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4 0 T R I B E S  Backcountry shredventures in the world’s raddest places 🏔📍 K Y R G Y Z S T A N S V A L B A R D G E O R G I A K A M C H A T K A C H I L E S I B E R I A

Before my first digital camera (bought in 2008 and still the one I use today) and before I began shooting mostly mountains slash people riding down them (also ca. 2008), I shot #bw #film, developed and printed it myself in the darkroom, and even matted and built frames for a lot of my images. I was a traveling man, spending a lot of time in China/Tibet and occasionally India and Nepal. The people I came into contact with during my travels was the subject matter that interested me most. With my film camera—a 1976 #nikkormat 35mm—there was more of a “process” to each photo: light readings to take, focus adjustments to make, the need to manually advance the film. What resulted were portraits with a certain quality and emotion to them that I haven’t since been able to recreate in the digital realm.

In September 2010, my house burned to the ground in a wildfire. I lost everything. And in that everything were all of my negatives along with a number of framed pieces. Devastating. It was also one month before my flight to Kyrgyzstan to prep for our first year of 40 Tribes ops, but that’s another crazy story entirely.

All that remained of my photography was a single roll of film that I had decided to digitize from my 2007 travels to India, Kashmir and Nepal. I mean, the negatives themselves were also gone, but digital copies existed. I’ve been sitting on these images since then, and have always wanted them to be seen. So, why not here? Hope you enjoy them when they pop up and they provide a break from the monotony of the otherwise shred-focused feed.

This first shot is of a nomadic shepherd I came across on a solo trek in the #Sonamarg region in #Kashmir. BOOM! I love film. Maybe again one day...


#blackandwhitefilmphotography #analogphotography #portraitphotography #travelphotography #artphotograhy #filmisnotdead

Eyes on the prize 🤩 #40tribes #svalgnar2019 #backcountry #shredventures in the world’s #raddestplaces 📸 @skiherenow

We continue with our exhibition of radical frozen protruding pieces of earth... 📸 @skiherenow #40tribes #svalgnar2019 #backcountry #shredventures in the world’s #raddestplaces

For your mindsurfing pleasure 💭🏄🤯 #40tribes #mindsurfmonday

It’s not by accident that we find ourselves in places like this. #40tribes #backcountry #shredventures in the world’s #raddestplaces #svalgnar2019 ⚡️📸⚡️ @skiherenow

It’s already a party every time Nurbek and his accordion arrive to the yurts via #snowmohorse, but with next winter marking 🙌 10 YEARS 🙌 of our ops in Kyrgyzstan, the party—on and off mountain—is guaranteed to be #nextlevel!! You’re invited to come celebrate this milestone with us and our partners. Link in profile! #40tribes #kyrpowdertothepeople #10thanniversary #OGs #getreadytoparty 📸 Beauty shots from this past season thanks to @freeluftsliv 🙏

Your trip is only as good as your guide! And when @tymills is out in front, he absolutely crushes!!! So much so that a few of last month’s Kamchatka clients sent in unsolicited notes to say:

The real highlight for me was Ty. He has taken my appreciation of the guiding profession to a whole new level. Every day he put everything he had to make sure we had not just a good day, but the best possible day we could have, and extracted every last bit of awesomeness those mountains had to offer. Result—we had not only a great adventure but hit some seriously awesome lines, and always felt safe.

Way beyond any expectations. Even the supposed 'rest' days were epic! You have a great guide and ambassador for 40 Tribes in Ty. Well done. He certainly pushed me hard and I suspect that even the younger guys are feeling fairly rinsed by the end of it.

Join Ty for a crusher of a week exploring a private zone in the Chilean Andes this August 19-28. Might seem like a ways off still—especially with winter hanging on in a lot of places—but now’s the time to pull the trigger on flights! ✈️ info@40tribesbackcountry.com or DM for details. #40tribes #basecamp-style #expedition on the #chile #argentina #border #augustisforshredding #letsdothis

You’ve heard of Bariloche, Las Leñas and Portillo, but we bet you’ve never heard of the zone we’re going to. And we think that’s a good thing!! Join us for a South American #shredventure like no other and drop lines from private summits with the famous spires of #lasleñas in the distance. August 19-28 with the best in the biz, ACMG #splitguide @tymills🤘 #40tribes #augustisforshredding #linkinprofile👆

Queen’s Way today. And the face that got away. @bral27 #barrowswdg #coloRADo #splitboarding #homezone

Putting the #gnar in #Svalgnar last week🤘 @skiherenow with the 🤳. #40tribes #svalgnar2019 #thegissilent

F*ckin’-MAY! 🤪 #coloRADo #homestead #currentevents

If we could get there by road, it wouldn’t be an #expedición. #40tribes #augustisforshredding August 19-28 with ACMG #splitguide @tymills

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