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This is another illustration that teaches what the Bible teaches about salvation. Here, the guilty sinner, has decided he will drown if he doesn’t get in the boat. By faith he gets into the boat that has been PROVIDED by GRACE, not his provision, but by what grace provided. Once he chooses to get in the boat, he’s safe from drowning and JUSTIFIED BY GRACE( declared saved from drowning). Now he takes the oars, FAITH AND WORKS. Now he proceeds to take the oars, and by faith, works at navigating through the sea of life. As he is doing this he is being SANCTIFIED( moving safely through life changing his progress to shore) as he rows. This change of progress can be fast or slow, depending upon the speed in which he chooses to row. But he’s SAFE, certain of making it to shore without drowning, regardless of his SPEED of rowing. Justification is by grace, a one time event in a person’s life. Sanctification is also by grace, a continual event in a person’s life AFTER he’s been justified by grace through faith. The false teaching by religion is that sanctification, your effort to change or get to shore, PRODUCES your justification or salvation of getting to heaven. That’s backwards from what the Bible teaches. You must be saved, get in the boat, before you can grow and please God. By Jesus dying on the cross and coming back from the grave bodily, when we trust Him to save us, we are justified, Acts 13:38-39 ( declared innocent, forgiven, not guilty, saved from ALL of our sins) forever. Now the Holy Spirit moves inside of us, Ephesians 1:13-14, 1Corinthians 12:13, and starts to sanctify ( make us pure and holy, correct our flaws, change us) every day until we get to heaven! Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your savior? Are you in the boat and safe forever? Or are you deceived by religion trying to change yourself and drowning and not realizing that you are? Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ today and He’ll make you safe forever, Acts 16:31! #salvationbygracealone #salvationbyworks #justification #sanctification

Just another illustration that shows the proper order of salvation in the Bible. Salvation has always been by grace through faith throughout the Bible. God gives us something we don’t deserve, grace, which is giving Jesus to die for the penalty of our sins so we can be spared the eternal punishment of our sins in Hell by a Holy God. When anyone places their faith, what ever size faith they possess, in God’s provision through grace, Jesus Christ, then God forgives their sin debt and cancels it out forever and gives them eternal life in heaven at that moment they believe. Then We have the fruit of our salvation made possible, good works that God planned for us in order to serve Him and glorify Him and to reach others for Him so they might also have the gift of eternal life. We don’t get better so God will save us, we get saved so God can make us better. We don’t work so that God will accept us and save us, we work because God has accepted and saved us. It’s good works motivated out of love and gratitude for God’s unconditional love and acceptance. That’s a big difference!! Why not take a few moments and thank God for His work that He accomplished just for you on the cross and trust Jesus Christ as your savior today! John 3:16,” For God so loved the world that he gave is Only Son that whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life”. Have you got on board the GRACE TRAIN and been saved forever? #salvationbygracealone #salvationbyworks #thegiftofgod #faithaloneinchristalone

A lot of opposition to a clear simple gospel is because people think that grace gives you the liberty to sin and we don’t believe in good works. I believe in good works, but not for salvation because you could never possibly do enough to pay the price that sins demand. This post hopefully will help you to understand where works belong. Does fruit produce the root or does the root produce the fruit? The root of salvation is created by God through His grace when we receive it by faith without human works. It’s all of God’s works, Ephesians 2:10,” For we are HIS WORKMANSHIP, created in CHRIST JESUS ( not created by our good works) unto good works, which God has before ordained that we should walk in them”. God saved us and created a life for each of His children, that would take good works, and with them accomplish, His will on earth. Their will be fruit as a result. The problem many times is that not all believers grow at the same rate. Many of us have weeds next to our root of salvation that is hindering our growing as we should, because it’s taking away the energy that should be going to the leaves on our tree. So we learn from the Bible what these weeds are so we can pull them up so we can grow stronger and more fruitful. A lot of times, someone will say they are saved, but because we can’t see outward fruit like we think they should have, we determine they were never saved. Fruit can be produced internally also. Examples, you see someone suffering and hungry and you give them money to buy some food, a good work! You see a friend who gets bad news about their health so you pray for them continually, a good work. You choose to love someone who treats you badly, a good work. Good works are not always seen by the eyes and for that reason it’s wrong to say that someone who claims they are saved and doesn’t have all of this outward fruit, were never saved. Remember, God looks on the heart, not the outward appearance. Many cults put Christians to shame with their good works, but are they saved?No, because they are trusting in their works for salvation, not Jesus Christ. Salvation produces good works, not human works producing salvation!! #spiritualroot #works

Several things that you should understand from these verses. God’s way of knowing you’re saved is by understanding His grace that He’s GIVEN you that you or me DON’T DESERVE. We CANNOT SAVE OURSELVES by our WORKS. If you could EARN salvation through your good works, you would be able to boast about it. If salvation can be earned, salvation is NOT A GIFT. The gift of Jesus Christ as your substitute for your sin debt would not be necessary and would be a wasted life. And this salvation can only be had by receiving God’s gift through FAITH ALONE in His promise to save you, John 6:47,” Verily, Verily, I ( Jesus Christ) say to you, He that BELIEVES ( faith alone) on me has everlasting life”. Maybe you would like to receive the gift of God from God right now. Why not tell him right where you are what you believe, maybe something like this, Father, I agree with you that I am a sinner who deserves punishment for my sins. I also agree that there is no good works I can do or offer you as a payment for my sins. Right now I claim, for myself, your promise that if I will trust Jesus Christ alone as my personal savior, you will give to me eternal life in heaven with you. The best I know how, I trust that Jesus shed His blood to pay for all of my sins forever, died and rose again to save me as He has promised. Amen. Saying a prayer never saves anyone, your simple faith in the promises of God, the moment you believed His promise, saves you forever. Prayer is just a point of reference as to when you made your decision. I have more to say in future posts that may help you understand God’s amazing grace. I hope this helps you understand how you can be sure you’ll go to heaven when you die!! #salvationbygrace #salvationbyworks #thegiftofgod #faithaloneinchristalone

We just talked about the grace of God and how it affects our salvation. Now let’s talk about works and if it’s necessary for salvation. There’s only two possibilities for getting to heaven. It’s either earned by our works or it is totally by God’s grace which makes it a free gift to whoever will receive it by faith alone. The Bible says in Romans 11:6,” And if by grace, then it is no more of works: otherwise grace is no more grace. But if it be by works, then is it no more grace: otherwise works are no more work”. Good works are taught in the Bible, but not for salvation for one simple reason, they can’t pay our sin debt and satisfy God’s justice and wrath towards sin. Good works are the RESULT OR FRUIT of salvation. Good works can’t produce the perfect righteousness that a person needs to go to heaven. Romans 4:5,” But to Him that WORKETH NOT, but BELIEVES ON HIM that justifies the ungodly, his faith is counted( put in a secure savings account) for righteousness”. Romans 3:24,” Being justified FREELY( declared not guilty and innocent of sin) by HIS( God’s) GRACE through the redemption ( to deliver by paying a price) that is in Christ Jesus”. Jesus was given by God’s grace,that’s not deserved, to deliver us from the justice and wrath of God, so we could escape forever the punishment of an eternal hell. He delivered us by paying a price and that price was His life, the shedding of His blood to pay for everyone’s sin in the human race. A person’s good works, could never meet the redemption price that God required for the satisfaction of His Justice and wrath towards sin. Here’s a crude example. Let’s say that I’ve been mean to you. Instead of getting even with me, which may be justified, you choose to give me a gift I don’t deserve. You thought enough of me as a person that you sacrificed something very dear to you, so you could purchase the gift you gave me. That would be grace, getting something I don’t deserve, instead of getting what I do deserve and could never earn by my good works. What if I insisted on earning this gift? Would that offend you? I’ve not only missed your intention, but insulted the gift with my pride!! #salvationbyworks

I’m going to have a few posts about God’s grace trying to explain how it works in salvation. God’s grace is an act of kindness and a determination of His will, that He is going to give the sinful human race something they DO NOT deserve, forgiveness of their sins and the gift of eternal life in heaven, instead of what they DO deserve, eternal condemnation and punishment in a place called Hell. In order to do this He had to give His Only sinless Son as the sacrifice for the sins of each human being. God would have been justified in sending everyone to Hell without any hope of salvation, but chose to take the initiative to rescue a fallen race by His grace and mercy. It’s free to us, but cost God everything to do this, the sacrifice of His Son. What Jesus did, out of love for each person, is to take their sin debt upon Himself and, thereby receiving from His Father, the punishment for each person’s sins which would separate them from God in Hell when they died. Jesus received the Justice and the Wrath of God for everyone’s sin. He had to die to do this and purchase the gift of God which is forgiveness of all sin and eternal life in heaven!! If you choose to believe what Jesus did for you on the cross, God gives the gift of eternal life to you. Romans 6:23,” The wages of sin is death, BUT (God’s grace) the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord”. I’m going to discuss this more in the upcoming posts. Will you receive Jesus Christ by believing He did this for you? #graceofgod #kindnessofgod #mercyofgod #freesalvation #thegiftofgod

I want to draw attention to two things here. Many Christians are using Romans 10:13 as a condition for salvation. A lot of it is tradition, a lot is ignorance, and a lot is not really looking at the context of what Paul is teaching. First, Paul is preaching to unsaved Jews who haven’t recognized that the one that was crucified was their promised Messiah, Emanuel, God with us, Jesus. He challenges them to call on Jesus as God to save them. But first, he knows that unless they believe that Jesus is the Messiah, who is God with us, they will not call on Him, verse 14. Let me ask you a serious question. Does the calling on the Lord save a person, or does believing that Jesus is God, the promised Messiah, save them, and the calling is evidence of their faith in the truth? You would not call on someone to help you if you did not believe they were willing to help you. You call on someone who you trust that they will help you. Besides, if calling on the Lord is a step to salvation, what about the mutes of the world who can’t speak? Can they not be saved? Jesus said in many places that whosoever believed in Him would be saved, nothing about calling on Him. Many times when I lead someone to Christ, I ask them if they would believe that Jesus died for their sins and is enough to get them to heaven, if they do, would they shake my hand? If they shake my hand is that what saves them, or is it because they have believed in Jesus to save them, that saves them, and they shake my hand as a result of their faith? You may think this is trivial, but if you are not clear on the message it can cause spiritual blindness and cause a person to miss the whole point of salvation. What if a person is shy and sensitive about a public confession? Does that mean they can’t be saved? Of course not!! You’re saved the moment you place your faith alone in Jesus to save you, just like He taught, John 3:16-18. Last point is you and me! Why aren’t more people calling on Jesus to save them? Because many are to selfish to tell them about Jesus. How can they possibly BELIEVE if we aren’t making Him known? Many are confused and many are not hearing simply because they haven’t heard! #responsibility

This is hilarious, but at the same time sad. Many people think they can hide their sins from God, which, when you think about it is, absolutely foolish. I’ve found out personally as a young person, trying to hide my disobedience from my parents, put me in deeper trouble, because I had to do more things that were disobedient, to try and cover up my first act of disobedience. Then when I was found out, the judgement was more severe than would have been had I of just confessed my wrong to start with! What does God say about being able to hide sin from Him? Psalms 33:13-14,” TheLORD looks from heaven; He beholds ALL the sins of men. From the place of his habitation he looks upon ALL the inhabitants of the Earth”. Psalms 69:5,” O God, thou knowest my foolishness; and my SINS ARE NOT HID FROM THEE”. Proverbs 15:3,” The eyes of the LORD are in EVERY place, beholding the evil and the good”. Jeremiah 23:23-24,” Am I a God at hand, says the LORD, and not a God afar off? Can ANY hide himself in secret places that I shall not see him? Do not I fill heaven and earth? saith the LORD”? Hebrews 4:13 says that ALL THINGS are naked and opened unto the eyes of the Lord. Why do we instinctively try and hide our sins from God? We don’t want His wrath brought upon us for them because our conscience tells us we are wrong and are responsible for them and whatever harm they may bring. We also want to be thought of as a good person. The bad news is we are ALL guilty. Some of us sin more than others, but we are ALL sinners. So know one can stick their chest out and claim they are better than someone else when we are guilty of sinning against God! The good news is God took the initiative to help us with our sin problem. Instead of punishing us for them in hell forever, He placed them upon Christ and punished Jesus for them in our place. Jesus paid the penalty for ALL of them forever, 2 Corinthians 5:21! The sinless, innocent One paid the sin debt of the guilty ones, you and me, 1 Peter 3:18. He purchased your forgiveness and right standing before God and will give you eternal life in heaven if you’ll simply trust or believe He did it for you, John 6:47. Will you trust Him? #hidingsins

This is a great post! It gets down to the nitty gritty or where the rubber meets the road! Why is this so right? Because truth NOW takes away any excuses for wrong thinking and actions and makes you accountable and responsible for your wrong thinking and actions! An example, there is no God. If there’s not, then I can do whatever I feel like doing with no consequences that makes me feel guilty or a need for self control. But if I come to believe in the personal God of the Bible, then I am accountable and responsible to Him for my thinking and actions. His truth says my thinking and actions are wrong, therefore I find it was easier living with a lie because now I have to make needed corrections, or live in denial to the truth, which leaves me being reminded by my conscience that I’m wrong , therefore I can have no peace of mind! How about the lie of getting yourself to heaven by being a good person! You may be a good person from a worldly perspective, but from God’s perspective, there’s NONE GOOD, Romans 3:12, including you and me and everyone else. Why? Because we are sinners which soils ALL of our good deeds. This is what the Bible teaches, Romans 3:23,” All have sinned and come short of the glory of God”. That’s truth about me that goes against the grain of my thinking and actions and pride. If I accept it as the truth, I’m accountable and responsible to God for my sins which have formed my thinking and actions. I can choose to live in denial and live in a lie and NEVER find peace of mind with my relationship to God and my destiny, heaven or hell, after I die, or I can choose to submit to the truth about myself and find salvation through Jesus Christ, Romans 6:23,” The wages( penalty) of sin is death( eternal separation from God),BUT the GIFT OF GOD is eternal life THROUGH JESUS CHRIST.” Jesus paid for ALL of your sins forever. Because of Him doing that, God will give to anyone who will believe it, the gift of God, eternal life! If I deny that truth, I choose my destiny and can have NO PEACE with MYSELF or GOD! The lie was easier to live with until you heard the truth. NOW you are responsible and accountable to God for this truth! #truthofgod #lyingtoself

It’s amazing to me that people will make decisions based on what people give them that is basically philosophy and psychology, not the sound fundamental truths of the Bible. When you open the Bible and read it, you are reading what God says about the issues of life and how to deal with them. If someone’s philosophy or psychology agrees with the principles of scripture, that’s great. But the truth is 95% of it is man made thinking in dealing with issues, that contradict the Bible principles. An example, Jesus taught us to love our enemies which goes against the grain of religions and human nature. Wouldn’t it be wonderful that those who disagree with President Trump actually expressed their disagreement, but made it clear that they love him and are praying he could see their point of view! How revolutionary that would be! That might even unite our country! But it’s the devil’s plan to divide and destroy people, and unfortunately these institutions in this post are being used by the devil to do just that. The biggest problem is not the division it causes among Americans, but the distraction away from God and what He teaches and how He could help each person. The greatest need for any person is to know where you are going when you die, heaven or hell. What party is in power, what wall street is doing, who’s going to win the World Series or Super Bowl, are nothing in comparison, yet most are distracted. Ephesians 4:14,” That we henceforth be NO MORE CHILDREN, tossed to and fro and carried about with EVERY WIND OF DOCTRINE( teaching), by the sleight( trickery) of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they LIE IN WAIT TO DECEIVE”. Believe me, whoever is reading this, the devil is after your soul and wants you distracted from finding salvation so you will go to Hell when you die!! Don’t be deceived! Take time to look through these posts on this site and understand clearly how you can know for sure you can go to heaven when you die physically! #distractions #deception #teachings #truthofgod

God has built into every person, even animals of every kind, a sixth sense that there is a being that exist that they are accountable too. That being is God! I remember as a young person asking my parents where puppies and babies come from, how did the sun and moon get in the sky, and many more questions. The answer always came back the same, no matter who I asked questions about these wonders, God made them! I knew instinctively that it had to be someone, I just didn’t know the name or how it happened, but I had NO PROBLEM accepting the answer because it was so logical and meshed with my sixth sense that God built in me. A person has to be TAUGHT that there is no God. You can go to any playground and talk to little kids of any race and 80-90% will answer these same questions, God did that! You go to a high school or college function of those same grown kids, and probably less than 50% will say it was God. Why? They’re taught against the inborn knowledge of God or to question the inborn instinct that God has placed in every being. Psalms 119:155,” Salvation is far from the wicked: for they seek not thy statues”. Romans 1:21-22,” Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” The Bible sums up what has happened to the millennials and most of those who are middle aged. Down deep, they know God exist, but because of pride and not wanting to face accountability and responsibility for this knowledge, have chosen to suppress it and reject it. This is hitting at the heart of what has created the hostile attitudes in this country. We have produced many persons who know the truth, but reject it and want to change it, so they can excuse their guilty conscience at the cost of being forgiven of their sins and being saved from Hell by Jesus Christ! By not choosing the God who created them, who sent His Only Son to die for them so they could have eternal life in heaven, they’ve chosen to reject Him and drown in Hellfire! So sad!! #foolishness #rejecttruth

Every person is responsible for where they spend eternity after they die physically. Each person has the truth of eternal life in many venues, the Bible, creation, Christian books and programming, Biblical churches and pastors, historical evidence of the risen savior, other believers who have experienced the new birth, and Jesus Christ’s own life and words about heaven and hell! So we ALL are without excuse! John 3:19 tells us that mankind loved darkness rather than the light of God. The Greek Word for”loved” is a love that’s committed too and desires darkness rather than light because of this strong love for darkness. Mankind has WILLFULLY CHOSEN to reject all the evidence that God has provided, therefore rejecting the God who wants to save them, CHOOSING their destiny because of their decision! But there’s always an invitation to change your mind and change your destiny by receiving the light of God, Jesus Christ, John 1:12,” But AS MANY as RECEIVED Him( Jesus Christ) to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that BELIEVE on HIS NAME”. His name is Jesus which in Hebrew is,”Jehovah Yasha” which means, God will save you, God will keep you! If you will believe Jesus Christ died for your sins and will make you a child of God forever, you will go to heaven because you chose to believe the truth instead of rejecting it! As the old saying goes,” the ball is in your court, what are you going to do with it”? Heaven or Hell, you decide! #decisions_decisions #heavenreceived #hell #notwantinggod #wantinggod #destiny #heavenrejected #hellrejected #forgivenessofsins #receivingbyfaith #receivingbybelieving

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