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destiny 👊😍💓  ex-slimer who came back cuz she missed poking glue shop re-opening soon 💕👊💘😋

i start working at camp next weekend!‼️idk when im gonna have the restock ive been super busy
comment some cool names for this slime, 1980s related.
im thinking “80s invasion”

names? pineapple related would be awesum ✌️‼️

making of choco chunk yall already know shes gonna be in my restock,

whats yalls opinions on shanes new video talking about flat earth? tbh ive already knew about flat earth theory months ago and i think it does have sense to it, about this earth being designed just for us. its warming to know that. we all really do matter, every single human💓💕

hehehe hahaha, in honor of 2018 being half way over (craaazy) comment ur fav song that has come out this year so far, i love Havana by Ariana Grande its a bop!

this will be in my restock on Thursday!
On a scale 1-10 how much do U love cheez and whats Ur fav kind?

i think this is what the kids call thicc 🧐🤓

hey guys its me👋 haha✌️ the creator of kwai app just stopping by to say i 100% invented water slime and no one else just me haha! :’)
comment something U invented!!

im just posting this to let yall know i have nothing to post and also im bored and want coffee :) im deleting this in like .2 seconds

Banana Split🍌
HEY YALL how alike are we:
+3 If you’re over 18
+2 if you love car rides
+6 if you like sweet over savory +2 if you started making slime in 2017
+6 if you spend most your time sleeping
+10 if coffee is the only reason youre alive
how many did you get?? ib: @slimeyoda a thicki legend

eep!! i dont know if im going to continue with slime yet but i did film a vid
comment names for this slime- im thinking pinkity drinkity

Happy 4/11 hehe
(repost of an old video that’s archived)

reposting an old video!
hey guys my hands are completely healed now and im legit scared to touch slime again like i dont want my hands to get the way they were before. i got super bad chemical burns from borax and my hands were in pain to the point i couldnt do anything for myself. i did more research on borax and it said it can cause problems with pregnancy and hormones, and its even worse for men hormonally, and for me thats scary bc i want a big family, so im pretty much kinda done with slime at this point. all im saying is be careful with the stuff guys. but i am going to think of what i can switch this account to! i might just do squishies or just satisfying/asmr things. im going to keep my slime videos up so dont worry. i just truly dont want to continue with slime anymore.
EDIT: just for anyone who doesnt know, ALL alternate activators ALL include borax. Detergent contains STRONG chemicals including borax, Sta flo includes chemicals that work the same as borax. Eye contact solution still contains boric acid which is borax. Eye contact solution is not anymore safe than borax. And for everyone saying “well you put it in your eyes so it has to he safe” Your’re not supposed to put that crap in your eyes!!! Your supposed to rinse your contacts off with it, like yall come on. Everyone just trying to defend CHEMICALS that are not good for your body. I have gotten countless DMs from people saying thank you for speaking about it because borax ruined their hands as well. I still have blisters on my hands and i havent touched slime in weeks. so please be careful yall.

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