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Can’t say WTF Bunbury because Bunbury is crazy EVERY single time we play here. You guys were fucking awesome thanks so much for coming. I apologise for getting overly pissed off over the fighting; i just really fucking hate that shit. Apart from that small mishap, 10/10!! I love you

Fun fact #BUNBURY

Bunbury we up in this bish

Had to re post this. Geraldton last night was fucking off tap !! Thanks to everyone who came out, Freo we’re on our way!!

She said yes

GERALDTON that was so insane!! Thank you so much I love you!! DM me and let me know what’s going on in G Town tonight. Was so tired but after that shit I’m amped as fuck. Also, Another proposal ! #SheSaidYes #ThankFuck 😝 congrats to Cameron and Alessia/Aleesia/Aleecia or how you spell her name. Love is in the air

When I’m on tour I miss this nugget so much it’s ridiculous

Report this weird cunt @3reee6iixty

Pretty crazy how realistic it looks and how they nailed my face Tatts. Feels good to be drafted to the lakers ay

Hell yeahhhhhhhh!!! how nuts is this!! Thank you @nba2k !! Last week I got sent a whole truckload of shit from @bethesda - actually worked with them on something to do with a game that’s about to come out but I can’t talk about specifics. One of my fav games ever though so I’m stoked af. Been going ham on elder scrolls online and Spider-Man and then I get this massive package in the mail today!! If you didn’t know, I’m absolutely obsessed with gaming. I think I’m gonna start a twitch account and start reviewing games too. Such a dope year for gaming. If I was to start reviewing them it wouldn’t be your average video game review either, it’d have to be super original so I’m still figuring out what I’d do. Keen to know who’d be keen though?? I’ve been wanting to enter that world for a long time and I think now is the time. Big ups for this one!! Brings back memories for daaaaaays. Gonna have to duke it out with @papafreshh like back in the day!!

this shit is heart breaking. Close to home for sure. RIP MAC MILLER

Albury is going to be fucking NUTS tonight!!! 📷 @aidanxgriff

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