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Blu Shades  20 | INFP | Self Taught | Witch •Do Not Use My Art Without Asking• •Commissions Open• •Not every piece you make has to be a Masterpiece•


Oc Em sketch for funzies! Do you like my Traditional or Digital work more? Let me know.

#47shadesofblueoc #bluemmaoc -Do Not Use My Work-

I'm trying to push myself to do different poses. I may start doing interacting bases. I'm not 100% happy with this one but I still like it.
#bluspeeddraw #bluspeeddraws -Do Not Use My Work-

Birb gif I made for a friend.
This thing was so much fun to make but gave me so many issues when making it into an actual gif (Explains the poor quality). So although you won't let me buy you a real bird this one with have to do for now.
I used Fire Alapaca to make this. Its exactly like Medibang (both programs are free and I use them all the time). -Do Not Use My Work-

I have drawn on printer paper majority of my art journey. I didn't get/use "fancy" materials until I felt I was ready for them. Having copics, cintq, or whatever else super expensive art material will not make you a better artist. They can be helpful but you're work won't become instantly better just by having them. They also dont validate you as an artist.
You are an artist if you create, not because your art supplies are plentiful and expensive. #YouAreAnArtist

People ask me "who is the character in the far back in the family photo?" Thats Gabriel he is part of the Mika Universe. He is a creature from the woods that was captured and kept as a prize at the kingdom Mika ends up in. If you want to know more go ahead and ask. I need to draw my ocs more.
#47shadesofblueoc #blugabrieloc -Do Not Use My Work-

Had a "high fashion" sort of mood for the past few pieces so decided to post them. Let me know what you think. Please no immature comments. -Do Not Use My Work-

I'd like to introduce y'all to Emma. Nickname Em. I was really bored started sketching and here she is! Idk what I'll do with her just yet. #47shadesofblueoc
-Do Not Use My Work-

Commissions take top priority. Depending on the complexity of the design and the wait list it can take up to a week to complete. I am willing to draw anything however, if a commission makes me uncomfortable or is beyond my abilities I have the right to decline it.

I accept Gift Cards for any store in America as long as I am able to redeem it online and its in USD.
To commission me just DM or contact me through my email. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Finished Commission I did for @/shy.exe I really enjoyed creating this! Thank you for commissioning me! -Do Not Use My Work-

So I drew my friends in different styles for fun and they thought they came out pretty cool. I decided to share them with you guys! What do you think? I have done style challenges before if you're interested in going back and checking those out. -Do Not Use My Work-

My Ocs rarely get love from me so here's one of them Margo! I love all of my children and I need to show them more love. Go ahead and suggest some of my ocs I should draw some time. Apologies for my digital hand writing. -Do Not Use My Work-
Ocs: #47shadesofblueoc
Margo: #blumargooc

Another base speed draw! At the top are potential poses I plan on making into speed draws. Hope you enjoy! This was the shortest speed draw I've done in a while. -Do Not Use My Bases-
-Do Not Use My Work Without Asking-
For Materials: #blustutorial
For Videos: #bluspeeddraw #bluspeeddraws

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