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Johnna Paige 


I jumped on a bus, declared my name and asked if anybody's seen my brain.

Enjoy these screenshots off a video of my little booty and I.✨

Whole time I was farting from the food we ate at Friday’s while she was peacefully sleeping lmao mood af.

2yrs next month with my gf. Dat’s 2yrs of her pineapple headass laying on me lmao but no, I’ve been watching Ashley grow for years, I can honestly say as a bestfriend and girlfriend that she was forsure created to do great things in this world and to be loved by me and everyone else in her life endlessly. I pray for you every night so I know you’ll be alright stink. #GladYouAnsweredMyDmBackIn2014OnTwitter #ITweetedHerIWasGoingToEatHerWithHoneyMustardAndDisWhatHappenedLmao

*Jhene Aiko x Oblivion plays in background*

Back when I was 18 I got “I am exactly the person that I want to be” tattooed on my left arm. My first tattoo. That was after I’ve tried to take my own life. I still don’t have the whole depression/anxiety thing figured out but I am here. Shit we’re here. Now at 23 I use a lot of my time looking back on my old self. Seeing what I can improve on, what I can take with me, what needs to be left alone. Making sure I never let depression take any soul that crosses my path. Before I deleted my tumblr I would spend hours everyday replying to anons that were asking for help, giving them advice. The advice I’ve learned from my own personal situations. I don’t know if I ended up helping anyone but I hope I did. Just know you cannot let no fuck shit infiltrate your atmosphere in this life. You are all prominent. I see so much inside all of you. Stay positive. Stay working. Stay you. Make moves. Keep moving. Just like this train lmao.

Outwest 290 shit *lud foe voice*

My girlfriend is cooler than me.

One time for the girls wit the sideburns.

Mood: The 1975, feeling like Matty Healy.

Sum warm 4 the freaks.


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