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I used to pump hair spray on my hair every day shit was hekkaz

I love rapping, but I also love to sing so much. I've never been confident about it (at all) but working with @cdimataga he's really encouraged me to get my sing on if certain parts of songs are in my range. What do you think? #PhilCollinsHomage

I'm so excited, nervous and happy. This is what I talk about when you believe something enough that the universe basically directs and guides. I almost got emotional at the end of this video, I'm so happy ❤


Le triple threat @styalzfuego @cdimataga

Hitting em with the cherry doc martins today. I like keeping my fashion unpredictable. One day looking like a 90's basketball fan and the next a skin head from this is england (the traditional skinhead, not the racist kind). One day looking like a dad from toorak and the next a station rat from Croydon #3136

"In a team where we need to have the heart to risk it/ our one rule is shooting for the stars in this bitch / where we living such a life that it can't be mimicked/ and Only ever setting goals if they aren't realistic" #JustAThought #VI

Let's unite people

Love this !! The main message with the mind strong campaign is to push how important exercise is for mental health. Also trying to get the young ones into it early and today's been a big success @the180movement

Last day at the @arnoldclassicau ! I'm just arriving now and will be here til 2:30 ! Come say what up if you wanna come talk some shit

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