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destiny ;) 

happy hump day everyone

making sum cheese slime for my next restock.. im thinking of scenting it like cream cheese??? opinions??

hey yall... i remembered i existed today so im finally posting. did anyone miss me :,)
no ok.. ill go post part two of this now brb
dont comment #60slime it will be tomorrow i will just delete the comments

#60slime will start on monday. basically everyone that comments #60slime within a minute after the post is posted has a chance of winning free slime. i will pick one to two people on each post. this is my way of giving back to you all without having to do giveaways and only picking one person :) so make sure my notifications are one starting monday!!!!

did yall guess rite? πŸ‘€
im thinking of doing a #60slime where if you comment within 60 seconds of the video being posted you have a chance of winning a free slime. lemme know your opinions ⬇️⬇️

names? :)

teehee... make a freind in the comments 😯 winner gets a prize ..... this is available on my etsy btw 3 left :)

thats the definition of smexi if smexi was in the dictionary. realization.. i say smexi too much. but it cracks me up everytime i say it. comment a word that u say ironically tat cracks u up

throwback to when black sand in slime shook the slime world....she did that.
anyway this texture slime will be stocked tomorrow in my shop (without the sand in it) it will have diamond gems in it and be peppermint scented :-p

a smol babie slime smoothie πŸ‘€πŸ‘Ά
would yall like me to stock jiggly slims in my shop? πŸ‘€

shop it stocked!! only stocked a couple so go check em out!!!
all slimes come in 8ozs and are scented :)
inspo: @amareslime my viral ladie

stocking my shop today :)

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