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Johnna Paige 

I'll stop posting shitty selfies one day.

💛 stink.

Combedandblowdriedout. 🎸

She's so fineeeeee. 😋 that smile like wtf, mine mine mineeee.

Thank you for loving me cause I know I am not the easiest to deal with. Thank you for always falling asleep on me. Thank you for giving my life purpose. Thank you for letting me steal the two honey mustards from Friday's for you. Thank you for always keeping me happy. Thank you for shaving under my arms in the shower. Thank you for never switching up on me. Thank you for being my bestfriend, my girlfriend andddd my stink.

My socks have dinosaurs on them.

Who's mans is this??? I be giving my girlfriend head & headaches. 💛

But we never sayyyyy itttttt @bahjarodriguez literally been on repeat for two days now. Proud of you princess!

Why you drive so fast, girl where you gotta go?

Moisturize that skin. Ya feel me?