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3 Strings Productions  Commercial & Documentary Film / National Geographic Contributors / Boulder, Colorado. @ladzinski @andy_mann

Photo @ladzinski / An invasive species to #EasterIsland, the #chimangoCaracaras was originally introduced to the Island as a solution for killing off rats. Rats, also invasive, were brought to the island accidentally through ships from explorers in centuries past. The caracara has since dealt with the rats accordingly, it’s populations flourishing in the process. It’s now however become a pest in its own right, deeply affecting populations of the native birds. This is a classic story of how a balanced ecosystem can be disrupted with a single mistake when an invasive species is introduced.

Photo @ladzinski / Like a snowflake, no 2 are the same. @mikelibecki exploring southern the icebergs of #Greenland’s fjords. @djiglobal

60 seconds of that fleeting beauty and feeling of #Autumn in Colorado, captured by @ladzinski

3 Strings director/ photographer @ladzinski is currently touring around Bolivia and Chile with his wife @danahrichardson on a shoot for @jacadatravel on what looks like a dream trip! @danahrichardson captured this behind the scenes photo of Keith working at the #redLagoon, swipe through to see what he was shooting! 📷

Video @ladzinski / If I’ve learned anything over the years it’s that expedtions are an exercise of being in constant motion. Simply getting to base camp can be a huge undertaking, months of planning, logistics and filled with question marks once you arrive. I’ve never met a more dialed expedition leader than @mikelibecki, he handles logistics, inconvenience and crisis with a calm second nature. This video here is a collection of moments from our 11 day commute to base camp, a travel sequence I’ll never forget. Greenland is pure magic. // Music by my friends @grizzlybear @edroste // @andy_mann @ethan_pringle @connor_seybert @dell @mountainhardwear

Photo @ladzinski / @ljsauter keeping it as light and fast as you can while climbing, free-soling up some of Iceland’s beautiful basalt cracks in #Gerouberg. @adidasterrex @adidasoutdoorusa @jessroskelley

Photo @ladzinski / @ljsauter taking the road less traveled

Photo: @andy_mann // A Lemon Shark glides over @ryanwaltonofficial down in the Bahamas. Tiger Beach is a beautiful patchwork of small reefs and sandy bottom in the Bahamas. In good conditions, the visibility is well over 100 feet and teeming with sharks.

Photo: @andy_mann // @kilifish earning style points on his send of the Red River Gorge classic "Kaleidoscope." A route first established by our dear friend @moniqueforestier. @redbull @3stringsproductions

Photo: @andy_mann // The Auroras splash color over an evening canvas in Southeast Greenland. @ladzinski @mikelibecki @ethan_pringle @connor_seybert @dell @mountainhardwear #dellrugged @roam

Photo @ladzinski / A #blackskimmer dragging its beak through the water on the hunt for fish. He came up short but managed to grab a little grass appetizer 😉

Video @ladzinski / Rainy weather rolling in over the towering mountains of #PleneauIsland on the #AntarcticaPenninsula. Geographically speaking, this part of Antarctica is experiencing ice loss more rapidly than any other on the continent. Warmer weather is turning precipitation into rain, exasperating melt. Shot #onassignment for @natgeo / @sea_legacy #climatechange

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