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  Want to know how you can have a better life ?I would count it a great privilege to show you how !! Bill Adams Metroplex, Texas

This is just a few of the blessings we have that comes as benefits for the gift of salvation Jesus purchased on the cross and freely gives to us. Accepting Jesus just opened a gold mine of blessings that will last forever. Have you thanked Him today? I love this old song,” Thank You Lord For Your Blessings On Me”, by Jeff and Sherrie Easter. “As the world looks upon me, as I struggle along, they say I have nothing, but they are so wrong. In my heart I’m rejoicing, how I wish they could see. Thank you Lord, for your blessings on me.
Now I know, I’m not wealthy, and these clothes, they’re not new. I don’t have much money, but Lord I have you. And to me that’s all that matters, though the world cannot see, Thank you Lord, for your blessings on me.
There’s a roof up above me, I’ve a good place to sleep, There’s food on my table and shoes on my feet. You gave me your love Lord and a fine family. Thank you Lord, for your blessings on me.” I hate it that unbelievers don’t have these blessings. How poor they are even though they may have millions of dollars to enjoy. If you’ve never took a look at the cross of Christ and see what was done just for you, you don’t know what you are missing! I pray you’ll accept His forgiveness and free salvation and enter in the richest relationship you could ever have that will last forever!! There’s no one like Jesus Christ! What a Savior!! #sacrifice #thewrathofgod #punishedforyou #forgivenessofsinsforever #everlastinglife #giftofsalvation

I really have a hard time trying to understand why people who have accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, have a problem serving Him. Don’t they realize that He hung on that cross nude while soldiers gambled for His clothes. People spiting on Him, mocking Him, and yet He took all their sins and paid for them so they could be saved!! When I understood the love it must of taken to suffer for me, such torture and humiliation, it melted my hard heart. Reminds me of a favorite song,” JESUS ALONE”. There’s nothing so precious as Jesus to me, Let earth with it’s treasures be gone, I’m rich as can be when my Savior I see, I’m happy with Jesus alone.
When sinful and doomed to a life of despair, no light on my pathway to shine, ‘‘twas Jesus who found me and made me an heir to mansions of glory divine.
When nothing but death for my ransom could pay and make me accepted with God, ‘‘twas Jesus who freely Himself made a prey and ransomed my soul with His blood.
Should father and mother forsake me below, my bed upon earth be a stone, I’ll cling to my savior, He loves me I know, I’m happy with Jesus alone. If poor or deserted, thank God I can say, I’m happy with Jesus alone!! How about you?? Have you stopped and considered what Jesus did for you on that cross? He suffered the wrath of God for you! Can you imagine what suffering that must of been for Him? And yet He did it just for you and me!! Oh how I love Him!! What a Savior!! #sacrifice #thewrathofgod #punished #tortured #loveforyou #forgiven

Anyone who would reject forgiveness of their sins forever and the free gift of eternal life in heaven with God, deserves the wrath of God. To reject it, is to say it was not real or good enough for you, you don’t need it and choose hell instead, even though you don’t believe in Hell. Your unbelief does not CHANGE THE TRUTH ABOUT GOD, HEAVEN, HELL, YOURSELF OR THE WRATH OF GOD YOU HAVE STORED UP FOR YOURSELF. I would plead with you to reconsider the facts, the truth, for they have eternal significance about your destination when you die. It’s a serious matter!! If you believe that what Jesus did for you is ENOUGH to save you, He’ll do what He promises, save you. If you don’t, the wrath of God abides on you. Hopefully you’ll have a change of mind before it’s to late for you if you don’t believe it’s enough. SALVATION IS FREE TO ANYONE WHO WILL BELIEVE!! PRAISE GOD FOR HIS AMAZING GRACE!!! #thewrathofgod #everlastinglife #theloveofgod #thegiftofgod #faithaloneinjesuschristalone

Plain and simple truth of everlasting life. You can try to satisfy God through your good deeds, and be certain of NEVER HAVING ENOUGH to pay for your sins, or you can rest your faith upon the good work that Jesus accomplished on the cross for you and BE SURE that it was enough to satisfy A Holy God forever. The proof that it was ENOUGH was the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days later. If it had not been good enough, He would never have arose from the grave. Sin would still need to be paid for had He not arose! It would mean God was not satisfied! His payment was enough!! There’s no more to be done to satisfy God for your sin debt. All you can do is believe it or reject it. Your choice determines your destination, heaven or hell! Ephesians 2:8-9,” For by grace( undeserved mercy and forgiveness) are you saved by faith and that not OF YOURSELF: it is the GIFT OF GOD, NOT OF WORKS, lest any man SHOULD BOAST”. It’s free to you, it cost the Son of God His life so you and me could have it freely. Will you receive it? #thewrathofgod #theloveofgod #thegiftofgod #faithaloneinjesuschristalone


Jesus sweat great drops of blood in the garden of Gethsemane and even pleaded with His Father asking if their was some other way that His wrath against sin could be satisfied. Jesus realized there was no other way, but by death and the shedding of His blood to pay for everyone’s sin for all eternity and make it possible for those who would believe, to be saved from punishment in Hell for their sins. Have you ever tried and put yourself in Jesus’s place and what it must of been like emotionally and physically? Here is someone who is sinless, pure, and now must dirty Himself with something He hates, sin, knowing it would cost Him His life and the wrath of His Father because of the sin He took upon Himself. What if you lived in a city of hundreds of thousands of people. A disease is killing them like flies and it is becoming pandemic. A doctor comes to you and lets you know that your blood in your body has an antibody that could save the world from certain death. But you must be infected by the virus which will kill you to make it possible. Would you do it? Jesus did by taking our sins and paying the price for them. Three days later, He comes back from the dead, with Satan defeated, death defeated, sin paid for in full, and God completely satisfied forever with the justice that was due sin and sinners!! To those who would believe upon Jesus, God would forgive and give them eternal life in heaven when they die!! #thewrathofgod #theloveofgod

Take a good long look at this picture of the crucified Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches it was worse than what most artists draw or paint. Isaiah 52 & 53 reveals that His beard was pulled out and there was no beauty that we would desire Him. The Romans literally mutilated His body while on that cross!!! What love Jesus must have for you and me to suffer nakedness and such humiliation and brutality. He could of called ten thousand angels and easily of saved Himself from this, but He did not. He endured to the end at even the cost of the loss of the fellowship of His Father. He recognized this when He cried out ,” my God, my God, why have you forsaken me”. I don’t know about you, but I give thanks everyday, many times a day for what Jesus did for me. I can’t but love Him for taking my place and my punishment!! What about you who may be reading this and are not sure of being forgiven of your sins or knowing you’ll go to heaven when you die? Keep reading!! #thewrathofgod #sacrifice #love

God being God, had to be true to His character without compromising it. God is a God of wrath, justice, righteousness, holiness, but is also a God of love and grace and mercy! The question is, how can a Holy God satisfy His wrath and justice towards sin without compromising His character and deliver sinful man, out of love and grace, from an eternity in Hell and torment? The wisdom of God offered His Only Son as the ONLY WAY, the judicial penalty for sin for all eternity that could satisfy His wrath, justice and holiness forever and reveal His love and grace at the same time. Thank God that Jesus Christ was willing to do this or everyone would have no hope! God could of been justified in banishing the whole human race to Hell, but in His love and grace, chose to redeem and save it for those who would accept the payment Jesus would make for their sins on the cross! If you are not concerned enough to really meditate on the righteous wrath of God for sin, and the awfulness of your sin, no matter how bad or innocent it may seem ( a little white lie or a murder), you are out of touch with truth and reality and need to wake up before it’s to late for your salvation from Hell!! I pray you’ll continue with the up coming posts that explains more! #thewrathofgod #everlastinglife #wisdom

A good example of God’s wrath before the cross was an incident that happened at the beginning of Jesus Christ ministry found in Matthew 21:12-13. Jesus comes to Jerusalem to offer Himself as the promised Jewish Messiah. As He entered the Temple where Prayer was the norm, money changers were doing business in the temple and were wrong for being there. This was a violation of God’s instruction for worship in the Temple. This had become common place and as Jesus entered the Temple, His righteous anger or wrath was stirred. He overthrew the tables and drove the money changers out of the Temple in order for it to be cleansed and restored for worship. Jesus loved the money changers, but despised what they were doing because of the disrespect for God and why He had set the Temple up, to offer a sacrifice for sin, prayer, a sacrifice of thanksgiving and worshiping God! The Temples purpose, to point men and women to God and His desire for their salvation, was being perverted by men who did not have God in mind, but making money only. This cheapened the purpose of the Temple and God hated it. How are men to find God if what He’s raised up to reveal Himself is perverted? This was a righteous response to wrong. If you had a business and found out an employee had been skimming the books an cheating customers out of money, would you be angry? Would it be justified if you fired them and turned them in to the police? Of course it would. You are righteous and justified in doing so in punishing this wrong doing! Let’s don’t hold God to anything less in which many do!! #thewrathofgod #righteousness #punishment #justified

This is why God is justified in His wrath. When people, His creation, created in His image, turn to sin, and turn their backs on God’s reaching out to them in truth, and they resist it and changed the truth by suppressing it and rejecting it, He gave them up to their lusts for sin and ungodliness! All that’s left for them is to face His wrath in judgement. If a judge gave you a pardon for breaking a law, and you went out in your new freedom and started to do the same illegal thing, that judge would be justified in displaying his wrath towards you by throwing you back in jail! The problem with us sinners is we want our” cake and eat it too” with God without any conditions or responsibilities for the truth and goodness of God towards us. And those who are guilty and don’t want to be honest with the truth, will deny this. It’s convenient then to become an atheist or create a religion that a person can hide from God or justify themselves and what they want to believe. As the old song lyric says,” you can run but you can’t hide”. It’s better to ALWAYS submit to the truth of God and experience His forgiveness and love eternally! #thewrathofgod #ungodliness #changetruth #reapwhatyousow #submission

I want to discuss this subject in the next few posts. A lot of people avoid this subject about God. A lot of people think this is all God is, a being with “a hate on” for everyone and everything. One reason many see this in a negative light is because they KNOW they are guilty of doing something wrong that’s worthy of punishment. Remember when you were a kid and you did something wrong, how you avoided your parents in hopes that they wouldn’t find out!! That’s how it is with a Holy God. I like to think of God’s wrath like a female human or animal who has just given birth. Their instinct is to protect from harm anything that destroys life. If you don’t believe that, just try and get near a bear with her cubs!! If you live to tell about the experience, you’ll understand what I mean. God has an instinct in His personality, that when His holiness, purity, and righteousness is violated, He must react justifiably in order to protect the purity of His space. God is light and in Him is no darkness at all, 1John 1:5. Sin is like cancer in that it damages that which is whole and healthy, and if allowed to take root, will only spread and ruin and defile. God being just and responsible, must punish or remove this sin before it destroys that which He loves, His creation. God would rather be loving and gracious than to exercise His wrath. But when His warnings are ignored or resisted, He’s left no option but to purge and cleanse sin that violates His purity, sinlessness, and righteousness. Many try and reject God, and even blame Him for His righteous judgement as if He’s out of control. Yet, there’s not a one of us that would sit back and let our loved ones be violated by someone who was intent on violating their innocence!! We really are sort of hypocrites when it comes to dealing with the subject of God’s wrath!! Let’s get the truth and then make an honest judgement of God. Let’s quit trying to turn a Holy God, into a intolerable person who is unjust and out of control, who has no tolerance for anything or anyone!! The Bible is crystal clear that God will go only so far with His patience with sin, before He will judge it to punish and cleanse it!! #wrath

This is the core of Satan’s strategy to corrupt and blind people from the truth about God and His salvation plan!! #truth #lies #themind #spiritualblindness #deception

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