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Blu Shades  20 | INFP | Self Taught | Witch •Do Not Use My Art Without Asking• •Commissions Open• •Not every piece you make has to be a Masterpiece•


[Commission] A commissioned piece for a friend of mine! An interesting character I wanted to share the finished product with you guys! If you are interested commission me my peices are in the link in my bio. -Do Not Use My Work-

Mini sketch of my OC Myra! Space Alien Goddess! Character for @mitchyblue
Future space server.
Contest: Has been extented to this Fri. So you still have time to finish your entries! -Do Not Use My Work-
#blumyraoc #47shadesofblueoc

[SWIPE] I adore Lucas the Spider so much!! He is the most adorable thing when I watched this episode I was immediately attached. Go check them out on youtube!
#blucomics #potatoblu #lucasthespider -Do Not Use My Work-

[SWIPE] New comic about a time where I didnt know how to respond so I laughed it off and walked away. I am not good with the outside world. I do respect that dudes approach tho. He saw a chance and he took it. Its pretty plain but I will slowly work on making backgrounds ~eventually~
#potatoblu #blucomics -Do Not Use My Work-

No matter what you've been through, what you're going through, or what the future holds for you you will be okay. We are quick to lose faith in others and in our selves but despite that we should always keep trying. Life is worth living. You are worth it. Follow your dreams and do your best. There are people out there who believe in you. I believe in you. Keep going and find your happiness. Its okay to feel down but don't let that feeling control you. You are loved and you deserve happiness.

I couldn't make anything for valentines day this year so heres something that is still something made for all of you. Valentine's day is about love and spreading it.

#bluemakesfanart This one is a redraw of Piper McLean from the Heroes of Olympus series! I love the pjo and hoo books so much and whilst going through some old art I was okay why not! Piper isn't my favorite character though!
#pjo #HoO #pipermclean #chb -Do Not Use My Work-

Myra my OC for @mitchyblue's future SciFi server! This is her basic design which my grow and change in the future. I really love her though! She's an Alien babe! #47shadesofblueoc #BluMyraOC -Do Not Use My Work-

Recreated the "Aliens" meme with @mitchyblue's OC Segin for their SciFi writing server. I love this 🍅 child and the meme fits him well so I had to. Also Mitchy is an incredible person and you should really check them out they inspire me immensely and you really need to check out their work. -Do Not Use My Work-

#BlueMakesFanart of @ldshadowlady as Sailor Moon! I was inspired to do this when I saw a selfie of lizzie with a crescent on her head. Hope you like it!
#Ldshadowlady -Do Not Use My Work-

I was going through some old WIPs last night and saw this so I decided to redo it! This is of me as a witchy gal, what do you guys think? #potatoblu -Do Not Use My Work-

#BlueMakesFanart of Pidge from Voltron Legendary Defender! Pidge ended up being most voted for in the poll on my story to be drawn first so here you go!
#voltron #pidge -Do Not Use My Work-

Time for a fun contest! All you got to do is redraw this and post in with the hashtag #Blu30kDrawThis. Get as creative as you'd like! Thank you all for 30k I cant wait to see what you guys create out of this! If you have questions feel free to ask in the comments!
No Dm submissions.

Contest Ends: Feb 20

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