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Cory 3 Moons  @smartkrew ドレスアップショップ TCR10 S13 Misanthropist🙏 Proud Dad Fuck cancer @brittni_smith_artistry😘

Friendly reminder...If you’re broke as fuck please stop financing shit in your grandmas name.

Will the Previa be leaving? Only time will tell...

Y'all sleeping on me
Explain why they got shit dreams, I'm alien
Got the laser gun with the big beam
📷: @sh4rknado 📷: @deadbeet

Gotta listen when I tell ya simmer down, for 10 years I was missin livin life, it was wild and every day was trash...

Serve a fiend a continental breakfast 🍳 🥞 🥓

You know I keep that mf THANG on me

Get caught with this shit I ain’t coming home til like 2030

Back on the THICC blades for a little while.

Shoutout to the IA crew for putting on a great event! We always have a great time at the ATL meet. Also shoutout to everyone that checked out my Dodge Caravan, Toyota Sienna, or whatever else you thought it was. #importalliance #importallianceatlanta

Drive through like it's GTA, thinkin' how I'm getting paid today
I'll walk in and take it, before I put this shit on layaway

Tell me what you know about the struggle
That shit do not leave you
Not if you a man
Have you ever had to cool your mans head
When he had a fucking burner in his hand

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