins to get saved? How many Christians have repented of all their sins since they have been saved. It’s an ongoing process. No one can turn from all their sins to be saved!! Will you forsake all your sins to obtain salvation? Will you make a commitment to follow and serve Christ from this day forward? If you love the gospel, if you love unbelievers and want them to be saved, and if you love Jesus Christ, this kind of unclear invitations should grieve your spirit and break your heart because many will not understand the simple gospel because of this mess called tradition!! Most of these invitations should be preached to saved people to serve Christ, not unsaved. These are about service, not salvation. Do you see that? Don’t mix service scripture with salvation scripture. Keep them separate so the listener won’t be confused and can have a chance of understanding the simple gospel! That should matter to you, because it matters to God Who gave His Son to purchase our salvation! Get before God and sincerely and seriously ask Him to reveal to you if you are presenting an unclear message. I’m not questioning your dedication, but are you making the gospel clear and simple or are you adding conditions that are not required that could mis-lead a person to the freeness of salvation? May God help us to make it clear!! #clarity #simplicity #confusion #unclear #power #goodnews #traditionofmen

How we give the gospel and the terminology we use to give the gospel MATTERS TO GOD, because it’s His power to convict and convince the person of their need of salvation! I’ve had self-righteous Christians tell me that it’s not all that important because the Holy Spirit does all the work anyway. Dear friend, the Holy Spirit uses us as His mouth piece and the Holy scriptures to convict and convince. I would agree with that assessment, if after I told a person about Jesus and His salvation, the Holy Spirit spoke audibly to that same person. Then I wouldn’t have to worry to much about what I told them. Of course the Holy Spirit is a better speaker and teacher than I or you are, but He has chosen us to give the message!! So we better make sure we are clear! Now for a few confusing invitations to accept Jesus Christ as savior. “ Will you give your heart to Jesus Christ?” I know that’s dear to a lot of Christians, and you may have even gotten saved from that invitation. But not everyone is like you or me in UNDERSTANDING. I’ve led people to Christ who thought they were saved from this kind of invitation. First, you want find that anywhere in scripture. Secondly, you don’t give God ANYTHING TO BE SAVED!! You RECEIVE what He wants TO GIVE TO YOU, salvation that’s a gift and absolutely free!! This invitation implies you have to give up something in order to be saved. Jesus doesn’t want our DIRTY HEARTS, He wants to give us a new heart or life!! Can you see how that could confuse someone? If after you are saved you want to follow Christ as a disciple or serve Him, then you give up your life and take up His cross. Let’s not put the cart before the horse. I want people to get saved and serve Christ more than anything, but I’m not going to cut corners by confusing them on how to be saved first. They need salvation, a new life, then let’s start challenging them to serve Christ. Get them in the family first through the new birth, the gift of God which is received by simple faith! John1:12,” But as many as RECEIVED Him, to them he gave the power to become the children of God, even to them that BELIEVE on His name.” Receiving, not giving, saves forever!! #clarity #simple

Why is it important to learn to make the gospel clear and simple? It is God’s message to unbelievers as to how much He loves them and what He did to save them from hell so they could go to heaven when they die. Romans 1:16,” For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the POWER OF GOD UNTO SALVATION to everyone that believes; to the Jew first, and also the Greek.” When you pervert or change the gospel with unclear phrases that confuse the unbeliever or blinds him to the simplicity that’s in Christ, you are messing with the power of God to save and making the ministry of the Holy Spirit very hard. I’ve been accused many times of making a big deal out of nothing about this, making a mountain out of a molehill, arguing over semantics! If you’ve witnessed to as many people as I have over 50 years of serving and preaching Christ and His gospel, you would not make such a foolish remark!! I can’t tell you how confused people are over what God requires to know you are saved, and the confusion is gigantic and growing! Many go to fundamental churches that believe and preach the Bible. But because the message is so unclear and conditions ADDED to salvation to be saved, they are lost and confused. Who is the author of confusion? It’s not God, but the devil himself. What better way to send people to hell than to muddy up the simple, clear gospel message!! Many Christians don’t realize the power of the message they are giving out and are not making it clear. I lived by a DuPont chemical plant. They had block houses on a twenty acre lot that made dynamite. Dynamite requires nitro glycerin to make it. One day there was this tremendous explosion at the plant. One of the block houses blew up and 5 people’s remains were picked up in one plastic bag. Someone got careless with the nitro and blew everyone up. That’s what we do when we mis-handle the power of God, the gospel! Is it any wonder that so many are lost and confused!! I want to give in the following posts what I’ve found to be terribly confusing to the lost person and leads them to reject Christ as their savior. #knowforsure #clarity #beclear #besimple #clear #simple #confusion #blindness #muddy

If you have trusted Jesus Christ as your savior, Satan has declared war on you. You now become a mouth piece for the Lord Jesus Christ. You potentially possess the ability to lead someone else who doesn’t know Christ as their savior to Him. One of the ways he does this, is by arousing your interest in counterfeits. He does this through doubting God and His promises. If Satan can get you to question God’s Word, he can introduce you to a counterfeit. This is how he deceived Eve into sin. The devil asked her,” did God REALLY say that.” “If He did, did He really mean what He said?” It’s no different than today. He offers a different salvation message, a different Christ and a different spirit to deceive. He’ll give you 95% water with 5% poison. Be alert. Take time to understand grace, the gift of God, the security of the believer and what God’s Word says about those doctrines surrounding salvation!! An indifferent mind spiritually is the devil’s playground. Don’t let that happen to you and disgrace the savior who gave everything for you!! #salvation #security #assurance #knowwhatyoubelieve #deceived #counterfeits

This is how Satan is perverting the gospel through many of these television preachers. Not all are bad, but most don’t even give the gospel and when they do it’s so unclear, it would confuse the angels in heaven!! Most of what is called preaching the word is pop phycology! They give you a Heavenly way to go to hell, feel good phycology! The Bible said that in the last days these kind of preachers and preaching would become the norm. It has and it blinds people to their need of salvation. Who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves, but the preaching of the word should convict and convince a person of their need of right standing before God so they can go to heaven when they die. This feel good preaching hinders the power of the gospel message. Don’t seek to please men before you KNOW you are pleasing God! I have found in over 50 years of preaching the Word of God, that when I’m pleasing God, I’m not always pleasing to men, especially men who are in rebellion to God and His Word! If everyone always likes your posts or preaching or teaching, maybe you are pleasing men, not God! I’ve got someone who is madder than a hornet at me right now over my teaching on salvation by faith alone in Christ alone. That’s ok, because it’s going to make him have to think for a change and maybe, just maybe, they’ll be saved from that post! You and God and His truth are a majority even if the whole world is against you. Determine you are going to stand for a clear and simple gospel no matter what the cost!! #salvation #cleargospelmessage #pleasingmen #pleasinggod #pervertingthegospel

Are you trying to impress God with your righteousness or good deeds. The Bible says you can’t because they are not good enough. Isaiah 64:6,” But WE ALL are as an UNCLEAN thing, and ALL OUR RIGHTEOUSNESSES are as FILTHY RAGS; and WE ALL do fade as a leaf; and OUR RIGHTEOUSNESSES, like the wind, have taken us away.” Philippians 3:9,” And BE FOUND IN HIM, not having MY OWN RIGHTEOUSNESS, which is of the law, but that which IS THROUGH THE FAITH OF CHRIST, the RIGHTEOUSNESS which is OF GOD BY FAITH.” Have you put off your robes of righteousnesses that are filthy and put on the pure robes of righteousness of Jesus Christ? If you have, God promises you everlasting life!! If you haven’t, you condemn yourself to an everlasting hell! #knowforsure #salvation #righteousness #unrighteousness #faithalonesaves

This is all we can add to our salvation, our sins that made it possible. I’m so grateful that Jesus was willing to make a swap with me as He’s willing to make with any sinner, mine and your sins in exchange for His righteousness!! 2 Corinthians 5:21,” For He ( God ) has made him ( Jesus ) to be SIN FOR US, who knew no sin; that WE might BE MADE THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD IN HIM.” Jesus swapped His sinlessness for our sinfulness, our unrighteousness for His righteousness. If you receive this gift, you can stand before God accepted forever as His child. All because of Jesus’s work on the cross paying our sin debt! Doesn’t it make sense to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ who came back from the dead, and trust Him for the payment of your sins? Why not do that now and you can be certain of everlasting life in heaven! John 6:47,” Verily, Verily, I say to you, He that believes on me, has everlasting life.” #sin #forgivenessofsins #salvation #notofworks #giftofgod #righteousness #unrighteousness #sinful #sinless

If you don’t think it matters to God what you give as a salvation message, you had better spend some time studying what scripture says about perverted messages on salvation. It offends God when someone perverts the message of His saving grace, which is His gift to sinful mankind, by ADDING REQUIREMENTS OF HUMAN EFFORTS THROUGH GOOD WORKS TO HAVE WHAT HE GIVES FREELY. It would offend you if you told your child to take a gift you bought for your neighbor, and your child told your neighbor that they had to turn from their sins or give up something in order to have the gift you were told to GIVE to them. That’s what Christians are doing. They are taking what God purchased as a gift for anyone who would RECEIVE it and ADDING all sorts of conditions to it in order to have it. Wouldn’t that upset you, especially if they rejected your gift because YOU confused them about the gift!! Any honest person would say, yes it would offend me! Why then, do we assume we can take liberties with the simple message and pervert it and change it by adding good works to it or making people think they have to do something in order to have it, or mis-quoting scripture to justify our perversion? We don’t have that liberty and those who insist upon it better read scripture very carefully on this subject of what it takes to be saved by God’s grace. A perversion of grace, removes or blinds a person, to the SAVING GRACE OF GOD. That’s serious business with God!! It’s accursed by Him. It’s so serious that even if an angel from heaven preached a false message of salvation, it’s accursed! The message of grace teaches that it is IMPOSSIBLE to earn your salvation through good works. God nailed His Son to a cross to earn it for you through His pure works, so you could have it as a GIFT. You don’t give up or give God anything to be saved. You just simply RECEIVE THE GIFT HE PROVIDED FOR YOU BY HIS GRACE! John 1:12,” But as many as Received Him, to them He GAVE the power to become the sons of God, even to them that BELIEVE on His name.” John 6:47,” Verily, Verily, I say to you, He that BELIEVES ON ME has everlasting life.” Why take away from that simple clear promise. It’s PRIDE to do so!!

We are in a battle for the souls of mankind. Our power is in prayer, the Word of God and the gospel message itself. Satan recognizes this power. That’s why he works so hard to pervert the message of grace with human works of the flesh. Sadly, too many Christians don’t recognize this perversion and neutralize the power of the gospel by giving out this false message! As an example of what I’m talking about, I visited a well known fundamental church in our area today. The message was very good, but the gospel was grieving to the soul because it implied that a person must do something, other than believe the gospel, in order to have it. Here was the invitation. You must be willing to turn from your sins, give Jesus your heart and life. Jesus did His part, now you must do your part. You must get out of your seat and come to the altar for it. This invitation is too common in our churches and used by many Christians who hear it at church thinking it is the correct way to tell someone about Jesus. All that was said today in church is perversion of the simple gospel. Show me one verse that says you must turn from your sins to be saved. Show me one verse that says you must give your heart to Jesus. No!!! It’s not what you give, it’s what He says He will GIVE YOU IF YOU RECEIVE IT!! John 10:28, Romans 6:23. If after you’re saved you want to serve the Lord, then give Him your life and take up His cross, but that is service, not salvation. You don’t serve to be saved. You RECEIVE THE GIFT OF GOD so you can serve. Putting the cart before the horse, BLINDS PEOPLE TO HOW EASY IT IS TO BE SAVED! I wonder how many people walked out of churches today confused about what was required by God for salvation, thinking they had to give up something, instead of RECEIVING THE GIFT OF SALVATION. Christians, wake up and realize what you are doing to the understanding of those who are lost. Are you making them MORE A CHILD OF THE DEVIL with your unclear, unscriptural gospel presentation! May God help you to be honest on this matter and take the appropriate steps to correct whatever error there maybe in your gospel. Souls are at stake for all eternity!! #clearmessage #perversionofthemessage

I think this picture expresses the love of God for children and children’s love for Jesus. Why does God love children? Because they are so accepting and believing in Him. Children know nothing about theology, but they have no problem believing in God. And when they hear the gospel story about Jesus dying for them, they always have great questions and no problem believing the gospel. It’s sad that a lot of people, some of them Christians, believe that you have to understand everything about salvation before you can be saved. If that were true, children would never be saved. Children know that there is something unique about Jesus Christ without having to understand He is God in the flesh. They don’t have to understand everything about Jesus to believe. Most children learn the rest of the story after simply believing that Jesus died for them. Jesus said in Mark10:15,” Verily I say to you: whosoever shall not receive the kingdom of God AS A LITTLE CHILD, shall not enter in.” I believe that Jesus chose these children as examples of how easy it is to be saved. I’ve never ever had a child tell me they didn’t want to hear about Jesus. They were eager to hear and believe. I believe Jesus also chose children as an example of how to be saved because they had NO GOOD WORKS to offer for their salvation! They came as they were with where they were at spiritually, and Jesus accepted them because of the simple faith in Him they demonstrated. Many who read the posts on this site spend to much time reasoning whether to believe the content or not, instead of just believing that Jesus Christ died for their sins and if they would simply believe that, they would be saved forever and go to heaven when they die. I’m willing to bet the house that when we get to heaven, we are going to see more children there than adults because children have child like faith that believes what God says without all the debate and arguing!! One thing made clear by Jesus Christ is that salvation comes to those who will believe like a little child, simple faith in Him. Are you a believer? Believe and receive your salvation from Jesus today!! #salvation #forgivenessofsins #simplefaith #littlechildren

Prayer is not required for salvation and prayer does not save. This prayer is just an example of what a person means when they say they believe in Jesus Christ as their savior. They believe He died for their sins receiving their punishment and realize that His death for their sins is enough for their salvation! They realize that’s the only way they can be saved from hell and given heaven as a gift. Will you believe that and be saved? #salvation #forgivenessofsins #free #prayer #faithalonesaves #giftofgod #believe

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